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Facts about Österlenbyn

East Herrestad

Östra Herrestad is about midway between Gärsnäs and Hammenhög, about two kilometers each way. The village was in times gone by during the Gärsnäs farmyard / Gärsnäs castle, which is a stone's throw to the northeast.

As in so many other church villages, the church in East Herrestad's oldest parts is also from the 1100 century. As late as 1880, the church's west tower was built. When the village was changed at the end of the 1800 century, a number of gate houses were built on the plots of the relocated farms. The settlement has preserved its archaic character with its low houses, often plastered or boarded. On some of them you can see typical carpentry joy details.

Near the village, Tommarpsån winds past. North-west of the village lies the beautiful shipping set Stenhed, a supposed solar calendar, which is supposed to be contemporary with Ales stones. The nearest major town with service as a school, shop, retirement home is Gärsnäs. There are bus connections, among other things. west with Skåneexpressen, the fast bus to Lund, and on-train traffic on the Simrishamn-Malmö route.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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