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Up in the northwest corner of Tomelilla municipality we find the small village of Sillaröd. The village mainly consists of old farms. In the village there has been an active village law for a very long time. Everything that happened in the village, worth noting the years 1784-1910, wrote the village team down in a book that ended up in the country archive in Lund. More of a coincidence found a person with roots in the Sillaröd book. It was reprinted and can now be bought by interested parties. The city team continued to record and therefore there is an invaluable document to study for whoever so desires.

The village's importance, as with many other small towns, has declined over time, but new occupants have revitalized the village. Recently, the villagers together have created an electrically illuminated boule path to gather and socialize around, so we can easily talk about the village's genuine cohesion.
Once upon a time, the village consisted of three farms owned by the Swedish king, Tage Thott and Jochum Beck. Beck eventually sold his farm to the Piper family Christinehof. Proximity to Christinehof and not least to the alum use is shown. in the large number of stone courtyards around the village. It was forbidden to use wood for fence construction. All wood along the so-called Works Line would go to the alum production.

The surroundings around Sillaröd, which lies along the road between Andrarum and Illstorp, is dominated by cultivation landscapes, though not by Skåne plain. Clearly, the increased incidence of stone and the ground is partly described as lean.

One of the village sights is the old Sillaröd's broom mill, a special mill where the mill wheel spins horizontally. The mill is kept in the condition of active Albo herd's community association.
The nearest larger town with school and service is in Tomelilla municipality Brösarp and in Sjöbo municipality Lövestad. Brösarp lies just under one and a half miles to the east, while Lövestad is located seven kilometers south of Sillaröd. Bus connections are available on the national road 19 at Eljaröd.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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