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Austrian tölt horses

Österlens Tölth horses 7

Welcome here!

The main focus is to arrange outdoor rites and start a breeding work to produce the unique breed Aegidienbergern.

On my Facebook page Österlens Tölthestars you can more actively follow my work, my competitions and other fun events.

I who run Österlen's Tölthors are named Alice Akkermann and horses have been my great interest for as long as I can remember. Has been trained riding instructor and worked as tour guide since 2008.

Hoppas vi ses!

natural Riding

If you are curious about Icelandic horses and would like to try riding the "God horse" and experience their wonderful gait tölt, you are welcome to me.

Small groups up to 6 people and I help you with instructions from beginning to end.

It is important that you read through all the information.

Children as adults, from never sitting on a horse to the experienced rider, the Icelandic horse is a fun and good horse to ride. We always adapt the tempo to your knowledge. We are assisted under my guidance to prepare the horses for the riding which is included in the tour's duration but if you want them ready then notify this when booking.

I offer everything from trying out to full-day rides. Which ride is most suitable for you, you can read about below and if you are unsure of something then get in touch.

We start with the rides from different addresses. This depends on where the horses are going in the current situation and on what turn it is. But it is always based on Österlen. When booking, you will find out the current address.

Austrian tölt horses
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