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1499 let Jens Holgersen Ulfstand reason Glimmingehus, one of Sweden's best preserved medieval castles. The history of the castle is an adventure in itself and with generous opening hours the possibilities are great to get to know this memorial. Glimmingehus was a very large landowner well into the future. It is likely that it was agricultural workers who had their daily work on the estate, which built the houses in a small peaceful village Rogamad just west of the castle a little bit south of the road from the castle to Vallby.

Rogamad, the Sankmarken where the rooks live, consists of thirteen houses, most of which are inhabited by part-time residents. These are typical low-pitched scissors, built between 1855 and 1900. The outback where Rogamad is located was once peat bog that was heavily used, but when other heating alternatives came up, the possibilities for some of the residents in the village were acquired to acquire land and several of the houses had extensions and turned into small farms. The nearest major places with school and other services are Hammenhög a little half mile west and Borrby a half mile south. Distance to Borrby beach and Kyhl is about seven kilometers.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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