Fun traditions you should keep alive in. ”Österlen

Fun traditions should be kept alive.

Fun traditions should be kept alive.
Written by Annika Olsson / 29 April, 2019


If you have nice traditions then you should be sure to stick to them. I think that is important. Me and my friend have a very nice tradition since a few years back.

The week after Easter we usually make a small Österlen excursion together. This year, the first stop at the newly renovated Karosserigården in Gladsax. Newly painted and fresh with a lot of things in vintage style.

Then of course we became hungry almost immediately. Then we steered the car towards Kåseberga.

A lovely good Wallenbergare made of fish became our dinner choice. However, we opted out of the dance.

At Karl-Fredik at Eklaholm we enjoyed all the wonderful flowers and plants.

He has a lot of fun things there on Eklaholm and some love for stuffed animals.

Quote of the day:

An encouraging word during a failure is worth much more than hours of praise after success.

And I thank my lovely friend for an equally lovely spring trip as always.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


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Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Hopeful in my garden.

5 th February 2019.


Even though it takes a while before spring is here, it feels a little hopeful in the garden after all.

We have got some snow here at Österlen. But no more than that the little Christmas roses can peek out. I just love Christmas roses!

In my garden several kinds of Christmas roses grow. A few years ago I bought a small plant in a local market. A vigorous Christmas rose I must say then. It may be an invasive species, considering how fast it grows. Or maybe it's hemp I've come across. Anyway, it will be exciting to see what it will be of the powerful plant going forward. I flock to the front edge, yes then you know what it was.

Joking aside, I don't have to rush to get high. I only get high when I think about the lovely spring that is in the waiting.

The magnolia shows the buds that slowly began to swell. Ohhh, it's a great time we meet.

In my orangery, it is green and lush. The two rosé pepper trees have been given small shoots. Sometimes I snap off a small branch and become quite entangled by the lovely scent. Imagine what plant power there was in a small spice jar from ICA.

Tonight's quote:

Don't forget which valuable treasure is an ordinary day.

Have a nice evening and hug


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Congratulations Österlen Tulips

5 th February 2019.


Thus!!! So much fun. Österlen Tulips has received Anders Wall's rural scholarship. A big warm congratulations from me!

When I read about the appointment on the web, a huge heat and joy spread in my chest. That little penny that I knew all the time since he was a small couple. He who taught my daughter and her own little sister a lot… ehhh…. both good and not good knowledge and knowledge. Perhaps it is he who gave the two girls the thick skins they got on their noses.

However, I was not the least surprised. He has the entrepreneurial spirit in the blood, and of course a fantastic woman by his side. For everyone knows that behind all the big men is always a wise woman.

Imagine, last week, our Crown Princess got the honor of handing over the glorious prize and some money to our Jocke. Our lovely tulip grower and many tradesmen here at Österlen. Of course, he does a lot of other things than grow lovely flowers.

- man well experienced, he proclaimed to me with a nasty smile.

It was a lukewarm summer evening when we were dancing in Kulla. The Summer Dance Track. What we talked about then, I don't really remember. That is many years ago, and especially experienced I do not know if he really was that time. But now I really have to agree - he is starting to become a very experienced young man!

From me to you, Jocke and Malin, I want in front of my warm congratulations.

Quote of the day:

What the sun is for the flowers is a smile for humanity.

If you want to read a previous post about Österlen Tulpaner then you will find it HERE and HERE.

Have a nice day.


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The day woke up in Baske.

4 th February 2019.


What a wonderful morning in Baske. The sea lay there so still and the sky was like an exciting spectacle.

I wish I could write that everything was still and calm, but not. Up from the villa that is being built on the slopes, the tones of modern pop music slanted all over Baskemölla.

I know all how carpenters and craftsmen work. They are all a bit small-handed. And nowadays, when they no longer use the hammer that proves they work, then they have to start their big building stereo devices.

To the notes of "man I feel like a women" I strolled away towards the fun paving. A work of art that creates so many questions and claims. It's nice and I appreciate the little stone wall that makes it easy to get around.

Pretty soon the music drowned in the ocean's noise and the only thing that was heard was the ruffle of two joggers who waved forward on the frozen ground.

It was really a beautiful morning. I felt how all the stress, troubled thoughts and heavy decisions just ran like a soft drop down my shoulders. For what was to worry about, more than what was right now. And in that moment everything was clean and cut happiness and harmony.

I would make a decision and decide one thing this morning I had thought. I made the decision that everything becomes as everything becomes. I'm a devil at making heavy decisions.

Quote of the day:

You have power over your mind, not what happens outside. Realize this and you will find strength.

Have a great Monday, and thank you who peeks in here on my blog.


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Like a pearl band.

3 th February 2019.


Like a pearl band, they are here, all our little cute churches in Österlen.

When you come to a small village with its small church you just have to lift your eyes slightly to be able to see directly to the next church tower.

At some places in Österlen you can see several small churches at the same time.

When I was a child I heard a scream. It is said that in the place where one could see the entire seven church tower at the same time, there would be a buried treasure.

Now I do not know if there is any place where possible. But a little exciting it is all to look for churches over our open fields here at Österlen.

Do you know these churches again?

The first one above the heading is Smedstorp's church. Then comes Rörum's church. The yellow beautiful church is located in Östra Nöbbelöv. The little, little roomy church in the middle of the village, that is Löderup's church. The grand with the large windows is the Valleberga church, and the last one with its green copper tower it is Ingelstorp's church.

Quote of the day:

Every morning you have two choices. Either stay in bed and dream or step up and realize your dreams.

Have a nice day.


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As if time had stood still.

2 th February 2019.


It was an early morning when I, as so often, laced on my shoes. The weekend's snowfall had made my usual round of Gyllebosjön not passable. At least not wearing jogging shoes. Instead, I had to choose a round around the village. And then I mean a round down about the small village of Östra Vemmerlöv.

It was gray and foggy. The roadway was both dry and slippery. Though I enjoyed every step as if I was dancing a meditation dance. Thoughts and memories just came by and swirled around in the brain office.

When I passed the old car repair shop with the car sales, I was thrown far back in my memory. To my childhood when my parents bought their first Mazda here. Now there were other wonderful cars instead. Dream cars to wish for.

It almost felt as if time had stopped. As if the place had slept a Sleeping Beauty. The small garage looked like it always did. Not so modern and boring as if it had been newly built or refurbished. No, it looked like the old well-known "Seagull" from TV. With so much charm. Clean and cut nostalgia.

Then I passed the village's color shop. Even the slumber, as if someone just sprinkled a sleep powder in the middle of the business. As if everything suddenly could only wake up and continue exactly where it ended.

A gray-haired cold eastern country can be a fantastic journey in the imagination and in memory. And as a bonus, it was an 7,5 kilometer exercise round. One morning can't get any better.

Quote of the day:

The most important thing is not to add years to life. The most important thing is to add life to the years.

Have the best and hug.


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The mischievous sea at Vårhallarna.

1 th February 2019.


"There will be a blizzard," they said. Proper Eastern blizzard!

I didn't believe it. For those there real The snowstorms, those that are a bit special for Österlen, they usually cannot predict. They come when you least expect it.

Yes, it was a bit windy and there was some snow. As a normal winter day. No more no less.

When I walked on the beach at Vårhallarna, the snowfall had turned to rain instead. The waves on the ocean were wild and crazy.

It is so beautiful there at Vårhallarna. There are many to go here to breed their dogs. Best dog bath in the whole of Österlen, all year round.

The beach away towards Tobi's low fate and empty. I love the very special sand that is only here. A sand that is a tiny snap coarser. A sand that is much easier to brush off and that does not hang in the shoes all the way home.

The pearl fisherman's house seemed to be shaking in the cold humid air. It is so incredibly beautiful that little house !!

Quote of the day:

Good is to have heavenly views and earthly insight.

Have a really nice Friday.

Hug Annika

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My January XNUM

January 31, 2019

(post contains advertising links)

My January XNUM

One of the most boring, poorest and worst months of the year.

But I had decided in advance. I would make this January the best version of itself. So good it just went. Regardless of everything one can count on life's problems and small hell. Now I feel almost intoxicatingly happy when I compile my picture cavalry. The great thing about doing this is that all that others that gnaw and chuckle sometimes, it gets like a total forgotten! I deliberately put all the focus on what feels good in the heart. And think, it didn't cost me many crowns either.

My January was absolutely wonderful!

I have done crazy. Against new exciting goals and the whole 69 kilometers I can sum up.

Tip: considering my crazy goals for next year, I probably need to buy some new gadgets. The HERE to keep track of the distance and they HERE to mislead the mind when it feels like I have a cow on the back, which happens around 17 cracked kilometers, then each step must go on pure will… New training clothes are available at good prices HERE.

Now I welcome February.

Note myself: It seems that people know much more when trying to talk something to them than when asking them something.

Have a good time and thank you all who peek in with me.

Hug Annika

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Getting plummet in heavy snowfall.

January 31, 2019


For us here at the bottom of the south-east corner, it is not as often as we can enjoy hearty winter.

Such nice winter days, when the snow is white and still for weeks. No, here with us at Österlen so the snow is a little different. For the most part, it snows a little more from the side.

I love snow and winter and of course I take every chance to enjoy it when it finally shows up here, the lovely snow.

After standing on my nose over a frozen mole heap and filled the entire lens with powder snow, my pictures got a blurred filter over them. Almost as neat as an instagram filter I giggled for myself.

In the garden everything gets so nice when it comes snow I think.

Quote of the day:

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just see what they can do when they stick together.

Enjoy the last day of January and hug you.


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Same, same - but I never get tired.

January 30, 2019


- Are you all tired of running around the waterhole rattling dead? wondering my Stefan sometimes.

No, I probably never tire of my running rounds around my beloved Gyllebosjö.

Nature is so wonderfully created that it never looks the same from one day to the other.

And I love it just as much every day, year round.

Over night, this round can totally change its shape, and I absolutely love it.

Quote of the day:

Heaven on earth is a choice we must take, not a place we must find.

Think about it. Everywhere there are small wonderful places to enjoy. Places that only exist there and which every day offers itself. It is just a matter of seeing, feeling and enjoying. Just where YOU are.

Have a nice day


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White port.

January 29, 2019


Vitemölla showed her most beautiful face to me. It was the early morning when the moon and I were on my morning walk.

The colors in nature were like the colors in a watercolor palette. Imagine if I would be taking watercolor painters…

Sometimes as the sun struggled to penetrate the clouds, I roamed on the small harbor's northern pier.

The small fishing boats were still and rested while waiting for their assignments. Out from the pier, the small houses looked so cute.

I sat down and just enjoyed the moment. The sun bravely fought with the thick cloud bank away at Stenshuvud.

As I walked through the small winding road that runs through the village I could see the sun over the roofs. Vitemölla with their small wonderful houses. A view that my wonderful father-in-law loved to depict in his paintings. Like the centenary he was. Equally skilled with the hammer as with the brush. Oh what I wish I had his talents.

Back on the beach I sat for a while in my own thoughts. Here by the sea one can hear their own thoughts a little clearer.

Wonderfully beautiful "Videmylle", a beach that was "mine" when I was a child. But then it was immensely much larger. So that big that everything gets in the memory of childhood you know. (You can find my previous post from Vitemölla HERE.)

Quote of the day:

The temple of nature is heaven.

Have a nice day.


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