Fun traditions you should keep alive in. ”Österlen

Fun traditions should be kept alive.

Fun traditions should be kept alive.
Written by Annika Olsson / 29 April, 2019


If you have nice traditions then you should be sure to stick to them. I think that is important. Me and my friend have a very nice tradition since a few years back.

The week after Easter we usually make a small Österlen excursion together. This year, the first stop at the newly renovated Karosserigården in Gladsax. Newly painted and fresh with a lot of things in vintage style.

Then of course we became hungry almost immediately. Then we steered the car towards Kåseberga.

A lovely good Wallenbergare made of fish became our dinner choice. However, we opted out of the dance.

At Karl-Fredik at Eklaholm we enjoyed all the wonderful flowers and plants.

He has a lot of fun things there on Eklaholm and some love for stuffed animals.

Quote of the day:

An encouraging word during a failure is worth much more than hours of praise after success.

And I thank my lovely friend for an equally lovely spring trip as always.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

I run - so I am.

January 20, 2019


For me, there is no better or better way to keep my fitness running than to run. I absolutely love it!

If you also live in Gyllebo on Österlen, then it is just that simple.

But then it hasn't always been. It wasn't until I was 44 years old that I took my first real leap. Before that, I was a true couch potato. I had never run any longer in my adult life. At most a kilometer maybe. I was absolutely convinced that my body could not run.

To be approved as a home defense soldier, I had to pass a running test.

- how hard can it be, I thought and started training.

But I wasn't particularly cocky when I hung over a stump after my first lap around the lake and spat like a calf.

That is nine years ago now, but I'm still running. Of course, my hernias have limited my color sometimes. But my brain has got a taste of this. The wonderful feeling that the running gives.

The pain threshold? I shit it! … As Thomas Wassberg said…

Nowadays I do not think so much about the performance, the distance or the time. Now I just enjoy every single step.

Getting started with some kind of exercise is not that difficult. The hard thing is to never stop with it. Therefore, it is important to find something that you really enjoy, something that is simple and easy to get into everyday life.

Running a train does not require more than a pair of shoes. Then just step out. If you live as I do in wonderful Österlen, then it is not difficult a single thing !!

But I am not at all a magnificent and talented practitioner. You can't believe that.

"Understanding pundits" and knowledgeable training professionals have given me strict guidelines on regular strength training. Otherwise, my back does not hold. But to a gym I rarely (never read) take me. Then the couch potatoes come stealthily with full force.

Quote of the day:

Keep running, you're just tired!

Hope you find your form to keep your body running. My own philosophy is that it is better to do something than nothing, and when you start with that "something" then you are up and running!

Hug on you


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Order and find out my pictures.

January 19, 2019

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The first week of January every year, I always arrange sometimes my photos on the computer. I sort the images into folders and back up to external hard drives.

All my photographs have been saved on three different external hard drives. With exactly the same photo on each one - for safety reasons. Yes I know, it's a little exaggerated. But after a complete computer crash nine years ago, I know that everything can disappear in a snap. That time, the images could be saved. It cost us close to 25.000.

My pictures are not special or valuable in any way. But for me, the photos of loved ones in different contexts are invaluable. Therefore, I am now very careful to back up.

Every year, I also get some photo books printed with the dearest photos.

This is perhaps a little reminder to YOU ​​too. That you just need to think about which photos to save. Because it's not about if the computer crashes, but about WHEN it actually does.

And when I was doing all the photos, my eyes were on these lovely "junk flowers". A spring sign we will soon see in our ditches.

Tonight's quote:

It is not intended that all people you meet should be in your life forever. Some are only there just as long as you need to get the insight you need.

But it is fun to have photos of friends and events over the years.

Tip: Sometimes as we wait in the spring and all the lovely scents, you can take the opportunity to buy lovely scented candles HERE. On Lyko There is also a lot of other beneficial and fragrant for the whole body, right now with extra good prices.

Have a good time and hug.


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Blue, blue winds and water.

January 19, 2019


An ice cold morning I stopped my old dirty Volvo at Kivik. At Buhres parking, it was left alone.

Not a living man appeared to. Not even in my brother's house did anyone seem to have awakened yet.

I pulled my cap down over my ears before I released my dog ​​Johnny out of the car. In normal order, he took three high jibs straight up in the air. About to say "The moss now sees us catching this day, you and I".

We strolled past Biray's kiosk with the sight set on the northern pier. Johnny with a focus on kisses in the ground and I more on visual impressions. A swan couple seemed to be brutally awakened by our presence and immediately went to safe water.

The small wind-swept tree stood in such a beautiful contrast to the blue colors in the background. I thought I could almost hear Tomas Ledin sing about ”blue winds and sea ”.

On the pier it was spotty very slippery, which didn't seem to worry Johnny much. With small steps we approached the raw colony that looked to live there at the end. In the very same second, it was as if the black birds decided to flee the field. The sky was dotted with birds. I was grieving a bit, I didn't really mind with my camera…

The sun that was about to rise, spread its warm light over Kivik's well-known silhouette. The small sauna cabin, marsh bath and Buhres fish. A building I think is pretty ugly actually. It's like that, the taste is shared.

Beautiful wonderful Kivik. I got a great morning. One day cannot start better than a lonely morning at Kivik's northern pier.

Or what do you say, Johnny?

Quote of the day:

The secret of happiness is to admire without desire.

From a happy morning on Österlen, to you all.


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Only when the conditions are right.

January 18, 2019


Perhaps I am quite alone in enjoying a gray mound, zero-grade morning here at Österlen.

To advertise our wonderful Österlen, it is probably so easy when the sun shines, the sea glitters and the rapeseed fields bloom.

Being like Ulf Lundell, singing about open landscapes when the fields are green and the sky blue, well then everyone can understand that our little corner of the world is a paradise.

If you are standing under blooming apple trees with the sea glittering in the background, then it is easy to talk white and wide about both love and magic. When the wild garlic grows lush and creates a fragrant sea, then it is not difficult to love Österlen across all borders.

It is a gray mole zero-grade January morning that art will convey the wonderful thing that is only here at Österlen.

To get the world to understand Österlen's grandeur when the moles made the horses' beautiful pastures into something more like plowing of clay, it must well be an art. Or to get someone to enjoy their clean-washed sheets that are hanging on the dryer and got a spicy element of ski smell from the farmer's smoking fertilizer pile.

Though maybe you have to be born here to really see its magnificence and feel the beauty. Perhaps you have to wear your very special "Eastern Lucky Eyes" to see the beauty of a colorless January morning.

But you know, it's just such a gray zero-grade day that can offer a very special phenomenon. Harris. When all the conditions are right, then you can see this right in Gyllebo. Fantastic.

Quote of the day:

If you do not believe in miracles, you may have forgotten that you are one.

Although it looks like it's just a gray shit day, take an extra little look. Probably there are miracles and beauty only if you scratch a little on the surface and take some better glasses on you.

Hug Annika

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Meeting room, a real source of joy.

January 17, 2019


One of many favorite places here on Österlen, it must probably be Forsamölla.

It was that early morning, when Johnny and I saw the day dawn at Mandelmann's lonely tree. When the day brightened we wandered around here for a good while.

In spring and summer, this place is usually full of people. People come here to hold courses in painting and photography.

This place is so beautiful with its stone walls and the fabulous stone steps. That you want to perpetuate the beauty here, it is of course not strange at all.

One of Rikard Hobert's films, if the seven sins of death are recorded here in the 90 century. Joy source. It's "kind of a hundred years" since I saw it, so maybe it may be a movie night with my Stefan this weekend ...

Though I am not a TV person. I'd rather enjoy real life and nature for real.

Even the dog Johnny loves reality more than the movie. Especially when he himself has the lead role ... which often happens when he is involved.

Quote of the day:

It is not what we have been involved with that is the important thing, but what we have learned from what has happened.

What I have learned is that, as far as possible, make the most fun first. For just joy, one of the most important things we have in life is well.

Have a good day and hug.


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Weirdly beautiful.

January 16, 2019


No, there were no bright warm photographs from my morning at Mandelmann's little lonely tree. Instead, my daughter thought it looked weird out there. Weirdly beautiful, I think.

It was that morning when the dog Johnny and I walked up to the lonely tree in Rörum at dawn. As always, we had an unforgettable moment together. For memorable moments, nothing has to do with weather.

Perhaps she is right, nevertheless, my daughter, that it looks eerie. Maybe it's just a hound owl and a drooling bats missing on my pictures…

Though pretty soon the day brightened and I and Johnny had mystically finished. Up there by the lonely tree, the wind felt both hard and cold and after an hour the cold crept into our marrow.

Then we turned the little tree back and walked slowly down the valley again. I with my cap far down my ears and Johnny with a big, frozen sheepskin in my mouth.

In the valley I sat on one of Gustav's wood piles and looked up at the tree…

… It's all something very special about this place!

Quote of the day:

What is success? It is possible to go to bed every night with a peaceful mind.

For a while in nature every day, it gives peace to body and soul. I hope you enjoy it.

Hug Annika

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What matters most.

January 15, 2019

Hello Hello

Soon it has been five years since I wrote my first post here on the blog. The first little post as "Gylleboannika".

Then when I started blogging I had about ten faithful readers and my main purpose was to write for my beloved family, my daughters and for myself.

But one backside I had with my writing ... it was never to give my eldest daughter the chance to forget their birthplace. She would not risk forgetting Österlen and the wonderful nature we have here. Andréa, who for a large part of his life, studied and worked around the world. The blog would be a constant reminder of all the wonderful things we have here at home.

You who peek in here on the blog are of course also equally welcome, just about everyone. Because I just think it's fun to share my thoughts and pictures with you all.

But I will admit that I will never be as happy as when Andréa comments on my snapchat ...

-mamma, what a fantastic picture today on the blog, god what i long for home ...

No words can mean more!

Having a daughter across the globe, which I only meet a week a year, is pretty tough for a mom. The heart is torn as well as a tad. But through my blog I want to give her a dose of the wonderful nature that I know she loves so much, while feeling that she has a small foot left here at home.

I want to give her a little bit of our fellowship. Small, simple, everyday things that will never be said otherwise. Seasonal weather, an unusual bird, a lovely morning, a regular morning round around the lake…

And if you just want to keep up with this on the blog then I will only be happy and a little proud.

Quote of the day:

We have not inherited the earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


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No sun but a wonderful view.

January 14, 2019


It is not always the case as you imagine. Especially if you put your faith in the weather forecast. The morning would be cloudless and sunny it was said. Your pussy. Though not even old Polman always was right in his time.

But I was born optimistic and happy, so I still enjoyed the full mugs of the lovely morning. Instead of perpetuating a beautiful sunrise, I had to enjoy Rörum from the best viewpoint you can imagine.

Even though heavy clouds in front of the sky, I could see a small streak of light far away on the horizon.

When I sat down the hill with the little-known tree, then it didn't matter which weather it was. To sit there with a hot dog on your feet and just enjoy the moment, it is better than the highest win on the lottery. Although the dog in question insisted on constantly eating frozen sheepskin.

There I sat and watched the little village, Rörum, awake to life. At Sophiaskolan, the candles lit up and the school prepared for a new day and a new semester.

I remembered back at the time when I was in Bali. Since my disc hernia then blossomed, we couldn't walk up to the famous volcano to enjoy the sunrise. Though, you don't have to go all the way to Indonesia to see a new day dawn. Rörum is just as good!

You can find exciting experiences just around the corner. It's just like opening your eyes and seeing all that beautiful.

Quote of the day:

Sometimes you have to go out on adventure to know where you belong.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


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Now the bullets are going down.

January 13, 2019

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Today is the big day to drive out Christmas. Plots and bullets should be removed, Knut should see to it.

At the sighs in Simrishamn, this Christmas has been able to enjoy beautiful white balls that lit up in the eastern darkness.

I always think it gets a little empty and sad when all the lights disappear. Maybe there is not so much difference in town. There are lots of lights on there anyway. Street lights and things that light up in the dark.

Out in the summer village with us, where there is not so much else that lights up the world, the Christmas candles can stay there for a couple of weeks.

And if we have some luck, there will be lots of snow soon. It lights up and makes everything so nice and bright. At least as much snow as last year, I want it!

Although it is perhaps lucky that I cannot decide on the powers of the weather alone, because I have seen everything Stefan is angry with me when I express my wishes for a wolf winter.

Tonight's quote:

If it feels like you are losing everything, remember that the trees lose all their leaves every year and yet the strong ones are waiting for better days to come.

Tip: If it is a really snowy winter then you need warm clothes. Wonderful woolen scarves I have found, like it HERE or it HERE. For Stefan I have found it HERE tapered cap with tuft. Haha… he certainly liked it!

Have a good time and hug on you.


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Healthy winds in Simrishamn

January 13, 2019


Earlier this week when I had a little case in town, I wanted to take a stroll along the sea.

One can really say that it was strengthening in many ways. Healthy winds then blew the sea foaming angry in high waves. Both I and the dog Johnny also got to use extra muscles not to follow the windy hot dance. For each step, we both got to take spears.

It almost felt like a miracle that the four little cabins were against the forces of nature.

Despite my expensive fine woolen base, I froze like a wet dog.

In Tommarpsån, two majestic swans swam calmly and did not seem to freeze a single dew, even though they had their feet in the icy water.

-hunt e fular's tidbits funtade ejjentlin ... I founded on pure Skåne.

No, any long and comfortable walk did not offer this day. Quite soon I turned around and went toward the smoke again.

At the edge of the river someone had given all the birds breakfast bread. Poultry of all kinds were fought and teased about food. There were ducks, shoals, "alikes" and ducks. All in a blissful mix.

Away in the marina, the boats bobbed in a wild sea lane.

Although it was only a short walk, both Johnny and I felt very pleased when we got home to the cabin heat again.

Quote of the day:

A new Sunday morning turns out, life goes on. Enjoy being part of the "journey" today.

Every day has something fantastic to offer. Today it is Knut and he runs the Christmas out. Maybe it's some of you who have been through the old fun sedan ” to throw the knot"? I have!! But should I tell you that there will be no blog without a thick book ...

Have a nice day and hug.


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