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Welcome to RINGO, the shop with things from the east!

The assortment in the store will consist of my own Japan!

Many of the things I found and found in Japan, which I love very much and that means a lot in my life. I want to show you this in my new store in Borrby in Österlen.

E.g. cotton kimono (yukata), since haori (short kimono jackets), kokeshi (wooden dolls), fine fabric bags, porcelain and many small items from Japan. I have also knitted and linen products from Riga, Latvia.

When I 25 years ago landed for the first time in Tokyo and went the train into town, I saw blue roof. Blue roof everywhere. And poles with electric cables that looked like big bird nests. I no longer see that. Not because it disappeared but I see other things. Over and over again.

Friendliness and helpfulness belong to every day life in Japan. When Japanese greet each other, they bow. After a few years in Japan, we also bow, in the grocery store or at the bank or in the shop. Unfortunately, when we moved home, it went over!

Discovering Japan never ends. There is more and more to experience of the land of sunrise. The new one lives constantly alongside the old one.

Welcome to me and experience a little of Japan!

/ Anette


The Ringo store on Köpmangatan 7 in Borrby is temporarily closed.
But… if you want to come call 0730-557560 or email anettejarfelt@hotmail.com
then we will agree on a time and I will open for you. / Anette

Hope we see you! Warm welcome!

Ringo - Japan at Österlen
Buy Street 7
276 X. Borrby
073 055 75 60
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