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design Work

We are more than happy to help you create originals for logos, marketing and advertising, from idea to finished product and assembly.
We help you highlight your company's message!

Milling - gives our signs unprecedented opportunities!

With our CNC cutter we cut out texts, logos and other imaginative forms in different materials. Material choices are everything from plexi-glass, frigolite, aluminum, brass, flooring sheet and MDFs in different thicknesses. Milled, milled or raised logos and texts, wall signs, engraved signs and forging signs. Only your imagination sets limits!

Signs, stickers and posters

Illuminated facade signs, milled logos, engraved signs and forging signs, all kinds of decals, posters or why not a photo wallpaper. The possibilities are endless! We are more than happy to help you with everything from idea to finished product!

Office Printed

Prints, labels, business cards, flyers, calendars, enlargements, copies, advertising envelopes, dome labels, posters, stickers, store materials, promotional items for your company, folders, brochures.

shop Signage

Signs for both shop and restaurant. Large as well as small, from light ramps to simple cut-out letters. Advertising flags, window decoration, sidewalk talkers, clothespins and beach flags. We help you both to be visible and with protection!

outdoor Advertising

Illuminated facade signs, engraved signs, milled logos, advertising flags, wasps, banners, car texts, posters, beach flags, decals. It is important to stand out so that you can see!

exhibition Materials

Vipers, banners, flyers, posters, leaflets and roll-ups, posters etc. We digitally print your message on everything from paper to exclusive weave.

Advertising on cars, clothes

Car texts and Profile clothes. We help you to be seen! With a commercial vehicle your company can be seen everywhere! Logo / texts and pictures of cars and clothes are mobile advertising investments. Advertising that is both cheaper and more effective than advertising newspapers and local magazines. We are happy to help you, from idea to finished product and assembly, in highlighting your company's message!

Screen printing

We have long experience of this classic method which gives increased quality of print. Print on cardboard, plastic, cardboard, sheet metal, leather, clothing, bags and more. Your printed stickers, get better durability with a layer of clear paint! Art Press; Johan Pettersson Sthlm, Ann Makander, KG Nilsson and others.

Kitchen cabinets

By installing new kitchen doors on an already existing frame, you can quickly and easily get a whole new kitchen! With your own design, you get a completely unique kitchen that you are guaranteed to be alone in! Only the imagination sets the boundaries!


Lamination. By laminating, you protect your prints! UV protection and nut protection. Wire binding and punching.

Österlentext AB
Ravlundavägen 20
277 36 Vitaby
070-372 33 85
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