Fun traditions you should keep alive in. ”Österlen

Fun traditions should be kept alive.

Fun traditions should be kept alive.
Written by Annika Olsson / 29 April, 2019


If you have nice traditions then you should be sure to stick to them. I think that is important. Me and my friend have a very nice tradition since a few years back.

The week after Easter we usually make a small Österlen excursion together. This year, the first stop at the newly renovated Karosserigården in Gladsax. Newly painted and fresh with a lot of things in vintage style.

Then of course we became hungry almost immediately. Then we steered the car towards Kåseberga.

A lovely good Wallenbergare made of fish became our dinner choice. However, we opted out of the dance.

At Karl-Fredik at Eklaholm we enjoyed all the wonderful flowers and plants.

He has a lot of fun things there on Eklaholm and some love for stuffed animals.

Quote of the day:

An encouraging word during a failure is worth much more than hours of praise after success.

And I thank my lovely friend for an equally lovely spring trip as always.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


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Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Churches and poultry.

15 th February 2019.


Last weekend when I was in the northern part of our dear Österlen, I passed two beautiful churches. Churches I have been to a few times for various reasons.

In Eljaröd I passed the beautiful boarding house. A cottage where you used to prepare your linen. The cottage is so beautifully beautiful and certainly one will be glad that it is preserved in such a fine condition.

Out in the fields one could see large flocks of different birds. Geese and swans in a blissful mix.

Maybe they are a little confused about the climate we have right now. We have not yet met metrological winter here in Österlen, so you hardly know what we have for the season. Autumn that will soon be passed in spring. We are thus sniffed on winter this year. But that does not mean that there can be little snowstorm in the future, after all. Weather is all very exciting.

Then I came by yet another church on my Eastern Lentur.

Have you been able to guess right on the churches?

Otherwise, the answer will be here:

The first church is my favorite church, Andrarum's church. The other is Stiby Church, a church I always went to with sadness unfortunately.

Quote of the day:

It's not just nice feathers that make nice birds.

Have a lovely day.

Hug Annika

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The castle I own.

14 th February 2019.


Christinehof, my beloved fine castle! The castle which is mine, at least in the heart!

Of course, I am not a team mate owner. The castle is a fidei view and is owned as always by the Piper family.

I was born and raised a stone's throw from here and have spent a great deal of my childhood around this old castle. You can look for a cool playground.

When I was a kid, the castle was pink and on the lawn there was an old fire truck. In the winter you could go down the icy stone rails, even though it was not so positive for the pants back.

There were a lot of old memories that washed over me that morning when I and the dog Johnny were here.

Åttakanten, the house where we as children found so much bus. Bus that adults probably hadn't liked. That should be forgotten and barred by now. Though it is probably the nature I love of everything here.

I probably never stop loving this old castle and this wonderful place. Of course, Christinehof incubates on far more old memories than myself. About its history you can googla. Do it sometime, because it is very interesting.

I remember when the uncharted fence around the castle was completely new. Now it is soft of moss and of aging. I wonder if my age signs are as clear to me? Then I hope they are at least as beautiful.

As a little greeting, the sun peered forward for a little while in the otherwise equitable day.

Quote of the day:

Once you know your true value, no one can ever make you feel useless.

Have a nice day and don't forget to show some extra love today. And if you have no good excursion for the weekend, then I can warmly recommend a walk in the ecopark.


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Ecopark where I have my roots.

13 th February 2019.


One of Österlens most beautiful places (if I can decide) it must definitely be Christinehof.

Here I was born and raised, and here I have had the most delightful nature as my playground.

It was the weekend when my dear Stefan was on a wild boar hunt in Kivik, which I and the dog Johnny took to enjoy a long walk in Christinehof's fabulous eco park.

Wild boar I grew up with. At Christinehof there were wild pigs in large enclosure when I was a child. Over the years something happened and nowadays there are pigs everywhere. Just in Kivik, they are a little too many and a little too close to people. This day, hunters were gathered for hunting and wildlife conservation there. The pigs are not just terrifying, they destroy a lot of land as well. They do so, so they get dark.

But Johnny and I enjoyed a lovely round without meeting a single pig this morning. (The photo above I took this summer somewhere in Österlen.)

Behind the trees it glimpsed the stable where I once found a donkey as a child. Of course, there was someone who owned that donkey. But in the children's way, I fantasized that it was my own secret ass.

We passed the beautiful house called "the gardener residence".

Suddenly, some sunbeams peered through the thick clouds, and away in the garden, the horses had just awakened.

It is said that the older the trees are in a forest, the more well-being and peace of mind they give us people. If you want extra good then it is absolutely here to go.

Christinehof - forever in my heart. And maybe in your heart too!

Quote of the day:

Nature is never banal.

Feel fine.

Hug Annika

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Sun Wind and water.

12 th February 2019.

Hello Hello

Yes, just sun, wind and water is something we have quite a lot of here with us at Österlen. And maybe especially windy!

Last week it blew so much so I could hardly stand still when I walked off my car a stone's throw from Simrishamn.

The thing about the wind is really great when you want to hang out your laundry on the dryer. In a snap, everything is dry ... if now the washroom does not fly all the way of the world, say. I remember just how dry wipers had a delicate use when I worked in the construction trade in Simrishamn.

One can produce its own stream, just as Mandelmanns does. Of course, you have to pay taxes to the state, because it is not possible to blow them on money.

Trying to have a customized hairstyle when you are out on the Austrian expanses is not always the easiest. Sometimes it feels like the whole calf will fly all the way to the world.

But I love that Eastern blast. It feels a bit like getting extra air under the wings and everything becomes a little easier. The whole body wants to ease off the ground and float away like a feather in the wind.

Sun, wind and water - it is wonderful.

Quote of the day:

Go as far as your eye reaches. When you get there, you have the opportunity to look further.

Have a nice day. And soon it's time to hang out the laundry again.


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Young business people.

11 th February 2019.


One night a message came on my phone. Our lovely tulip grower from Österlen needed my help.

-you need membership pictures ...

It was before a Stockholm visit in connection with the fine award that photographs were needed. Pictures for the prestigious prize as a pioneer for rural development.

- No, no, no ... I'm not a real photographer, I protested lame.

- then jau knevla to the sell…

Of course I did a try.

Of course, there were no tulips to photograph this day. The fields were frozen and the yard was embedded in white frost. But he has a thousand iron in the fire and on the farm it is buzzing with life.

After snapping the profile pictures he needed, we roamed around in the yard.

I just love his wonderful cows. "Police cars", or Belted Galloway as it really is called.

The cows were very round about the stomach and any day is expected to be added to the farm. The morning was early, but nevertheless Jocke had already had a lot of work.

Best as we stood out there at the cows, a big beautiful red fox came running outside the garden. Life on a farm will never ever be boring.

I am deeply impressed by the area's enterprising young people. Young people who want and dare to invest in being their own entrepreneurs in our small region. Our narrow corner called Österlen. With water on most sides.

At a time when the most focus is on art and tourism in our area, I am so glad about the encouragement Jocke and Malin have now received. Because we cannot eat paintings and our tourists need lots of nice local products. Please do not forget to support our young people who want to continue producing the food that keeps us alive!

All good luck to you dear !!

Quote of the day:

It's better to look back on life and say, "I can't understand I did that", instead of saying "I wish I had done that".

Have a nice day.


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Supplements and vitamins.

10 th February 2019.


We are in the middle of February and all of us are pale and gloomy. That is the time of the year, when the body goes low. Perhaps it is now that it sells the most vitamins and suburbs in the stores. With runny noses, we press in on garlic, ginger and small pills from the health diet. We mix berries and boil shots.

All that is probably so good. But I have a firm belief that the best thing to do is to be out. Out in the fresh air.

For a while outdoors every day feels so beneficial and good throughout the body. Although it is not sunshine, I still think that the body sucks itself out of the daylight and does something good with us people.

Or I don't think I know for sure that staying outdoors is beneficial.

We rush forward in a stressful time. For many, it is of course not easy to make the time to catch up with that outdoor activity. Though it really is all about priorities, I think.

Being outdoors in nature not only gives the body sunlight and fresh air. It gives something to the soul as well. Something that spreads like a nice strength.

Quote of the day:

Nature paints for us, day after day, paintings with endless beauty, if we only have eyes to see them ...

Yes, it was a little must-have tip from me today. Of course, an extra supplement of D vitamins is never wrong, but for a while the nose to the sky does wonders.

Hug Annika

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Never long lasting.

9 th February 2019.


When we get beautiful snow scenery down here in Österlen, then you can always be sure that it never lasts long.

Powder snow on the trees rarely remains more than a day, so it is a good idea to enjoy.

The weather is changing all the time. Back and forth. One day it is winter white and beautiful.

On the second day, it is thaw and snow. Then one can go out and build a snow lamp if the breath falls on.

Or you can challenge someone in the snowball war. Stefan is usually a funny opponent.

But it is important to be careful. The next day it may be powder snow again and it is impossible to get any snowballs. Then it gets old honest mulling instead.

Quote of the day:

Every morning you can choose which clothes and attitude you should wear for the day.

Have a lovely day.


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8 th February 2019.


That morning when I drove home from Baskemölla it was as if the day contained a happy melancholy. Like a mixture of melancholy and complete happiness, the landscape lay in front of me. So incredibly beautiful. So strong and fragile at the same time.

The winter had its cold hard grip on Österlen, while the romantic pink clouds over Stenshuvud, submitted a warm hope for a lovely spring.

There were still a few red rose hips left. Frosty and beautiful.

On my way home to Gyllebo I saw the day bright. In my head I heard the sounds of the song "Vintersaga". That gloomy song that so much resembles a wintry Österlen.

"Snow in farms somewhere in Österlen"

Perhaps it is as if in the song I thought that love may live between the night shift and the dream. The black birds left this morning a little extra sadness over the landscape when they in whole colonies moved from one bare tree to the other.

Quote of the day:

If you refuse to look forward and dare not look backwards, then you have to watch out.

Have a really great day.

Hug Annika

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A summer evening to remember.

7 th February 2019.


In recent weeks I have followed the series about Mandelmann's farm on TV. It reminded me of how fantastic summer we had to experience last year. So, so many good memories it gave us.

Especially I remember one evening. A late summer evening at just Djupadal.

Stefan and I had booked a place to eat supper at the farm. It was a beautiful late summer evening and the scents in the garden were almost intoxicating.

When I think back on that night, I get really happy and happy.

It was a journey in the world of flavors, that evening. I no longer remember how many different dishes we were invited to. Like a tapas restaurant we were served right after the right. All prepared by what was on the farm.

We were about thirty guests who had the opportunity to enjoy all that good.

When eating so much and for so long, yes we had to pause. A trip in the sprawling garden made the food sink and make room for more.

Time to powder the nose also became. The little duck was freshly cooked and fresh, Gustav announced, before he giggled back to the lonely tree.

This evening was one of those evenings that I remember very well from the summer 2018.

I really admire them, the couple Mandelmann. All food served to Marie herself, until the late evening. Together with a young girl, she wore a plate after a plate filled with delicacies. The next morning, Marie would get up before the rooster, to receive a movie team. TV sections should be recorded. The programs that now offer us the wonderful entertainment on the Tuesday nights.

Do you have any special summer memory from last year?

Quote of the day:

We will die one day, but every other day we will live.

If you want to see more from this lovely evening, there is a post HERE.

Have a nice day.


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One of many jewels.

6 th February 2019.


I just have to show you some more pictures from my wonderful morning in Baske. That morning when the sun was playing hide-and-seek behind funny clouds in the sky.

The morning was cold and almost completely windless.

The clouds and the fog made the horizon as well as blurred out a little. Instead of a razor-sharp line between heaven and sea, everything floated beautifully into one. Much like when watercolors mix with each other.

If you go a bit south towards Simrishamn you come to such a beautiful little place. A small piece of beach and a lonely tree. One of all the places here on Österlen. Like little gorgeous jewels.

I was all alone there and it was something particularly restful over the dawn.

For a long time I enjoyed all the beauty before I returned the little path along the sea.

Away over Stenshuvud, the fog had begun to light and at the construction site in Baske the builders had lowered the sound on their stereo. Maybe they kept breakfast and wanted to talk to each other. The day had woken up.

Quote of the day:

I am convinced that most people are about as happy as they decide to be. // Abraham Lincoln

I have decided to give priority to the feeling of happiness.

Have a good time.

Hug Annika

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