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Facts about Österlenbyn


Along the entrance straight north from Tomelilla from national road 19 is Sälshög, an old and a little younger village formation, consisting mainly of farms. Seal high continues along the road Spjutstorp-Tryde.

Very well known was the Ambumsgården where Swedish Words led by Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielsson placed their Skåne film center. Here, films such as Picasso's adventures were played, the egg is resolved and others. in.
There are a number of active agricultural properties in Sälshög, but also other activities such as car dismantling, auditing and flower trading.

The surroundings are intensive agricultural landscapes and the industrial area north of Tomelilla. The distance to Tomelilla is one kilometer. Friskola is in Tryde one kilometer west. Nearby is the well-known amusement park Tingvalla, as well as the motor sports complex Svampabanan and Tomelilla Sommarland Tosselilla.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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