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Pizza on the beach

Pizza on the beach
Written by Annika Olsson / July 9, 2019


I love hot days as I end up eating pizza on the beach. It is the summer of the Baltic for me.

2019 07 02 2 österlen.se2017 08 08 nr1 039 598e8fa6e087c30e088b4040 ö

By good friends I had wished for such a musk night, when they wondered what I wanted in a birthday present.

-Pizza on the beach I want !! We hang out and eat together - I wish that!

2019 07 02 3 österlen.se2019 07 02 19 ö

At northern Vitemölla we met a warm summer evening. On the beach there were still some sun worshipers left who took the last dip of the evening. The water felt lukewarm towards our feet.

2019 07 02 1 österlen.se2019 07 02 13 ö

Pizza on the beach, it's just so good. Tastes quite differently than pizza otherwise does. This is when you get it served on a giant plate and should eat with a knife and fork.

2019 07 02 7 österlen.se2019 07 02 17 ö

It's so good and simple. You eat with your fingers, drink from the bottle and just enjoy. Because it is so, that in the simple living beautiful. He says that, the man who builds everything with a round stick, you know ...

2019 07 02 9 österlen.sepizza österlen.se2018 07 24 nr3 020 5b58099f2a6b2289ec5075a5 ö

Everything tastes great on the beach. A simple pasta salad becomes heavenly when it is accompanied by wave pads and some sandpins between the teeth.

2018 07 24 nr3 001 5b5805a3ddf2b32e7f0d7283 österlen.se2018 07 24 nr3 008 5b580a872a6b2289f1943f9d ö

This evening we enjoyed our pizzas long and well before we went to Gyllebo. There a heavenly strawberry cake was waiting. Or strawberry with a little cake underneath, as my dear guest said it was. Then we sat out in our garden until the darkness dropped over our little plot.

2019 07 02 17 1 ö

Quote of the day:

Good friends and wild roses always come back.

I love wild roses and I love my friends, you should be afraid of them.

Hug Annika

2019 07 02 18 ö

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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Autumn Rest.

7 October 2019
hostvila ö


Autumn rest ... yes it is called wonderfully beautiful blackboard. This year's edition of the apple board in Kivik.

2019 09 30 010 österlen.se2019 09 30 014 ö

Although the weather's powers were not really well-tuned this weekend, of course we made a visit to this year's market. After all, there is really only good weather and good clothes - that's good with it.

2019 09 30 001 österlen.se2019 09 30 003 österlen.se2019 09 30 002 ö

Just as in all markets, it smelled wonderfully delicious from all directions. You felt constantly hungry just the whole time. There were a lot of things to consume and all the good scents replaced each other from booth to booth. Like a magnet, my dear Stefan was drawn to all that fragrant and edible…

2019 09 30 004 österlen.se2019 09 30 008 ö

So we simply had a break with a cup of smoking hot coffee and a piece of apple cake at the boat club's small cabin.

"Here nothing has lived when you were young," he told me and my daughter. We laughed a little, because Stefan seems to have lived in a lot of cranky places in his happy youth.

2019 09 30 009 österlen.se2019 09 28 3 ö

After that we were strengthened to stroll in the market bustle.

2019 09 30 011 österlen.se2019 09 30 012 ö

Most enjoyable is usually the fantastic apple show. We took the opportunity to go there as the rain increased in strength.

On the radio I had heard that there are about 1200 Swedish apple varieties. Then it is actually no wonder that one does not always manage to remember which are which of all our "apple crab bars".

2019 09 30 017 österlen.se2019 09 30 019 österlen.se2019 09 30 021 österlen.se2019 09 30 022 ö

When we listened clearly to Robert Wells and his delightful performance, I hugged about the Austrian's own sweet guard "Strutsen" before it was time for food again. Andrarums IF´s apple burger. A must when you are here.

2019 09 30 006 österlen.se2019 09 30 023 österlen.se2019 09 30 016 ö

Then we went back to Gyllebo again. We lit a fireplace in the fireplace and sunk down on the sofa for a really cozy autumn rest.

Quote of the day:

You can love me or dislike me, it's up to you. But I don't have time to dislike those who dislike me. I am busy loving those who love me.

Have a nice Monday and hug you.


2019 09 28 2 ö

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Those fabulous autumn days.

6 October 2019
the fabulous host days ö


October is a fantastic autumn month I think. Probably the most beautiful when it comes to the particular season of autumn.

2016 10 14 nr1 023 17 österlen.se2016 10 14 nr1 023 18 ö

In the forest it is still quite green and lush.

2016 10 14 nr1 023 9 österlen.se2016 10 14 nr1 023 10 ö

Beautiful mushrooms have popped up through the first fallen leaves and spread that special autumn scent that you can feel so good about.

2016 10 14 nr1 023 2 österlen.se2016 10 14 nr1 023 11 ö

What gossips most about the approach of autumn is probably the sea of ​​ferns that grows at one of the barbecue places in Gylleboskogen. They have now completely changed shape and changed color like a chameleon. It's so fantastically nice I think.

2016 10 14 nr1 023 12 österlen.se2016 10 14 nr1 023 13 ö

If it rains or is sunny doesn't matter. In the fall I always wear clothes that can withstand most of the weather. Once I am outside the door, the weather is no longer so important. It will usually be quite ok, only you have taken the step out.

2016 10 14 nr1 023 8 österlen.se2016 10 14 nr1 023 15 ö

2016 10 14 nr1 023 16 ö

A little autumn flowers and a welcoming candle light at the house make it extra cozy to come home after a walk in the woods.

2016 10 14 nr1 023 14 österlen.se2016 10 14 nr1 023 5 ö

Quote of the day:

Everyone needs someone who sometimes kicks one in the ass, peeps one and says the one that you may not want to hear, but need to hear. It is love.

So corner "sluggers", now make sure to get your thumbs loose and the end off the couch. Go out into nature for a turn, you will not regret it.

Heartfelt hug from me.


2017 09 16 nr1 122 ö

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A place that raises a sea of ​​emotions.

5 October 2019
a place like beautiful sea of ​​chancellors ö


For me, there is probably no other place here in Österlen that arouses as much emotion in my chest as this particular place. Dear old Alun mill.

2019 09 27 34 ö

If, like a fairy tale, I could awaken something from a sleepless sleep with a simple kiss, well then I would spend a whole day walking around here and handing out kisses.

2019 09 27 36 ö

One and another kiss is probably more than I have received on this old dance track over the years. With music from Streaplers and later Lasse Stefanz, I and many people have walked around in wild Pentecostal and Midsummer mornings at this particular place.

2019 09 27 31 ö

That there are many more Eastern Lords than myself who have memories of this, I know that with the greatest certainty.

2019 09 27 30 österlen.se2019 09 27 33 ö

Still, I can feel the irritation I had in my stomach as I slipped past the well-known "old men" into the entrance with a smile. Never that I was going to pay a penny to get in, because that was the principle of my "youth self". And I think they probably knew I knew where else to go ... I remember how I almost got a little sweaty by the expectation in my white blouse and the trendy jeans. An expectation of a party night, youth spoiled.2019 09 27 26 ö

2019 09 27 37 ö

I can still remember what the shoes looked like after a party night here in dear old Karen. No sensible person took white new shoes when coming here. At least not if you intended to use those shoes some more time.

2019 09 27 24 österlen.se2019 09 27 25 ö

Yes, imagine if you could wake up this place. Just such a little neighbor. Once a year at least ...

2019 09 27 35 ö

I think the Alun mill had good measure of laughing people, some real peasant stuff and a place for people to create wonderful memories. A place where young people could meet, dance and flirt. For real. Everything that life is really about. Because we do not create so many memories when we hang out on social media nowadays. There I create the most hatred.

2019 09 27 27 ö

Dear old Alun Mill, a place that carries so many memories. Of course a lot of memories that are not quite as rosy as my own. Memories from another age when here was one of Sweden's most significant industries at some time in the 1700 century.

2019 09 27 38 1 ö

Anyway, the place deserves to continue to create memories, I think.

2019 09 27 22 ö

Quote of the day:

Things are running out. People change. And do you know what? Life goes on.

No, the alum will never be as it has been. But it should be something other than a slumbering Törnrosafestplats.

Have a nice Saturday.

Hug Annika

2019 09 26 nr3 005 ö

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Beautifully rust-colored.

4 October 2019
beautifully rust-colored ö


The very last heather has blossomed for this year and now forms a rust-red lovely rug over our Eastern moors.

2019 09 24 nr4 10 ö

2019 09 24 nr4 12 ö

It is also beautiful I think. In a melancholy and melancholy way. Such a little restful and nice for the mind. As if nature whispers the word ”recovery" in our ears.

2019 09 24 nr4 17 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 14 ö

In the national park it was a little extra wonderful that morning when I walked there. I was completely alone, not a single person had come here yet, and I had everything just for myself. Although I only got to see a tiny shimmer of the sun, the weather felt so lovely. Autumn lovely in the best way.

2019 09 24 nr4 19 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 27 ö

Under a beautiful old apple tree, most small apples were now lying on the ground. Probably to the delight of both animals and insects.

"Sour ebony crab bars", that's what an Eastern Lien calls those little wild apples.

2019 09 24 nr4 20 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 21 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 23 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 24 ö

As I sat down in the gentle heather I could see the very last small purple flowers that were still there.

2019 09 24 nr4 15 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 16 ö

Where the heather ended, the white moss took over in a nice contrast. Nature's own artwork.

2019 09 24 nr4 25 ö

The hazelnuts were ready to be harvested. However, they are not included in the public right and may not be picked without the landowner's permission. Right here in the national park, it is probably only the squirrels that get that permit.

2019 09 24 nr4 26 ö

Since I learned what the Avenbook looks like in the fall, I see them everywhere. They are so beautiful with their bunches of new seeds.

2019 09 24 nr4 29 ö

Quote of the day:

It is impossible to enjoy life if you try to control everything. Relax, breathe and live in the present.

"Lie down and watch your cinnamon bun close your eyes and pretend to just enjoy"

Teddy bear hug from me.


2019 09 24 001 ö

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The beautiful lake a stone's throw from Karen.

3 October 2019
the beautiful lake a stone's throw from karen ö

Hello and gomorron.

One night last week I was "at home on my mom's street" ... or no, there are definitely no streets. Up at Christinehof there is just beautiful scenery and a simple country road with an old chestnut tree.

2019 09 27 15 ö

The lake I visited was of course Verkasjön, which is a stone's throw from the Alun Mill.

2019 09 27 5 österlen.se2019 09 27 12 ö

Here I have been so many times in my life. So you have no idea how much fun you can have with an old lake ... especially when you are a child. And especially when you did not have cell phones and no one in the world knew where we were holding houses… Certainly we could never swim here, except for a few pigeon baths. But it was never very cozy, as there were plenty of blood lizards in the water.

2019 09 27 6 österlen.se2019 09 27 13 ö

The evening when Johnny and I were here, we tried all the old well-known jetties. It creaked and rocked under us as we strolled like the goats Bruse. I wondered a little if it really could be the same jetties that existed when I was young and if we then aged as much…

2019 09 27 8 1 ö

The birches and oaks in the area were so familiar to me, but they had a much wider scope. Yes fucking like they've grown. I based a little on how many year rings they put on since the last time we saw it. Yes, imagine being a tree and not caring for either scope or annual rings.

2019 09 27 7 österlen.se2019 09 27 14 ö

There on Lake Verkasjön there is a fantastic little place to stay. A real windshield with a fireplace that can spread heat. Here I had more than happy to sleep over any night ... I am not afraid of darkness, for these ghosts I am quite familiar with, they have seen me sleeping under the open sky before.

2019 09 27 16 ö

As we walked the little path down towards Karen, or Alunbruket as most people call it, we passed the pond where the water collects before it sprays down into Verkeån. I remember as a kid I thought it was a little weird here. Now here was just beautiful and nothing scary at all.

2019 09 27 17 österlen.se2019 09 27 19 ö

Over the cute Rännebron we crossed Verkeån to the other side.

2019 09 27 18 österlen.se2019 09 27 20 ö

We were standing on the red ground and were at the Alunbruket's beautiful slag piles.

2019 09 27 21 ö

The alum can I show more about in another post. I can only say that Lake Verkasjön is a wonderful place for fishing, sausage barbecues and swimming (for those who like bloodsucking owls want to say)

Quote of the day:

It can hurt to grow. But not as bad as being stuck.

Have a nice day and hug from me.


2019 09 26 nr3 001 ö

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A board of apples is created.

2 October 2019
a painting of the apple is created ö


Here in Österlen there has been a market sentiment, so it is about that. Apple market in Kivik remember.

A painting ö

Last week I went down to Kivik's harbor to see and perpetuate the extensive work of creating the magnificent painting made of apples.

2019 09 27 45 ö

It was an early morning ringing on my phone. A message from my friend Tina in the "apple team" sounded something like this ... "We have come a long way so you have to catch the foot job, you have to come today"  Yes, they are a seasoned apple bunch who, after many years of experience, know how to build apple art.

2019 09 27 53 österlen.se2019 09 27 44 ö

The morning was gray mullet and a nice drizzle as well as hanging in the air.

2019 09 27 40 österlen.se2019 09 27 39 ö

I threw my heavy camera over my shoulder and trudged away toward the harbor. That there was a market in progress, it seemed a long way off.

2019 09 27 42 österlen.se2019 09 27 43 ö

The apple ladies worked on building the board.

2019 09 27 51 österlen.se2019 09 27 52 ö

I could see only one man on the team. He was fully involved in running the crane so that the girls would not take construction materials. However, he did not want to be in the picture. No, it was enough that he was in reality, he said.

2019 09 27 47 österlen.se2019 09 27 49 österlen.se2019 09 27 50 ö

Some distance away, a school class built on their own artwork.

2019 09 27 46 österlen.se2019 09 27 61 ö

In the middle of the gray Kivik morning came Happy Gun steaming. Gun from Kivik's café. She proudly told us about this year's novelty in the bakery. A real "apple pie cake". And you, it must still be the most Austrian coffee you can get.

2019 09 27 56 österlen.se2019 09 27 59 österlen.se2019 09 27 60 ö

In the middle of all the work came the apple queen herself. Emma Karp Lundström. The apple board creator. She looked calm as a file bowl even though many seemed to pull on her. So, I admire her so much ...

After being invited to a fortifying shot of ginger and snapping a few more pictures, I quietly snuck back to my car again.

2019 09 27 63 1 österlen.se2019 09 27 54 österlen.se2019 09 27 62 ö

Kivik's Apple Market, an event that brings life to the entire countryside when stillness is creeping up. When autumn comes creeping up and settles as a blackout curtain all over Österlen, then it is welcomed with a happy market in the apple sign. I love when it is revived a bit!

2019 09 27 66 ö

Today's quote will of course get rid of the Pirate:

"At the funeral we cried tears of tears while we were glad of the new, black clothes we received." - from "Bombi Bitt and I"

And if you didn't visit Kivik this weekend, be sure to at least take a stroll down the harbor and enjoy the wonderful apple board. It usually becomes more beautiful and more beautiful as the apples ripen.

Hug Annika and the Pirate.

2019 09 27 2 ö

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My September 2019

1 October 2019
mid-September 2019 ö

September 9, 190 österlen.seSeptember 9, 192 österlen.seSeptember 9, 193 österlen.seSeptember 9, 195 ö


Beautiful September has now passed and the beautiful autumn is knocking on the door.

Mid September has been so wonderful. I started the month with a weekend in Stockholm. It became a girl mile further that I can add to my qualifications. I have always enjoyed everything that nature has to offer, and it has been so nice. I smuggled a badger from one part of Österlen to another. Johnny's dog has started with a new medicine, and to be a cancer patient he must feel just fine. Yes, it is almost so I sometimes forget what bleak diagnosis he actually received. It's been a peak month for sure.

Now I welcome the month of October and look forward to an exciting month.

The runner-up statistics fall for the entire 79 kilometer including the girls mile on August last.

69743660 379910556031611 1933385678687567872 n 1 ö

… Yes, you should collect something, so it is extremely good to collect on just miles ...

Quote of the day:

When someone tells you that it is impossible, remember that it is more a reflection of their limitations, not your…

Well, everyone and hug from me.


September 9, 199 ö

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The print shop and the wild sea.

30 September 2019
krivareboden and the wild sea ö

Good morning.

Do you remember that morning when I would enjoy a beautiful sunrise at the sea? And it looked like this when I came down to the beach ...

2019 09 24 nr3 33 ö

Just right, almost full-bodied and a bushy sea that foamed wild and white.

2019 09 24 nr3 32 ö

That morning, I was still enjoying myself as I strolled around down there in the sand at the old beautiful eel booth.

2019 09 24 nr3 35 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 2 ö

Krivareboden, which is so beautifully beautiful and is one of our most beautiful eel booths in Österlen.

2019 09 24 nr3 36 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 1 ö

As always, I founded the old shrine I once heard a long time ago. The story of how the nest actually got its name lots of years ago. About how the old eel fisherman with no legs crawled down in the sand to his boat every morning to get out to sea and  "Rot the eel mumps".

2019 09 24 nr3 34 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 3 1 ö

In Skåne they say "LMB", Which means creep, and that would be how the old fishing booth got its name ... Now I've heard completely different speculations, so maybe I've just dreamed all that stuff about the boneless fisherman. But still, thoughts and fantasies pop up in my head every single time I'm here.

2019 09 24 nr4 5 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr4 7 ö

From the shed I walked north across the pebble stone to the large boulder which lies as a landmark facing the sea. A few "snörtockar"Had arrived with liquor pens and scribbled on the beautiful stone. Snowdrops, I thought to myself.

2019 09 24 nr4 8 ö

From the sea I woke up in the still lush and lush forest. The autumn had only just begun.

2019 09 24 nr4 9 ö

Before I left Stenshuvud I looked out over the sea from the parking lot. For my inner sight, I could almost see an old eel fisherman in his woods out on the glittering sea. And I swear he had no legs ...

2019 09 24 nr4 35 ö

Quote of the day:

They said I was easily fooled ... they thought I believed them.

Have a wonderful Monday and a big hug to you.


2019 09 24 012 ö

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What do you really need to call yourself ...

29 September 2019
what can you really call yourself ö


Who can actually call themselves a "photographer"?

2 ö

Maybe everyone !? Everyone who takes a card. And with today's technology, almost anyone can become a professional.

2018 12 04 47 ö

Yes, this with professional titles has become a little blurry at the edges I think. Who can really call themselves what? Everyone can probably call themselves exactly what they want and think for themselves. It is when it comes to paying for their expertise that it is all put at their forefront.

2015 08 26 nr1 067 österlen.se2015 09 02 nr1 016 ö

Many, for example, are good carpenters and masons, so there is at least a need for housing. But can you call yourself a mason without being educated? Here in Österlen we call them "puggemurare", ie they are "masons rather than good". Well, I myself would not hire any artisan who is unable to show a professional certificate. An electrician without a professional certificate can create a lot of excitement in life….

2018 11 19 9 ö

Or to call themselves a confectioner, who can do that? At Olof Viktor here in Österlen, works a fantastic slut that I know. She is both schooled and has innate talent, so she must absolutely call herself a pastry chef. Pastry maker with good looks. I myself, on the other hand, may at my height call myself "bull mum".

2018 11 25 64 ö

Yes this with professional titles is all a bit tricky. I can't call myself a doctor, even though I think I know a lot about both the body and the diseases. I have also seen many episodes of "The Flying Doctor" in the 80 century. Who would dare to hire me for their troubles if I started calling myself Dr. Gyllebo Annika?

2017 08 08 nr1 155 2 ö

I also know a lot about animals and have also listened to some episodes when my daughter trained as a veterinarian. It is not appropriate for me to pretend to be a veterinarian for that matter.

2017 10 10 nr1 024 ö

I both love to write and to photograph, but what can I call myself? Everything is probably about what I demand in return for who I claim to be. Today, it seems sometimes more knowledge is required in editing than in photography itself. And this is not something I can do with Photoshop, so I can pretty much put myself to work for the pictures to be as good as it goes from the beginning as well. And yes, after all, I'm just a hobby photographer.

2018 11 03 65 ö

Quote of the day:

Proof is needed for those who believe. But for those who do not believe, no evidence is possible. Believe in your ability.

Have a really nice Sunday and hug from me.

Gyllebo Annika

2015 09 30 nr2 017 2 ö

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The tracks in the sand.

28 September 2019
sparen i sanden ö


I would enjoy the most beautiful sunrise on the beach below Naturum. Or, at least that's what I thought ...

2019 09 24 nr3 26 ö

That's how it is. Things do not always get as you think. But it can be really fantastic anyway.

2019 09 24 nr3 12 ö

The clear sky and the beautiful bright sun that they had foreseen in the weather report ... all that shone so completely with her absence when I parked the car in the national park parking early morning. The beautiful horizon one can usually see from there was now a single gray "leaf vein".

2019 09 24 nr3 1 ö

But as I wandered down to the thundering sea, something always happened to my body and my mind. The shoulders dropped, the tension in my neck eased and I could hear my own thoughts a little better again. The heart sang with pleasure.

2019 09 24 nr3 2 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 4 ö

2019 09 24 nr3 9 ö

Down by the sea it was bright, despite the early morning.

2019 09 24 nr3 10 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 14 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 18 ö

The fisherman's gear was ready and ready at Krivareboden. Maybe the eel fisherman was waiting for the coming new moon. The big eel dark is said to be the best time for really good eel catch.

2019 09 24 nr3 12 1 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 13 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 29 ö

The sea thundered and foamed white.

2019 09 24 nr3 21 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 25 ö

It was when I sat there that I suddenly noticed them ... the tracks in the sand.

2019 09 24 nr3 20 österlen.se2019 09 24 nr3 30 ö

- ohhh wonderfully beautiful moose, I thought to myself, when I most definitely articulated the clear traces of the sand ...

2019 09 24 nr3 19 ö

-tsss, you dar ... you see that you are a bunch of wild boar ....

Yes, when I proudly came home to my hunter husband and showed off the clear moose tracks that I photographed, my own fantastic morning fantasy of beautiful moose turned into rubble. With the self-assurance of a hunter, he proclaimed that what was in my mind were wild pigs and nothing else.

2019 09 24 nr3 23 ö

For myself, I actually continue to think that there have been two beautiful moose that passed just a short while before I even came to the site.

No, there was no beautiful sunrise this time, but it was a wonderfully beautiful morning in its own way.

2019 09 24 nr3 27 ö

Quote of the day:

We cannot choose the framework of our destiny, but what we put into it is our own choice.

Have a wonderful Saturday and hug from me.


2019 09 24 004 ö

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