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Upper village is higher than twin village Nedraby, is slightly larger and a brilliant example of an old, genuine Skåne village. Övraby is located on the heights above Nybroån's valley and Örupsdalen. The village is dominated by the 1100 century church in Romanesque style. There are some details in the church's building construction that indicate that the church can be built in the middle of the 1100 century, which makes it one of the oldest in the Nordic region, among other things. Missing male beams in the roof truss.

Other dominant features in the summery, very leafy village are the estate Övrabyborg and Övraby mölla, a stone's throw south. Övraby mölla is a well-preserved Dutch mill, erected 1887. Möllan is still functioning condition and a number of times a year, the association Övraby Mölla organizes so-called mill days when the mill is put into use, which attracts many interested. The environment with milling and flour dwelling is genuinely characteristic.

Övrabyborg was founded in the 1700 century by a merger of several different homes in the village. Övraby today offers a little impressive width of activities, where the parish cabin is the place for many different kinds of meetings. Here, the village's farmers, garden habits, artisans, artists and media persons meet.

The nearest major city with various types of services such as travel center, school and childcare and retirement homes is the central place. Tomelilla, just under three kilometers straight north. Bus connections are available in Övraby against Bollerup as well as towards Ystad.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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