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Welcome to us at Simris Alg! In the flower village of Hammenhög we have built one of the world's most modern algae farms, and this summer we invite everyone to visit! We provide guided tours in the greenhouses at 13.30 and 14.45, Thursdays and Fridays through the 9 of August. No pre-registration is required.

You will find us in the rich greenhouse plant that previously belonged to Hammenhögs Frö and which today turned into a cutting-edge plant for the cultivation of microalgae. Here we produce an exclusive series of omega-3 based on our own algal oil. The technology we use is innovative and is based on natural processes that have been refined and produce a production that is sustainable, bio-based and circular.

That an innovative cultivation like ours lies in just idyllic Hammenhög is no coincidence. Österlen is perfect for Simris Alg, with the sun's abundance, the large fields and the sea nearby. This is a place to grow! Here we carry on the cultivation tradition from generations of farmers before us, in a modernized agriculture for the future.

The farm shop with all our algae is open 13: 00-16: NUMBER every day. The guided tours start 00: 13 and 00: 14 Thursdays and Fridays through the 45 of August.

We are located at Herrestadsvägen 24A in Hammenhög, in the heart of Österlen.


Simris Alg
Herestadsvägen 24A
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