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The sailing ship Klara Marie at Skillinge

The party company Klara Marie

The sailing ship Klara Marie at Skillinge

Come out and sail with Klara Marie, Skilling's pride!

Sailing ship, two-mast cleaner
Built: Rönne, Bornholm, 1884
Material: Oak
Length: XNUM
Width: XNUM
Depth: XNUM
Brt: 37
Home port: Skilling

Klara Marie was built 1884 in Rönne on Bornholm for shipping between Rönne and Copenhagen. The hull of the ship has a cutting edge and a small low transom. The vessel type is called "Bornholm rocks" and they were rigged as two-masted schooners.

Klara Marie has mainly sailed in the southern Baltic with Rønne as home port. 1965 was bought at Skillinge by a fishmonger who intended to use her to transport the fish purse to mink feed. Then she had been equipped with an ignition ball motor and was rigged as galeas.

Klara Marie was registered 1965 in Sweden as a fishing vessel (SIN 25) but was defined at the same time as sailing with an auxiliary engine. 1968 was sold to become a leisure craft. 1994 was bought by Klara Marie from the Association of Parts Company Klara Marie, who has renovated her and now she is again sailing. She is seen as a representative of the over 300 ships that had Skillinge as home port.

The two-mast concert and the "Bornholm clipper" Klara Marie with home port in Skillinge, have with their climbing stern and their "beautifully extended transom", a hull line that arouses many admiration. The operation around the schooner Klara Marie is today run in association form with over 700 members and Lottbrefsägare.

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Fishing luck every Sunday morning with Klara Marie

25 at XNUM: XNUM - 12:00
Sundays XIX June - NUMBER of August. Departure at 30: 25, again at the latest at 09: 00 Arrows to borrow are available ...

Sail with Klara Marie to Sillens Dag in Simrishamn

31 at XNUM: XNUM - 16:30
We leave Skillinge at 09.00 and are in Simrishamn during the day to sail home to ...

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