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Reunion Home designs, imports and sells interior design and well-being
- in Scandinavia and Europe. We work with the Orient - Morocco, India
and of course Europe.
With us you will find products that have an extended thought. Our work
permeated by recycling tanks, using local, traditional
material in a new way. We often work with different projects like
supplies women and families in vulnerable parts of the world. Getting shopping
with these talented craftsmen and diligent families and at the same time get to take
part of the beauty of the craft in our part of the world. It feels good in the stomach
every day.

If you want to visit us, we are in Gärsnäs in Österlen. We have a wonderful one
cafe with smørrebröd and good pastries and of course Österlen's best
You can have fun in front of the fire if it is rough. If you want, you kick
of you shoes and shop in the interior store full of our own
Collections, of course, but we also have a lot of wonderful products from
our friends in the industry - that's why we call ourselves Reunion home &

Reunion Home collection spring and summer 2018.

Spring comes with lightweight materials in larch wood, leather, basket and reeds in everyone
its forms. Our lovely Reunion sandals will soon be at everyone
summer feet.

The scents come in citrus, pink flowers and dark sandalwood and ours
Self-produced natural scented candles and fragrance sticks will soon be available throughout

We work actively in the orient with local producers who produce
non-toxic textile with colors that do not ruin entire watercourses and villages.
Who does not deprive the children of their important schooling and who gets paid for properly
his craft. And, above all, get the time they need to know
produce without stress from the western world.

We always always work with small family businesses that can craft then
hundreds of years and knowing what is required of a towel, a blanket, one
beautiful pillow. They must withstand the movements of a home, they must endure many
Washes, they will be more beautiful the more you use them.

We want to share with you the genuine, the sustainable, the unconstructed
the imagination that flows with material that we others sometimes do not even see as
possible. It consists in a world of worry, insecurity and ripple.
We find ourselves in the lovely gentle colors that we downloaded
nature during autumn and winter and early spring, in the fine materials, in
the pleasure of continuing to use old beautiful things a little
for a while.
We humbly thank the finely tuned talented weavers as slow and
patiently weaves all our textiles into ancient looms. They all
shares his life experience, his wisdom, his imagination and his
hope we all have a future if we are scared of each other

Our fragrance collection has never been bigger. We have no mass production.
We produce every single light in small editions with our own hands with one
love it deserves.
Every scent is a scent of my life, my travels, my places,
my friends. I want to share the secrets of aromatherapy and me
hope I succeed.

Buying an 100% pure rapeseed candle makes your home an oasis of wonderful
fragrance and feeling. What you may not think of is that for each
rapeseed candles you buy, you help to make agriculture a boost.
You save the rainforests because they risk being depleted by everyone
fast-growing palms that quickly want to bring out palm oil as you should
Avoid in any form of consumption. Also the so-called certified palm oil.
But above all, you light a non-toxic light like you and your loved ones
can enjoy a long time.

We will never stop looking for the unique. A mackerel rug. One
beautiful table. Some unique candlesticks and lanterns. That's all
most enjoyable in our job and our lifestyle.
Look out on facebook and on our website.

You will find the unique thing we find on our travels.
Welcome to our world of enjoyment!

Maria & co

Reunion Home
Österlenvägen 1021
276 45 Hagestad
073 380 39 59
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Mon-Wed - Closed
Tor-Sun 11: 00 - 17: 00

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