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Facts about Österlenbyn


One kilometer east of St. Olof, on the road between Rörum and St. Olof, lies the small village of Raskarum. The surroundings are hilly with smaller fields, pastures, marshes and forests. Here we find Fridhill's chicken which has succeeded very well with its chicken products.

Raskarum is not big, but these two names attract many visitors in principle all year round. There is also a dog pension here. The buildings are mixed. These are farms that dominate and traditionally one has invested in poultry production in the village.

In Raskarum there are two exit routes. The one facing Ljunglyckorna slides through wooded and small-scale farmland and divides itself towards Snapparp and Gyllebosjön. The exit road leading northwards divides Bästekille backs and backs South Mellby. Both roads will reward those who want to take a detour with very beautiful, undulating nature, beech forests, monoliths, sparkling water mirrors, wetlands and peat bogs.

The nearest larger community with school, retirement home, shop, restaurant, sports ground, pool and church is St. Olof, but it is not far off Ahus, six kilometers.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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