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Facts about Österlenbyn


Simris is a cozy village that lives year round. Here is a mixed compote of new and old, permanent and leisure homes. The streets are motley, winding and here are houses of different character, color and shape. The village extends mainly along the road between Simrishamn and Borrby.

Here is the car company, commercial garden, gallery etc. A place for peace and quiet with the city's service and the sea within easy reach. A walking and cycling path leads to Simrislund where it eg. there is school and childcare. High east of Simris is a popular farm hotel, Sköllen. Simris now has its own electricity supply with its own electricity produced by solar panels just south of the village.

Through Simris, the bus goes via Skillinge, Borrby and Hammenhög to Simrishamn. From the Simrishamn station, Skåneexpressen, the fast bus to Lund and towards Kristianstad goes. From the station in Simrishamn also goes Pågatågen between Simrishamn and Malmö.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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