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Exhibitions at Österlens Museum:

Scratching - new active and interactive rooms

Traditional and digital exhibitions and workshops in a whole floor for children, families with children and school classes. The exhibition shows Simrishamn's history from ancient times to the middle of the 1900 century. Skrabban is also the place for workshops and other programs all year round, with various events and law programs. Fee is charged when workshops, theater etc. program is arranged.

ghost nets

The title of the exhibition may sound like the name of a fairy tale, but for both fish and fishermen today, ghost nets are very obvious. Ghost nets are fish nets left behind that drift around or have landed on the seabed and they become deadly debris for marine life. The artist Malena Olsson was born and raised in Blekinge and has always appreciated having water near him. With the exhibition Spöknät, she highlights the marine habitat which is also a working environment for professional fishermen and which must be cared for and preserved. Malena Olsson collaborates with the project Marelitt Baltic, which works with creating a method for locating the networks, recording and recycling them. Ghost net is a very hot topic and has been for a long time. There are several miles of nets that remain in the Baltic Sea and self-fishing. The exhibition runs until 19 / 5.

It's in time

In the exhibition, the visitor moves into an environment that works both antique and futuristic at the same time, among interactive stations with mechanical and digital solutions. A number of stamp clocks keep track of your time and with them you make your unique impression in the exhibition.

The exhibition, which is a hiking exhibition from the Kristianstad Region Museum, wants to make the visitors reflect on what they do with their time and inspire them to relate to time in a better way. There is a lot now - how many times have you not received that answer when you ask someone about the situation? You could say that the time is just like time. The exhibition is a deep dive in people's relationship with time. Difficult to understand, yet it controls our lives. Measurable and standardized and at the same time something we all experience in our own way. Take part of many different perspectives on time and how we use and relate to it. Be inspired to be here and now in an interactive exhibition and exciting environment designed by Eric Langert and Per Petersson. Pull on the emergency brake and stamp in!
Read more about the exhibition at: http://detliggeritiden.se/
The exhibition is inaugurated 18 / 4 and goes on to 29 / 9.

Ellen Trotzig and the landscape

This year it is 70 years since Ellen Trotzig left the time. This is what Österlen's museum wants to pay attention to through an exhibition of the works that are available in the municipality of Simrishamn and in the Society for the Heritage of Heritage and Home Heritage in the museum. Ellen Trotzig (1878-1949) was born in Simrishamn, and apart from short study periods in Gothenburg (Carl Wilhelmsson), Copenhagen and Paris, she came to stay in the city life. She lived the retreat and had only a couple of exhibitions. Over time, with her obscure, monumental landscapes, she has increasingly emerged as a master in what is usually called the national-romantic twilight painting. In recent years, she has again been recognized and the interest in her art is great.
The exhibition is inaugurated 15 / 6 and goes on to 29 / 9

Noticeable first - about clothes and people

The marks first show clothes from the 1700 century up to 1970 from the Society's collections at Österlens museum. The clothes really tell all the stories while it is about communication, community, exclusion, status and economy, fate, tradition and renewal. Therefore, the exhibition becomes a test chart of human behavior and a way of telling our local history. And thus also an exhibition not only for the already interested.

Harvesting rainwater

"Harvesting rainwater" is an installation in the museum's garden created together with Eva Mathiasson, Sophia Callmer and Susanna Widlundh. Here is shown how rainwater can be collected, stored and used to create sustainable gardens and a better environment for ourselves and future generations. In collaboration with the Public Administration Administration Gata & Park and with funds from Sparbanken Syd. During the year, more installations will be displayed in the museum garden.

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Our current events

Rock carvings By Night

14 September at 19 - 21:00
Hällristningar syns bäst i mörkret. Med hjälp av släpljusbelysning ser vi bilderna komma till l...

nerd Café

21 September at 11 - 14:00
Nördcafé startade hösten 2008 på Tekniska museet. Idén kommer från Nils Olander som är intend...

Finissage for It is in time

28 September at 10 - 14:00
Nu är det sista chansen att se den interaktiva utställningen ”Det ligger i tiden”, en vandring...

Onion Saturday and plant market

5 October at 10 - 14:00
Ta med egna plantor och fynda andras i Österlens museums trädgård. Höstens växtmarknad och lök...


5 October at 11 - 14:00
När äpplet är uppätet finns bara skrabban kvar. Vi firar skrabbedagen med att göra äppellyktor...

Dramatized city walk

5 October at 14 - 15:30
I år är det 100 år sedan beslutet togs om allmän och lika rösträtt, ett viktigt genombrott fö...

Bus ride in the tracks of the crime

13 October at 10 - 16:00
En favorit i repris! Följ med Ewa-Gun Westford och Lena Alebo på en oförglömlig tur till Österl...


19 October at 11 - 13:00
Ull är ett levande material som har använts sedan forntiden. Veronica Jeppsson och Rosa Ericsson v...

Lecture: Ellen Trotzig

26 October at 14 - 15:30
Lena Alebo och Maria Heijbel håller ett föredrag om Ellen Trotzigs konst och liv i anslutning till...

Halloween workshop

29 October at 13 - 16:00
Kom till Österlens museum och gör ditt eget Halloween-pynt. Spindlar, spöken, monster och andra l...

Karva bedelojtor

30 October at 13 - 16:00
Ta del av den skånska traditionen att ”karva en bedelojta” som kan skrämma iväg mörkrets mak...

City walk for children

30 October at 17 - 18:00
Inne i Simrishamn, bland trånga gränder och gamla hus, gömmer sig väsen som kan ställa till med...

Bus tour: Saying on Österlen

3 November at 10: X - 14:00
Turen tar oss med till de sägenomspunna platserna Sankt Olof, alunbruket vid Christinehof, Maletoft...

Archive day

9 November at 10: X - 14:00
Ordet skattgömma passar bra som beskrivning av arkiven där vårt gemensamma minne finns bevarat. I...

Lecture: Residence

16 November at 14: X - 15:30
Var hör jag hemma? En fråga i en tid där människors frivilliga och ofrivilliga förflyttning bli...


30 November at 10: X - 13:00
Fläta dina egna fat, brickor och kransar av pil. Veronica Jeppsson och Rosa Ericsson lär ut en enk...


1 December at 14: 00 - 18:00
Visning av utställningen ”Ellen Trotzig och landskapet” kl. 15. OBS! Sista chansen, utställnin...

Christmas tales and folktales around Christmas

7 December at 13: 00 - 14:00
Lena Alebo och Maria Heijbel berättar om folktro kring julen och julsagor. För vuxna och barn ö...

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