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When Linnaeus came to Ravlunda on his Skåne trip, he was ridden by nature and felt that there could be nothing more beautiful in the whole country. It's close Haväng and the sea, where Verkeån reaches the Baltic Sea and shares the sandy beach.

Here you can look for amber and enjoy the back thyme and sandy wedge. Here stands Havängsdösen and roughs its secret. Up on the steep sloping shore you can see "as far as anything". The shooting range north of the can has been in use since the middle of the 50 century. Many people visit the field when no exercises are in progress and one can get strong natural experiences of marsh, sheep, frogs and deer.

Ravlunda church village is located about two and a half kilometers straight west, just south of the rolling Brösarps slopes, where among other things. Hasse and Tage's "The Apple War" and Astrid Lindgren's "Brothers Lion Heart" were recorded. The church has received a small outstanding position at the highest in the village and has been here since the 1100 century. Two very well-known Swedish cultural figures rest in the cemetery: Olle Adolphson and Fritiof Nilsson Piraten.

Fritiof himself wrote the text of his tombstone: “Below is the ashes of a man who had the habit of shooting everything until tomorrow. However, he improved to his utmost and really died on 31 January 1972. ”In the area around Ravlunda people have lived for a long time. There are plenty of Bronze Age tombs and there is much evidence that Ravlunda was once the county assembly's gathering place. 2009 began extensive excavations of the old trading site Maletofta, a stone's throw from Verkeån. The so-called bracteat with facial masks from Ravlunda is a unique gold plate that shows skilled craftsmanship in the area.

Ravlunda got his own famous description 1746, the prose Floraeus hometown book in true Rudbeckiusanda, Flores antiquitatis Scanicae. Floreus takes good care of, but places the cradle of culture at Ravlunda. Highway 9 passes just east of the village and here there are bus connections further north towards Kristianstad and south towards Simrishamn. The distance to Brösarpwhich has a wide range of services is about four kilometers.

South on the highway 9 is Ahus the nearest larger town which also has a lot in the service path to offer. Through Ravlunda, the museum railway runs, which is mainly operated by Skånska Järnvägar, in the summer, an experience from the steam train's heyday. The train goes between Brösarp and St. Olof and attracts many occupants. South of Ravlunda is Torup's estate and Vitaby.

Ravlunda parish village team is a very active association. For a number of years, Ravlunda has a distillery with a restaurant and the "Fun-on-wheels" museum with lots of toy and model cars, a bunch of mops and a collection of scooters. Also a couple of really fun model railways.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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