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Sankt Olofs IF won the Kamrat Cup in futsal

Sankt Olofs IF won the Kamrat Cup in futsal
Written by Joachim Orrenius / 6 January, 2020

IMG 0471 ö
Sankt Olofs IF's heroes who played the Kamrat Cup for the first time.

Tomelilla IF in the quarterfinals, Österlen FF in the semi-finals and IFK Simrishamn in the finals. Sankt Olofs IF's yellow jerseys erased the advance favorites on running bands and won this year's Kamrat Cup in an impressive way. Read here briefly about all the playoffs.

Qualifying match 1 Borrby IF - Torna Hällestad IF 0-2
Torna Hällestad acquired a 2-0 lead after half the match which was then watched without any major problems. Borrby found it difficult to create hazards, except for the last minute when they repeatedly offered a reduction. Torna Hällstad to the quarterfinals.

Qualifying match 2 Gärsnäs AIS 1 - Sövestads IF 3-1
Precise long balls for mobile strikers were Gärsnäs' recipe in this match. Sövestad's defense had a hard time getting hold of the long balls. Gärsnäs won fairly with 3-1 and was thus also ready for the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinals 1 Tomelilla IF - Sankt Olofs IF 1-3
Sankt Olof surprised Tomelilla with aggressive and disciplined play all over the course. Tomelilla's fast and skillful players were not able to unlock Sankt Olof's stable defense until the final seconds of the match, but it was obviously too late.

DSC 3065 ö
Albin Önneflod in yellow advances in the track with strength, technique and speed.

Quarterfinals 2 Österlen FF - FC Plisat 3-0
Here was the game against a goal during almost the entire match. Futsal specialists Plisat had barely an organized attack during the 16 minutes of play and Österlen played out the entire register in a very impressive way.

Quarterfinals 3 Gärsnäs AIS 2 - Torna Hällestad IF 0-1
Position war with few target chances. With five minutes left of the match, Torna Hällestad found the right and could then keep away for GAIS receipt hunt.

Quarterfinals 4 IFK Simrishamn - Gärsnäs AIS 1 2-1
Simrishamn put crossovers for Gärsnäs long balls that were so effective in the qualifying match against Sövestad. In a rather poor match, Simrishamn was able to win 2-1.

Semifinal 1 Sankt Olofs IF - Österlen FF 2-1
The final match day's best match! Energy and struggle. Österlen had the most ball, but Sankt Olof effectively disrupted the Division 2 team's moving attack game and was lead-heavy forward with Edin Cakovic as the ball receiver.

Semi-final 2 Torna Hällestad IF - IFK Simrishamn 0-2
Stable game from Simrishamn who played confidently on an early management goal. Torna Hällestad had some hazards, but efficiency was lacking in the closing. Instead, Simrishamn was able to increase to 0-2 which was also the final result.

Match for 3rd prize - Österlen FF - Torna Hällestad IF 5-1
Two disappointed teams who would have much rather wanted to play the final. Österlen had the most motivation left and easily won 5-1.

Final Sankt Olofs IF - IFK Simrishamn 2-1 (after extension)
Two teams that really wanted to win. Albin Önneflod gave Sankt Olof the lead on a distinct shot in front of goal. Sankt Olof's physical play early led to five notes in the free kick protocol. Each additional free kick would now entail a so-called free kick penalty of ten meters, but the players of Sankt Olof kept their heads cold the rest of the match and the only 1 meters that Simrishamn got burned. However, the receipt would come. Jonathan Karlsén fought for a return position and pressed the receipt ball. 1-XNUMX stood out the match time. In the end, Sankt Olof utilized a changeover where Edin Cakovic and Albin Önneflod came two against one and where Albin Önneflod could easily roll in his second final goal (Önneflod who plays football in the just IFK Simrishamns A-team organizers club but played for the parent club Sankt Olof this year ) on Cakovic's free play. Sankt Olof's first victory in the Kamrat Cup was a fact - congratulations to an impressive team effort!

Shortly after the final signal, we had a snack with Sankt Olof's playing coach Rasmus Nygren who unselfishly made this cup for himself. But it could not be mistaken how good he was to coach his yellow-headed heroes this afternoon. Not many "experts" had before the Cup Sankt Olof as the winner. Calling themselves "underdogs" is really not something that Nygren thinks fits today's Sankt Olof. He has since a few years built a team with a strong attitude and is not really surprised at all. And anyone who saw how Sankt Olof played futsal in today's playoffs is probably not surprised by the success either.

Why did you win the Kamrat Cup in 2020?
- We believe in it and work hard. The winning mentality we have in Sankt Olof is something out of the ordinary. It sits in the walls, says a victorious Nygren.

Two of Sankt Olof's players, Edin Cakovic and Albin Önneflod, were also selected in the Cup All Star Team, which looks like this:

Goalkeeper - Christoffer Delin, Torna Hällestad IF
Defensive Player - Jacob Nilsson, IFK Simrishamn
Defender - Fredrik Hansson, Österlen FF
Attackers - Edin Cakovic, Sankt Olofs IF
Attackers - Albin Önneflod, Sankt Olofs IF

When we are still working on the tributes to Sankt Olofs IF, here is a link to the association's fight song which will certainly be warm in the village for the next few days. Click here for a link to Spotify >>

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The premieres of the local series are approaching

29 nd of July 2020
the premieres in the local series approach ö
DSC 4580 ö
Gröstorp's sharp striker Emil Löfvall challenges Baskemölla's talented goalkeeper Pelle Johansson. This time Johansson averted.

The postponed football spring means that this weekend's premieres for the local football teams in Österlen are extra welcome. Österlensport checked the situation for some of the teams during last weekend's training matches where IFK Simrishamn met Mjällby AIF's U19 and Gröstorps IF took on Baskemölla IF.

Svensson satisfied with Simrishamn's defensive play

IFK Simrishamn (division 3) was visited by Mjällby AIF's very competent 19-year-olds (plays in the southern U19 Allsvenskan). Simrishamn resisted really well and pushed Mjällby down at the end of the first half, which resulted in a few half chances. In the final stages of the second half, roles were changed where Simrishamn's defensive line was put to the test when lightning - fast Mjällby strikers set full speed but Simrishamn's back line did well. The completely even and well-played match at Korsavad's IP was decided with less than ten minutes left when Mjällby was awarded a penalty that was used.
Final result IFK Simrishamn - Mjällby AIF U19 0-1 (0-0).

- In the first half we do many good things, we stand right and come in the right areas, but despite that we do not create so many situations in the last third. We are not sharp enough going forward. For 60 minutes we have good control of them. Then we lack match condition, which can be seen in the last twenty when we end up low when Mjällby takes over. I had hoped to get some energy from the innings with the bites not grabbing the balls, says IFK Simrishamn's head coach Marcus Svensson who was extra happy with the defensive game.

Was it an imaginary starting eleven you started with?
- Basically. Tobbe (goalkeeper) injured himself a bit in training so he stood over today. A pure precaution. Then it is a bit unclear what will happen to Tibor Cica who has moved to Malmö. We feel after the conditions prepared for the premiere away against IFK Trelleborg, it will be fun, Marcus Svensson concludes.

DSC 4570 ö
Jakob Nilsson made a stable effort in IFK Simrishamn's defense.

Gröstorp broke Baskemölla

At Gröstorps IP, the newcomers in division 5 Gröstorps IF faced the division 6 team Baskemölla IF. It seemed early on that there is a division between the teams. Admittedly, Baskemöll's Arshad Jamil Gröstorp equalized's early lead goal by setting a penalty, but then it was the home team for almost all the money. Baskemölla's defensive line had a hard time keeping up when Noak Karlsson, Emil Löfvall and Petter Håkansson stormed forward. Final result Gröstorps IF - Baskemölla IF 4-1 (2-1).

DSC 4580 ö
Gröstorp's sharp striker Emil Löfvall challenges Baskemölla's talented goalkeeper Pelle Johansson. This time Johansson averted.
DSC 4606 ö
Gröstorp's Petter Håkansson moved over large areas and made a mess in Baskemölla's defense.

In the calendar you will find all local football matches - from the ladies' division 1 down to the men's division 6 - click here >>

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Jacob's dream goal saved Österlen

29 nd of July 2020
jacobs drommal fralste osterlen ö
DSC 4685 ö
Joy roar. Jacob Blixt is hailed by teammates Oskar Blixt, Adam Barchan and Freddie Brorsson after his dream goal against Nosaby which was decisive in the match.

Österlen FF took on Nosaby IF in division 2 eastern Götaland at home at Skillinge IP on Tuesday night. The home team won the lottery and chose to start with the Österlenska evening sun and a light breeze in the back. It was a tight match between two supposed top teams where the teams' respective defensive games effectively slowed down the attacking attempts. But with less than a quarter of an hour left, Jacob Blixt showed what his left-wing doja can achieve.

In the first half, Österlen had more ball than Nosaby, which resulted in a couple of hot goal chances, including two finishes in the crossbar. Points victory for Österlen but 0-0 on the bulletin board.

Felt immediately that it would go in

In the second half, Österlen came around on the edges of Nosaby, often when Freddie Brorsson repeatedly steamed on, but the posts into the penalty area often lacked the decisive sharpness.

DSC 4658 ö
Freddie Brorsson did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans.

It would take until the 73rd minute before the decision would come. The visitors got a chance to pulling one back after a corner kick, but the ball hit Zoran Jovanovic completely unmarked. Jacob Blixt stepped forward, set the ball straight and then screwed it over the defensive wall and into the goalkeeper's left corner with his red-hot left foot. Wow, redeemingly beautiful! Jacob's words about the class goal.

DSC 4681 ö
Jacob Blixt's left has spoken. Nosaby's goalkeeper is out of luck.

- I wanted to put it there and if I get a good hit, the goalkeeper does not take the ball. I immediately felt when the ball left the foot that it would go in. It is difficult to get holes in strong defenses that are low so it was redemptive to score the goal. It's nice that the team that wins the match also wins, says Jacob Blixt who takes the opportunity to pay tribute to his teammates because everyone does the job for each other.

Do you practice a lot of free kicks?
- I did it when I was younger but not so much now.

DSC 4685 ö
Joy roar. Jacob Blixt is hailed by teammates Oskar Blixt, Adam Barchan and Freddie Brorsson after his dream goal against Nosaby which was decisive in the match.

A team machine that loves to work from home

After the goal, Nosaby moved the positions forward in an equalizer hunt, but apart from a couple of high posts in the last five, it never became really dangerous. Österlen's back line, with conductor Robin Jakobsson as army commander in the middle lock, impressed with smart positional play, synced exceptions and calm play. Österlen has so far, rightly, received much praise for his attacking football, but this version of ÖFF also has a defensive game called duga. When ten outfielders love to work hard at home, well then the defensive game looks easy. A 30-meter home run followed by a blocked post is undeniably a beautiful sight. The hard work and Jacob's class goals remain on the retina. The match ended fairly 1-0 to Österlen who now has two straight victories in the second which this year is decided in a single series. The next team to try to stop Österlen will be Kristianstad FC.

DSC 4663 ö
Skillinge IP was closed to the public but there were some places outside the sports field where it was still possible to get a glimpse of the match.

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William Wistrand goes from clarity to clarity

26 nd of July 2020
william wistrand goes from clarity to clarity ö
DSC 4398 1 ö
William Wistrand - Barsebäck Resort Masters youngest participant.

Once the competition season started for Österlens GK's 15-year-old golf talent William Wistrand, it became a real challenge. As the only participant from southeastern Skåne, he recently qualified for the Barsebäck Resort Masters which is part of the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour. We followed William during the second day's game at Barsebäck GK's course Master Course where he was beaten by close to 200 other players from the Swedish senior elite.

William started the first day's game in a brilliant way. Four pairs and a birdie on the first five holes gave 18 strokes (78 over par par) after XNUMX holes played.

“My minimum level is high”

Barsebäck welcomed us to the second day's game with slightly unstable weather. Stable then from William who started with long, straight strokes up on the green which gave him the opportunity to birdie putt on the two initial holes. The putts were good but slipped annoyingly past the cup and instead of two birdies, William had to note par in the scorecard on both holes 1 and 2.

Then three holes with bogeys but William kept the focus and on the sixth he rolled again in a pair - strong! The rest of the round contained five bogeys, five par and two birdies which was 81 strokes and a total of thirteen over par during two days of play which this time was not enough for a place on the right side of the cut. But having 30 players from the Swedish elite behind them is impressive.

- I am satisfied. To play such golf and still get a good score on a course as difficult as Barsebäck is a great proof that my minimum level is high, says William Wistrand when we sit down in the conference department at Lilla Vik.

What a wonderful challenge to play Barsebäck Resort Masters.
What were you thinking when you got the go-ahead to join?

- That it would be great fun to play. Barsebäck Resort Masters and Swedish Golf Tour at Djupadal last year are the two biggest competitions so far in my golf career.

DSC 4400 1 ö
Ninth hole on the Master Course. The ball is plugged into the soft and uneven bunker wall. How should this go?
DSC 4403 ö
Response. William managed the difficult situation in the bunker at nine gallantly.

Amateur Ludvig Åberg won the Barsebäck Resort Masters

MoreGolf Mastercard Tour a collaboration between the Swedish Golf Association and the PGA of Sweden. The tour is the market-leading professional golf tour in the Nordic region. Here are professionals from several countries who are preparing to take the step out into Europe.

Ludvig Åberg from Eslövs Golfklubb played home Barsebäck Resort Masters thanks to a bogey-free last 68 round. This was his second straight victory on the MoreGolf Mastercard Tour.

Results top three - Barsebäck Resort Masters

1. Ludvig Åberg -15
2. Mikael Lindberg -10 -
3. Björn Hellgren -8

More personal decisions without a caddy

For several years, William has already had time to compete against seniors. Among other things, he won the club championship last year in the home club Österlens GK.

What is the difference between competing against seniors compared to players your own age?

- The punching ability, and playing smart. As a junior, you often want to hit as far as possible and then the risk of missing increases, which means high scores. At Barsebäck I had to play smart, to play the ball instead of going for the green. It was instructive. What I also take with me from this competition is that I have to be more careful with distance assessments and where I should hit the ball. Sometimes I made a little too quick decisions.

At competitions, Williams' father or grandfather usually goes for a caddy. The competition at Barsebäck was carried out without either an audience or caddies, how did you experience it?

- It will not be the same and it will be clear alone. It's always fun when someone joins. And a caddy you can always talk to. Without a caddy, I become more independent and have to make more decisions myself. I do not know if it is positive or negative. Boring though without an audience.

DSC 4389 ö
Competitions without a caddy mean more personal decisions for William Wistrand.

Which hole were you most happy with during the competition at Barsebäck?

- Hole 1. I do not think I played the hole exactly as I wanted but both days I got the score I wanted on one. It's a really heavy opening hole and there I made pairs both days. I'm really happy with that, it's important to get a good start to the round.

Junior-SM and the Battle of Skåne next week

In the first part of the Battle for Scania, which was recently played in Sjöbo, William finished second. On Tuesday next week, William will play the second part of the Battle for Scania, which this time will be played at Kristianstads GK.

And the day after the Battle of Skåne, he goes to Kalmar to play a competition that is part of the Swedish Championships for juniors (13-21 years). In Kalmar, over 100 players participate who first play a three-day cut where then the top 45 get to play the fourth and final round of competition. Still, neither spectators nor caddies are welcome out on the tracks. What William, on the other hand, takes with him on the courses is the experience from Barsebäck Resort Masters. Good luck!

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Forward-leaning fifth in Österlen's genre rep

23 nd of July 2020
forward-leaning fifth in osterlen's genre rep ö
DSC 4547 ö
Österlen FF

Before the restart in division 2, Österlen FF faced the division 3 team Saxemara IF at home at Skillinge IP on Wednesday night. It was a genre rehearsal where five players were noted as goal scorers in an impressive 5-1 victory.

Österlen immediately took the initiative with a moving and high attacking game. The ball possession was estimated at 80/20 for the home team during the first 20 minutes. Many of Österlen's attacks went via ball-safe Fredrik Hansson in a defensive midfield position. After a short tussle with the defender, Jacob Blixt finally tucked the ball home. Then Österlen's coach Agim Sopi sent up a whole 7-man team from the bench to warm up before the second half. Goalless after the first 45.

DSC 4498 1 ö
Saxemara IF's right wing had a lot to do when Österlen FF stormed forward. Here Jacob Blixt sprints past his defender.

To start in the second half was changed Adam Barchan, Zoran Jovanovic, Furkan Motori, Merlin Nuhanovic and Freddie Brorsson in. Lively legs from all and Österlen took a real grip on the initiative again. And now came the dividend. 1-0 through Furkan Motori, who made a dazzling second half, nicely played by Jacob Blixt. 2-0 when Motoris' left corner found Hugo Bjuremark's head.

DSC 4554 ö
Hugo Bjurnemark, on the left, nods in 2-0 for his Österlen FF.

3-0, the delicacy of the match. Freddie Brorsson sees Zoran Jovanovic's deep lead run and caresses a perfect cross that Jovanovic routinely places next to the guests' goalkeeper. The attacking game kept a really high class for a period in the second half and it is a really forward-leaning team that Österlenpubliken will see when the series soon makes a restart. Fun! What if the matches can be played with an audience?

After 80 minutes, Saxemara sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. 3-1 which shortly afterwards was about to become 3-2 but the guests' finish slipped outside one post. Instead, a new attack delicacy from Österlen. Motori spun and turned around in Saxemara's penalty area before lifting a twisted right towards the far post there Brorsson met with his right and scored 4-1. Before the match was over, Kevin Harletun also had time to paint. Five different goal scorers impress and certainly create headaches for the league competitors.

DSC 4534 1 ö
Furkan Motori, one of several talented attacking players in Österlen FF rolls in 1-0 in the training match against Saxemara IF.

Österlen FF - Saxemara IF 5–1 (0–0)
Österlen's goals: 1–0 Furkan Motori, 2–0 Hugo Bjurnemark, 3–0 Zoran Jovanovic, 4–1 Freddie Brorsson and 5–1 Kevin Harletun.

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Second straight 0-1 loss to Tomelilla

June 29th, 2020
second straight 0 1 loss for tomelilla ö
DSC 3933 ö
Anders Nilsson's corner at the end of the game was on the way but the ball took the cross. Photo Axel Orrenius.

Ahead of Saturday's home match at Tomelilla IP in Division 3 South, Tomelilla IF's coach Magnus Högström believed that IFK Trelleborg would try to find behind its own backline via long balls to fast strikers. It turned out to be a completely accurate pre-analysis. The visitors' lead goal five minutes into the second half was the match only, but a dramatic finish gave Tomelilla a point.

The first quarter's ball possession to the guests while Tomelilla mostly devoted to covering areas backwards. When in an open position for Trelleborg, Tomelilla had control of the guests' attacking play. After the drinking break 20 minutes into the first half, the home team was able to move up the positions and pushed Trelleborg higher up the court, which also paved the way for a couple of nice long balls on the right. However, Trelleborg's defense line could quite easily stop Tomelilla's attack.
What did you say to the players at the break?
- Offensively, we wanted to get more on our right. Here we would also start by pushing some longer strikes behind their left back and then putting pressure and then in the strikes afterwards move on to more ball possession and try to solve their first pressure on us. Here it was for poor movement and playability for the ball holder. That's what we talked about in the little "time out" and that made us feel good, "says Tomelilla's coach Magnus Högström.

DSC 3889 ö
Tomelilla IF's coach Magnus Högström.
Photo Axel Orrenius.

The visitors finished the first 45 with three good goals and Tomelilla's most dangerous goal chance also came at the end of the half. Kevin Ketteridge drove the ball towards the penalty area, changed direction and drove a few more yards before pressing off with the right. The shot was effectively blocked by a Trelleborg defender. 0-0 after the first half.

Already five minutes into the second half, the visitors Mathias Andersson ran through the Tomelilla defense and was able to place 0-1.

- An unnecessary goal that we should be able to defend ourselves from and keep track of. We talked at break about how psychologically important the first goal is in this heat. Now the uphill starts. But still, I think we try to stick to a mix of longer and short plays, says Magnus Högström.

The downside boosted Tomelilla which put better pressure in the press play resulting in a few half chances. The speed and runs were with the attackers Kevin Ketteridge and Erik Ekholm but the weight in the middle was missing which made it pretty easy for Trelleborg's defender. In search of receipt, Tomelilla made five bytes. More studded legs moved Tomelilla's attacking positions in a straight game while the team opened backwards.

The last ten became a real roller coaster on the hard and bumpy lawn. Anders Nilsson screwed a corner directly into the cross. The visitors had an open goal in a changeover but where Olof Nilsson cleared the finish line. The best opportunity came in overtime when Tomelilla was awarded a penalty when Kasper Svensson was pulled down in the penalty area. Olof Nilsson pulled from the penalty spot but Trelleborg's goalkeeper made a nice save which became the final event of the match.

DSC 3955 ö
The penalty save by IFK Trelleborg's goalkeeper was the final action of the match.
Photo Axel Orrenius.

Someone or some players you want to highlight?

- Filip M, Olof Nilsson, Robin Nilsson, Anders Nilsson and Erik Ekholm were good.

The next challenge will be Veberöds AIF on away plan. That match will not be played until August 8.
What does the schedule look like for you now during your stay, workouts, workouts, vacations?
- Exercise Sunday, then a two week break. The guys have self-training the third week. Thereafter, the collective training begins again on week 30. Training match against Vejby (division 3) on August 1 and autumn start on August 8 against Veberöd.

Result Tomelilla IF-IFK Trelleborg 0-1 (0-0). 0-1 Mathias Andersson.

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Österlenlagen beat Bromölla x 2

June 23th, 2020
osterlenlagen beat bromolla x 2 ö
DSC 3832 ö
Tilde Johansson bounced 1-0 for his Hammenhögs IF.

Österlen's two best football teams, Hammenhögs IF (div 1 ladies) and Österlen FF (div 2 men), were both pitted against Ifö Bromölla IF this past week.

The law from southeastern Skåne proved to be stronger than northeastern Skåne's. Full pot to the Österlen Act!

Hammenhög started the series with a tie against Laholm. Three points against Bromölla were therefore close to a must to keep up with the top of the women's div 1 series as this Corona season is played as a single series where of course every match and all points are extremely important.

- A tough match on the paper and on the pitch as always against Bromölla. A lot of struggle and physical football to wait, Hammenhög coach Anders Palmér said before the match.

The girls from Hammenhög grabbed the match directly and initially showed the most will and attitude at home on Hammondavallen's fine green. Well-balanced posts and corners into the guests' penalty area were moving. First ten minutes on points to Hammenhög. When Tilde Johansson bounced 1-0 after barely a quarter, it looked stable. The goal became a motivator for the guests from Bromölla who stepped up and pushed back the Hammenhögs defense.

Did you become anxious and wanted to monitor the management?
- No, I think more that Bromölla changed a bit and played a very clear 3-5-2 so after 1-0 we got it tough centrally, says Anders Palmér.

The visitors started the second half with a forced kick and after 55 minutes came the result when a Bromollas player could score 1-1 after a goal keeper's return. Now it was the home players' turn to tie their fists.

DSC 3818 ö
- We changed some positions so we got a better grip on them in the middle, says Anders Palmér.

The remaining match time had Hammenhög's most ball and also created some half chances up to 2-1 but it would take until overtime before the match was decided. Home team Josefine Rydle was lying in the grass after she hit her back. Teammate Tilde Johansson laid the ball over the sideline for Rydle to receive treatment for his injury. In such situations, it is customary for the opponents to return the ball when the player has received his treatment and the game can be resumed. This time, the Bromalla players took the ball themselves and attacked. The surprise and frustration of the home players who, in sheer aggression, managed to send the ball one last time in Bromolla's penalty area where Matilda Larsson appeared and was able to push in the victory ball. Great joy, and maybe even a certain amount of hurt considering the situation at Rydle's injury, at home camp.

- Very nice 2-1 goal where we fill with players in the penalty area. Rydle drops the ball and Matilda Larsson's run on the far post is cruel after 96 minutes. I want to emphasize the collective, the work of everyone, says Anders Palmér.

How did you perceive the situation after Josefine Rydle received treatment and who later led to the victory goal?

- We got a player injured, and kicked out the ball. Then it is an unwritten law to give the ball back to us. Instead, they made a long throw and attacked immediately. Not fair play directly if you say so. Very bad by their players, and their leaders didn't even respond. Embarrassing just, says Anders Palmér.

End 2-1 to Hammenhög. Four points after two rounds and Hammenhög's ladies hang out!

After the delayed spring, it was finally time for the Österlen FF's premiere this weekend. For the away stand was Bromölla, who in their first match had a 4-0 victory in the back.

From minute one, the guys from Österlen showed that they did not cheat with spring training. Running, aggressive, position-safe. And lead through Freddie Brorsson's nod on the corner already after 15 minutes. The dominance continued during the first 45 with position switching and fine play behind Bromolla's back line, which led to several good goals. But Österlen had to settle for a comfortable 1-0 lead.

After the break, Österlen became somewhat comfortable. Bromölla pumped on and owned the match during a period where they also created chances but the Austrian defense game with Merlin Nuhanovic as the last outpost was against Bromolla's attempt. After 75 minutes sprinting, Jacob Blixt switched to an attack all by himself, which he then finished by distinctly pushing the ball into the net behind Bromolla's goalkeeper. Premiership victory with 0-2 and Österlen keeps going!

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Clear with new coach for Österlen FF

27th of May 2020
ready with new crane for osterlen ff ö
18157876 1563167313696192 4005033980365054791 n ö
Agim Sopi has previously trained Landskrona BoIS.
Photo: Agim Sopi's Facebook page.

Since Jonas Stridsberg quickly left the head coach assignment for Österlen FF, it has been speculated who was napping on the assignment. Now it's finished. From June 1, the well-known player and coach profile Agim Sopi takes over responsibility.

Congratulations and welcome to Österlen!
How does this feel?
- Thanks, it feels great. I'd rather have a group higher up in the series system, but Österlen has a fantastic squad and a good project going on. A good mix of really good experienced players and young hungry players, says Agim Sopi, who has yet to meet the gaming group.

Agim Sopi likes to hire young talented players who also have the right attitude to reach a long way in their football careers. An example is two guys born in 2005 who have already made their way into FC Rosengård's a-squad in division 2.

Agim lives in the Malmö district with his family and on June 1, Agim rolls east for the first training session with his new squad of players.
How do you view the commute?
- No problem. When I trained Landskrona BoIS it was 45 min. Now it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes so it's not a huge difference. I am used to commuting and during the trips I can relax and plan a little.

In the report series on Österlen FF, we will in future invite our readers to a longer interview with Agim Sopi.

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Get to know the golf talent William Wistrand

23th of May 2020
lar kanna golftalangen william wistrand ö
DSC 8650 ö
William Wistrand.

The Österlen network is the corporate network with close to 100 entrepreneurs sponsoring, among other things, young sports talents from south-eastern Skåne. We asked eight questions to Team Nätverket's current eight fellows about how things are going with the sports betting right now. We wondered, among other things, how they motivate themselves to continue training, how the training has changed and whether it is any other sport that they are also engaged in, or instead. Here you will get to know the golf talent William Wistrand.

Name: William Wistrand
Born: 2005
Birthplace: Lund
Lives: Simrishamn
Sports: Golf
First club: Österlens Golfklubb
Current club: Österlens Golfklubb
Scholarship then: 2020

Ranked 1st in Sweden boys -05
Handicap +0,1
2nd place European Championship 2019 in Scotland
Winner Battle of Skåne, Kristianstad Golf Club 2019
Tangled track record Gränna Golfklubb 64 strokes (-8) 2019
Qualified for Swedish Golf Tour 2020
Selected for Swedish Golf Team Boys Future
3rd in the 2019 Teen Cup Finals
Appointed to Talent of the Month Ystad Allehanda September 2018
Winner KM Österlens GK 2018

William says: “Getting the chance to join the Network is fantastic. With this scholarship I get the opportunity to train more, go to more competitions and develop to reach my goals. I am extremely grateful that I get to join the Team Network and I will seize this opportunity that you have given me! ”

Eight questions to William about the sport during the corona crisis

1. What is the best thing about your sport?
The best thing about golf is being able to hit the ball and check exactly the right direction and length. It's not easy, though it may look like it. The charm and at the same time the frustration with the sport is that on one hole you can have as good a score as possible and then on the next hole it can be quite the opposite. I can't really put my finger on what it is but once you get stuck it's very fun and very addictive you just want to train and play more and more. Sometimes there may be some prejudice about golf that only old people play but that is not true but if you test then I think you get a slightly different view of the sport. Golf is a sport that everyone can practice and the risk if you try is that you might also get caught, just like me, for this strangely fun sport.

2. What motivates you to train as hard as you do?
My goal is to be the best in the world. If I want to reach that goal, I need to train and work purposefully all the time. Of course, it is fun to be as good as I am now, but I am not satisfied and I have to work hard to be much better. Of course I want to be with my friends in the summer and do fun things but I spend almost every day on the golf course and it's hard to find the time to be able to do it

3. What are you focusing on in your workout right now?
Right now I'm training for the season. I sharpen all the pieces in my game so I will be as good as possible when the season starts. This winter I have focused a lot on my technique and I feel that it has produced results as I hit better and longer strokes. Now I just want to get started with the game and be able to shoot really low scores.

4. Have you changed anything in your workout lately?
Given covid-19, I have been able to train more than I could before spring seasons as there have been many competitions booked. Competition season has been postponed to June 30th. So until July I will be training a lot so I am prepared and in shape for the season to start.

5. Are you interested in any other sport and if so which one?
I also like to play floorball in the winter. It does so my physique is kept up for pretty much all winter. I usually play as a goalkeeper and it helps me as a golfer as mobility is very important in both sports.

6. Did you compete for something in the spring and if so how did it go?
Unfortunately, I did not compete for anything this spring. Covid-19 has meant that the competitions are postponed or canceled until June 30th. It is very boring but there is nothing you can do about it. The only thing that can be done is to follow the restrictions imposed by the Public Health Authority. If everyone follows them, I hope and think we can get started on all sports, not just golf, in the middle of summer.

7. What can a training week look like for you?
My upcoming weeks will be filled with school, golf and homework. School goes first but I have to catch up with my workouts too so I have to plan properly what to do on different days. An ordinary week I practice golf on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Tuesdays and Thursdays I plug.

8. The highlight of the spring, what are you most looking forward to right now and why exactly?
Right now in the spring there is unfortunately nothing I look forward to very much, but hopefully on July 1, all competitions will start. It will be as much fun as ever to compete again but right now you have to wait and train instead.

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Get to know the table tennis talent Kornelia Jönsson

23th of May 2020
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Kornelia Jönsson

The Österlen network is the corporate network with close to 100 entrepreneurs sponsoring, among other things, young sports talents from south-eastern Skåne. We asked eight questions to Team Nätverket's current eight fellows about how things are going with the sports betting right now. We wondered, among other things, how they motivate themselves to continue training, how training has changed and whether it is any other sport that they are also engaged in, or instead. Here you will get to know the table tennis talent Kornelia Jönsson.

Name: Kornelia Jönsson
Born: 2000
Birthplace: City
Lives : Eslöv / Köpingebro
Sports: Table tennis
First club: Köpingebro IF
Current club: Eslöv AI BTK
Scholarship then: 2013

Merits: 13 SM - medals including 2 gold, 2 times gold in Denmark's Top-12

October 2013, right after Kornelia's 13th day, Kornelia was named the month's talent in Ystads Allehanda and became a fellow in the Österlen Network. Kornelia has played series in England for the London Academy, series in Denmark for Bornholm but now for Greve in the elite series and plays in Sweden for Eslöv in the Superettan where the team won 3 years in a row without having the opportunity to enter the highest series because Eslöv already has a team in the Pingis League.

Kornelia says: - In order to fully invest in my table tennis change I already school after grade 8 and then commuted to Källebergsskolan in Eslöv where I could practice table tennis in one of Sweden's leading clubs during school time. Nowadays I live in Eslöv and I spend my third of four years at the gymnasium with NIU Table Tennis. Therefore, the support from the Österlen Network is particularly important to me, since my table tennis bet would not have been possible without it.

Eight questions to Kornelia about the sport during the corona crisis

1. What is the best thing about your sport?
The best thing about my sport is when you reach a goal you have set and trained for a long time to manage.

2. What motivates you to train as hard as you do?
What motivates me to train hard is the desire to be able to play well in the series because it is a team effort and you do not want to disappoint your fellow players!

3. What are you focusing on in your workout right now?
I have just had a rest since the season is over, but the focus will be on strength training for a while now.

4. Have you changed anything in your workout lately?
In the spring, before my rest, the focus was very much on match-like play, as there were many big competitions that you want to hone the form to. Even so, I started training in IFK Lund to get some change in training resistance, exercises and also be trained by my former Tomelilla trainer Christian Björklund.

5. Are you interested in any other sport and if so which one?
Recently, when the hall was closed to ping pong, I have played a lot of golf with my family. Since we are now also plugging away from home, it is incredibly nice to come out in the nice weather and play.

6. Did you compete for something in the spring and if so how did it go?
During the spring, there was a lot of series play all over Sweden when the ping pong league would end. We finished in a 6th place, which means we will stay for next year as well. I have also competed in Borås, Örebro and Senior-SM in Söderhamn. Unfortunately, there were no placements in these competitions this year.

7. What can a training week look like for you?
Upcoming training week will consist of training in Lund, two workouts on Monday and two workouts on Wednesday. As there are no longer any workouts in Eslöv, and the hall is extremely limited to a maximum of two people, there will be only a few workouts there during the week.

8. The highlight of the spring, what are you most looking forward to right now and why exactly?
The highlight of the spring would probably be the student for me after four years of high school. Don't know if it's something to look forward to anymore, but we'll see how it goes!

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Get to know the ice hockey talent Didrik Delfalk

23th of May 2020
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Didrik 2020 ö
Didrik Delfalk

The Österlen network is the corporate network with close to 100 entrepreneurs sponsoring, among other things, young sports talents from south-eastern Skåne. We asked eight questions to Team Nätverket's current eight fellows about how things are going with the sports betting right now. We wondered, among other things, how they motivate themselves to continue training, how the training has changed and whether it is any other sport that they are also engaged in, or instead. Here you will get to know the ice hockey talent Didrik Delfalk.

Name: Didrik Delfalk
Born: 2006
Birthplace: City
Lives: City
Sports: Ice hockey
First club: Trelleborg Vikings
Current club: Trelleborg Vikings
Scholarship then: 2019

Series B Youth B (2005/2006)
cup matches
Training camper HV71 Jönköping, Trelleborg, Leksand etc.

Didrik is passionate about his great passion for ice hockey. He trains three ice passes a week with the team, two physical passes and matches 1-2 times a week. In addition to training with the team, he trains extensively at home shooting, country hockey or rollerblades. There are often 2-3 hours of self-training per day at home in Ystad. "I practice a lot of shots and technique at home on the street in Ystad or down in the large bus parking in the harbor which is a perfect area for driving rollerblades."

Didrik says: “Being part of the Team Network means a lot. For example, in the summer of 2020, I will go on three hockey matches. One with Leksand, one with Trelleborg Vikings and one with which I have not yet decided where it will be. Through the financial support of the Network, I get the opportunity to exercise my great passion - the ice hockey. My dream is to one day play for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL. ”

Eight questions to Didrik about the sport during the corona crisis

1. What is the best thing about your sport?
Skating, it's the best. The speed, that you are in a team, you meet friends.

2. What motivates you to train as hard as you do?
Because it's so fun, it's the best I know.

3. What are you focusing on in your workout right now?
Improve my club technique, improve skating (running a lot of inlines right now), strength and fitness.

4. Have you changed anything in your workout lately?
I run more physical and fitness due to the season ending earlier. Very own workout right now (3 hours / day)

5. Are you interested in any other sport and if so which one?
I enjoy playing paddle and tennis.

6. Did you compete for something in the spring and if so how did it go?
Our season ended a month earlier than expected, then we were 2nd in the series. In addition to the series, the cups were also set.

7. What can a training week look like for you?
I drive about 3 hours daily. Mixes inlines, strength, fitness.

8. The highlight of the spring, what are you most looking forward to right now and why exactly?
Right now I am looking forward to this summer's hockey camps, I will go to Leksand to join their camp (I still hope that the camps can be implemented this summer).

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