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New unique art event at Österlen

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12-17 every day

Four of Österlen's leading galleries open the doors to 40 of their favorite artists' studios.
The first edition of the art event takes place between 19–27 / 9 every day between 12-17. Fri entrance!

P4 Kristianstad interviews

Listen to the press conference where you will find out all about the September exhibition. The interview was conducted live by P4 Kristianstad on 21/8 at 10:38 am The farm in Simrishamn.

4 galleries. 40 artists.

September exhibition 2020 Gallery Thomas Wallner


Thomas Wallner

Founded in Malmö in 1974 and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most interesting galleries with a focus on young Scandinavian artists. Since 2010, the gallery is located in Simris on Österlen with 350 square meters of fantastic exhibition space. One of the country's most significant galleries for contemporary art.

Thomas Wallner represents:

September exhibition 2020 Rikstolvan



RIKSTOLVAN is run by Bea Tigerhielm and Staffan Julén, and offers a mix of the spearhead of artists in the region and the international art arena. Here, art and conversation cross the fields between genres and disciplines to open and fill the gap between technology, art and science.

Rikstolvan represents:

September exhibition 2020 Olseröd Art Gallery


Olseröds Konsthall

A meeting place for Swedish and international contemporary art in Österlen. Olseröds Konsthall opened in 2016 and has become one of the leading exhibition venues in Skåne. Here, above all, relevant art and design come together, but also arts and crafts in fruitful meetings. Axel and Anette Mörner run the business in the beautiful enclosed yard on Olserödsvägen 52.

Olseröds Konsthall represents:

September exhibition 2020 Gallery CH



With exhibitors such as Enrique Batista, Owe Gustafson, Staffan Nihlién and Lotti Ringström, Christina Hörnblad and Peter Schreck have over the years established themselves as one of the real top galleries in Österlen. In addition to their own impressive art collection, they have three exhibitions each year, Easter, summer and Christmas. And now also in September ...

Gallery CH represents:

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Directions to the galleries and artists' studios:

Even more galleries and museums are open in September the exhibition

Visit September friends of the exhibition:

Ystad Art Museum is part of the September exhibition's friends

Member in September friends of the exhibition

Ystad Art Museum

Tuesday - Friday 12-17
Saturday - Sunday 12-16

Our exhibitions during the September exhibition:
3rd floor: Signe Johannessen "Trophy"
2nd floor: Gert Aspelin "The topography of memory"
1st floor: JEANNE

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Member in September friends of the exhibition

hÖsterlen the salon

Opening hours during the period
Fri-Sun 11-17

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Österlens Ramverkstad

Member in September friends of the exhibition

Österlens Ramverkstad

Frames graphic prints, oil and acrylic paintings, photos, drawings and repairs damaged frames.

Vranarp 164, 272 93 Tommarp
070-511 64 75,
Opening hours according to increase.

The September exhibition at Österlen

Member in September friends of the exhibition

Kivik's Temple

Opening hours during the period:
every day 10-17

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Join  Friends of the September exhibition and show your opening hours here - contact Noak for more information.

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