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Just as it rains, it will be a shed.

Just as it rains, it will be a shed.
Written by Annika Olsson / 11 July, 2019


If we were close to the earth's downfall last year, when the drought and heat caused many to fear both greenhouse effects and environmental disasters, this year has returned to a completely normal Swedish summer again. Sun and rain in scattered showers.

This year it is lush and green in the forest again, as it usually is.

It was such a "rain shower evening" that we took the opportunity to take a lap around the lake. Me, the dogs and Emmy.

At the nice resting place in the forest, a family had settled down their residences. It looked so cozy when we passed their camp.

When the sky changed color to the dark blue and the next jolt hung in the air, then we had to throw up the slowest little dog in the backpack and hurry up our steps.

At home on our own plot, the deer went with his little kid and ate off the lush, green grass. Just as it should be an ordinary Swedish summer in Österlen.

Quote of the day:

It is better to do something good by the day that is, than to whine over the day that did not go as you wanted.

Have a good time and hug.


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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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July 21, 2019


Now that the market week goes to its end, I think back to what is best with the entire Kivik market ...

It is of course all expectations.

Many with me have got the market dust served directly in the breast milk, and for all of us it is a very special feeling when the market week stands for the door.

Many have the tradition of taking a turn to the market field on Sunday before the premiere. You want to see how everything is built up and maybe to taste a bit of those expectations.

Although many claim "that it was better before”, The market feeling is deeply rooted in the beautiful Kiviks field. Many take a turn here anyway on Sunday evening to feel the market atmosphere. Both old and young.

And so did I and Stefan, of course.

Then we ended up with an ice cream in the harbor, where boaters and tourists began to gather.

Perhaps it is with most things that longing and expectations are the best ...

Quote of the day:

Thought to give the young people some advice on mistakes they should avoid - but some mistakes are actually sin to avoid.

At Kivik, "the sin" has long been gone, but the market is always the market!

Hug Annika

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Vacation time.

July 20, 2019


So it was time for us to spend a little vacation.

It's a nice word, the word holiday. Leave and relaxation. The last few summers we have not really had the luck on our side, me and Stefan. Serious diseases and ailments have relieved each other. Concerns and concerns have been constantly present in our lives.

This year we feel good, but take everything with quiet confidence. Like most summers, we celebrate it on our beloved Österlen. Of course, small excursions and festivities will be. Because as always there is plenty to celebrate.

Our garden is a nice place to relax, so why should you leave it when it is absolutely the most beautiful?

A new word seems to have become popular ... homester. And for once I am a little before my time, because I have been home a lot of years already.

Quote of the day:

Many ruin their holidays by doing too much while they do nothing.

Have a good time and enjoy, regardless of whether you have a holiday or not. Small simple moments with the closest are what matters most.

Hug Annika

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The plane of the insects.

July 19, 2019


It was a late night that I strolled in our summer village with my beloved Johnny Dog. He got sniffed and pinked in good peace while I was deeply absorbed in my own thoughts.

I saw the flies dancing around the cows in the garden. The mosquitoes swarmed around both me and Johnny, eager to get a sip of blood. My thoughts went to the "summer chat" I listened to earlier in the day.

A wonderful summer talk by the biologist Anne Svedrup-Thygelson, where she is fascinated about the marvelous world of the insects. She talked about their important role in our cycle and about the importance that we actually have them in our nature.

I thought of the little flower meadow we tried to build ourselves instead of the traditional lawn. At our little guest house in Gyllebo we dream of a thriving meadow filled with wild flowers and herbs.

Already, a lot of different small flowers have looked up and immediately they are there, the little creeps…

… Happily engaged in making more small insects…

When the darkness subsided and the mosquitoes became too close, we returned home to our cabin again. In the small villages of the summer, the lights in the windows were lit and the night moths awakened to life. I hope that we will become more and more who realize the insects and the important role of the small bugs. That we became more who cherish and help so that our insects can continue to live. Maybe not just for their own sake, but actually for our own survival sake as well.

Quote of the day:

There is a big difference between hearing an insect in the bedroom and in the garden.

Have a really nice day.

Hug Annika

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The small alleys.

July 18, 2019


One evening we strolled through the small lanes of Kivik. Me and Stefan. It is the most beautiful part of the village.

Or the part that I think is most beautiful and charming. Of course, this is about taste and taste. But it is perhaps the part that carries the most memories and history.

By my side was Stefan babblandes. He told us what was in all the houses. I love to listen, even though my brain is like teflon, so most of the information he delivers just disappears through the ears again, completely without getting stuck. But that he palletized cherries as a small paternity at home with the Pirate, I remember he told me ...

When my father-in-law lived, he loved painting the houses here. I do not have any artist talents, so I have to settle for capturing everything beautiful with my camera.

When we got tired of airing around the village, we sat down at the harbor and ate a ball glass. It is wonderfully beautiful in this village, but it offsets how much roses that beat out, because a weak scent of rotting seaweed could not escape my sensitive "forest nose".

Quote of the day:

The one who says the days go by and life is escaping. Get together and do something useless.

Eat an ice cream and skip the cleaning for a day. We clean too much and enjoy too little.

Hug Annika

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The beautiful shade.

July 17, 2019


At this time in the summer, I am grateful to live so close to the forest. Here I can go those hottest summer days. Here the temperature is always right.

The intense bird whistle has now stopped and everything has silenced a little. All bird pairs probably have a lot to do with caring for their flight-ready kids instead of singing. Everything has its course, in an eternal cycle. I marvel at sitting on the Earth's carousel and being part of its wonderful ride, laps after lap. Like an escalating mountain and roller coaster that offers the happiest joy and the deepest sorrow. No one knows with certainty, more than that everything will change, regardless of which part of the carousel one may be. The most marvelous carousel we are all a part of. The one called Tellus. Our beloved Earth.

In the forest glade the rallar rose blooms so beautiful right now. Or the "foxglove" as we usually call it the pink milk purse. This beautiful plant counts as one of the most important wild plants in a survival situation, one can read about it on google.

In our forest we stroll at a comfortable pace. Me and the dog gang.

My Johnny Dog has got a boring diagnosis. Hopelessly boring indeed! My veterinarian just wrote the word NEEEJ, when I sent her the strange word in the test answer from England to her. A heavy message that makes me take advantage of every day with him a little extra now. I pay attention to what he signals and what he wants .... though he is a flat with a built-in turbo ... something a little too tuned for his own good ... Immediate amputation recommended the American oncologist. Johnny and I are united - so it should not be! We aim to beat the veterinarians' forecast, he and I. Together we take one day at a time…

In the shade we now rest a little extra.

Mullebarnens hut is a perfect place to take a break and enjoy the silence in our lovely forest. There is really no more than just this day, right now.

One day at a time, that's all that is needed. Moments as valuable as purest gold. Notice them.

Quote of the day:

There is an unexpected glade in the middle of the forest that can only be found by the lost person.

I wish you all nice summer days and were kind to each other out in the holiday congestion.

Hug Annika

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A short stop in Vitemölla.

July 16, 2019


It was an evening when Stefan and I worked a little extra for the holiday, which we decided that we were worth an ice cream as a reward for today's wear.

- please stop here, I have to take some pictures of all the beautiful, I asked, when we came through Vitemölla.

It is so incredibly beautiful in all the small fishing villages in Österlen now. Roses and hollyhocks are in full bloom. All in a blissful blend and in all the colors of the rainbow.

We stopped and I snapped my pictures.

- "Yeah, yeah, let's show you the hairs that the boys used to wash their carpets in time," shouted Stefan suddenly.

We went up the little alley, Källebacken.

At the top of the old part of Vitemölla was the old Killan. A killa that runs up the hill and which in the 30 century got a building over it.

In the past, when it was Kivik's market, you could go here with their horses and let them drink for a cheap money. Ohhh, I love that this old one may be preserved.

The view from the guy was also wonderfully beautiful. And maybe there are women who still wash their carpets here, what do I know ...

Imagine so many gems that are there to discover exactly where you are at the moment. At us, a cool bullet waited at Kivik's harbor. Perhaps a "Videmylleonge" had also decided to invest in ice cream instead and therefore threw away his pacifiers…

Quote of the day:

Soon we, who are a little older, will be able to use writing style as a secret language.

If someone happens to come by horse and carriage to the market today, you now know where you can go with your "eye to drink water".

Maybe we can be seen at Kivik today, please come and say hello!

Hug Annika

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No city man.

July 15, 2019

Hello Hello.

Perhaps it is so for more people who live and live here at Österlen… that they can't really cope with the big city tempo… Maybe I am alone in feeling that way, I don't know… But then it is for me at least.

We are not used to big city pulse as well. Because you can't count Simrishamn as any big city right away. (Is it even a city?) Or happy Tomelilla ... though they have at least traffic lights ...

When I was eighteen years old and took my driving license, I laughed well at all of my friends as a practice run here in Simrishamn. There was no traffic light, motorway or roundabouts at that time. They couldn't learn how to drive a car I thought. I myself went to school in Kristianstad and got a lot of lessons in just driving.

But nowadays I am not at all comfortable with city driving. I shoot eighty kilometers on the motorway towards Malmö and keep the convulsion with both hands in the steering wheel. Though this does not prevent me then on the way home, pressing the "plate in the carpet" on the small road towards Gyllebo. As the worst rally driver, I arrive as soon as I approach the home. It's not like the speed that scares me ... Ologically, my daughters say, and they wiggle my head for me.

Yes, it is perhaps best that I stay at home in Gyllebo as much as possible. Here I can take everything a little more at my own pace.

But of course I like to keep up with when a little daughter is going to the big city and shop away. Of course, I like most of our lunch breaks.

Then it's so wonderful to come home to Gyllebo again.

Quote of the day:

God created the time, man created the rush.

On the other hand, being crowded on Kivik's market, I love it, then it's crowded at home ... now and then it's something else !! Maybe we can be seen there today?

Hug Annika

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Here I belong.

July 14, 2019


Nature is my right element. It's really here I belong.

After a day in Malmö with lots of people and traffic, it feels extra. I feel more and more like Micke in Crocodile Dundee, when I stay in large crowds. Not that I take my hand and greet stupidly on every person I meet. No it feels a bit more as if I just want to climb a lamppost and get some overview and perspective on the situation.

In the forest and in nature I feel at home. In some places more than others of course.

One night some time ago, I was on a real "home scene".

Me and my daughter walked a bit on Österlenleden a beautiful summer evening. We chose to start from Vantalängan and go towards Hallamölla. A forest and a place from my childhood. So familiar, but still so changed.

Vantalängan is a popular resting place located below the Stödekullsbacken by Brösarp. The barn is from the 1800 century and has got its name from a man who lived there and was called "Vanten". A wonderful resting place for hikers or maybe just a barbecue for an evening.

The hiking trail basically follows Verkeån all the way to the waterfall. It is a wonderful stretch that goes through beautiful forests and small pastures.

After 4,5 kilometers we reached the old mill at Hallmölla waterfall.

Ohhh…. where is so beautiful !!

The waterfall in Hallamölla is Skåne's largest and highest waterfall.

At the top of the fall is a beautiful bridge over the river. A bridge that has been there "always" ... In memory I pulled myself back to all the times I and my friend, at full speed cycled over on it. As the worst mountain bike cyclists, we sailed on the steep, rocky paths around the fall. Thus, now the idea of ​​cycling there felt completely crazy and completely deadly.

Me and my daughter walked on in the summer evening. Against my beloved Christinehof.

Quote of the day:

The intellect says: as soon as everything has fallen into place, I attain peace. The heart says: achieve inner peace and everything else falls into place.

Live well and feel good.

Hug Annika

(the pictures where I myself am with, my daughter Emmy has taken)

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Roses and market times.

July 13, 2019


At this time of year there are some things that are extra lovely here at Österlen.

One is all the roses. Everywhere in Österlen, roses of all kinds bloom right now. And I promise the scent is unbeatable.

When I walk around in the garden and enjoy my own flower splendor, I remind myself of what I have to do… Of course I have to stay in some of Österlen's small wonderful fishing location, where it is currently most beautiful. There are hollyhocks with common roses in all colors of the rainbow.

Although here in Gyllebo we also have roses ... although some of them have given way to hungry deer.

Another important thing at this time is all the lovely markets. Of course, I think about Kivik's market, which starts next week. But last week the starting shot went, and first out is usually Smedstorp's market.

Smedstorp is a small, cute family market that is just right. There you can walk around without being worried about losing either young children or genuine men.

It's also the time for all flea markets here in Österlen. My absolute favorite is of course Brösarps IF's flea market. Well organized with clear rules, ranging from parking facilities to rules on bidding, payment and take-off. That this year there were some rain showers did not prevent me from making bargains. Who doesn't need an American suit such as… !?

So, now I'm really ready to go and visit my daughter in Alabama at any time. And if you are at Österlen right now, be sure to enjoy all the roses and do not forget to visit any small market you too.

Quote of the day:

Flower graphics are sending flowers through the air. If the pot is called it is family behavior.

Feel good and hug from me.


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An outdoor museum and a beautiful field.

July 12, 2019

Hello Hello

A windy evening, my daughter and I took the opportunity to enjoy the fresh eastern winds a bit extra.

The best place to be really blown away is probably Haväng. That's for us. Blown on beauty you will never be !! There was just as strikingly beautiful as ever.

Up at Havängsdösen it blew so we almost thought we would lift and flutter away in the wind.

Over the richly flowering fields we walked on.

The military piles suddenly felt outdated and dull, with their ugly graffiti painting from last summer. Yes, I don't know if it got much better with a crazy woman ....

We turned away from the sea and steered the steps towards Lindgren's length.

Lindgren's length is not only beautiful from the outside. No, it's also nice to visit on the inside, as the outdoor museum it actually is.

If you haven't been there, make a visit. So interesting and absolutely free.

Me and Emmy walked further out into the windy summer evening.

The evening we finished at the great magnificent sliding field. The field, which has a very special history with its small lost villages, such as the old Knäbäck ... The place which instead got the open field with the unique nature. A place that has not been exploited and can be visited and enjoyed by everyone.

Quote of the day:

There is a freedom waiting for you, like the winds in the sky. And you ask; what if I fall? -Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

Have a nice day, and dare to try the wings a little now and then.

Hug Annika

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