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Scene Österlen - the theater for and by children and young people

Scen Österlen is a non-profit children's and youth theater association that sets up a number of performances every year. With theater, singing and dancing as a tool, we work actively for inclusion and against bullying and to give each child and youth a more courageous life. Since its inception, 1999 has over 1000 children and adolescents participated in over 500 performances, seen by tens of thousands of visitors.

Acting actors, musical artists, choreographers, directors and sound and sound designers - many of whom have started as a children's actor at Scen Österlen - create the business together with the children and young people. The work is guided by a shared desire to reach out to children and young people in society through culture and creativity.

Scene Österlen
High Road 67
272 92 Simrishamn
076-108 49 00
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