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East Hoby

East Hoby is an old church village located just over one kilometer east of Borrby on the road between Simrishamn and Borrby. The distance to Simrishamn is just under fifteen kilometers and to Ystad the double. Island. Hoby is a small village growing up with Myllykylä, located northeast of Hoby. In Kvarnby there is the small nursery Roskraft, an eldorado for rose lovers from all over Europe. Here you can buy rooted specimens of a large variety of roses.

In Ö. Hoby and its surroundings there are a number of b & b facilities, but this part of Österlen is also called Österlen's heart, of course much because the name Österlen is so strongly associated with the educator, author etc., Borrby's great son, Teodor Thufvesson, who wrote the poem "My heart lives in an old farm". In the village there is a riding hall, Kvarnbyborg, and a culture house / exhibition house / guest house TID & RUM, where you, in addition to living, can come and look and ask about building maintenance and ecological construction. Not far north of Ö. Hoby rises the medieval castle Glimmingehus.

Distance to lovely beach at Kyhl, Borrby beach, Sandby and Mälarhusen is just under five kilometers and it is perfectly excellent to get on the small roads to the sea. The surroundings are a fine cultivation landscape but also with elements of mosses and other wetlands. Just south of Ö. Hoby is Toremosse, an interesting birdhouse where many night singers hold a concert. But of course the church in Ö. Its oldest parts are from the 1100 century and it is strange that, unlike most other contemporary churches, the church got its tower already then. 184950 was restored to the church and received its present form, but 1938-39 did so much inside the church. Then the lime was removed and the underlying paintings exposed and there were outstanding works that became visible. Here is Eva's creation, Adam and Eve in Lustgården and the fall of sin, detailed paintings with power and life. The baptismal font is carved by the Master Magister Majestatis.

The nearest major towns with service such as school, shop, bus connections etc. are Skillinge and Borrby. It is a lively and populated village with a lot of activities, both through a lively village team and Kulturföreningen Viljan which arranges gigs, theater and film screenings etc. in the village house "Folkhemmet". There are also exhibitions sometimes. Ö. Hoby was the first village to win the "Light Village of the Year" award during Österlen Lights on All Saints' Day. Ö. Hoby byalag: hobybyalag (at) gmail.com, website: www.ostrahoby.com.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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