Österlens museum

Österlens museum

Österlens museum

Exhibitions at Österlens Museum:

The Scratch - active and interactive rooms

Traditional and digital exhibitions and workshops in a whole floor for children, families with children and school classes. The exhibition shows Simrishamn's history from ancient times to the middle of the 1900 century. Skrabban is also the place for workshops and other programs all year round, with various events and law programs. Fee is charged when workshops, theater etc. program is arranged.

Skåne essence

Helene Aurell is a sculptor and lives and works in Järrestad in Österlen for a few years. Her work is based on her own experience of the world, expressed in her own design language. It can be a picture she sees, a statement from someone, a dream or just a longing that starts a work process for a new sculpture. Helene Aurell works with concrete, a material reminiscent of stone but with the difference that she can build and sculpt instead of cutting off material. She can also choose the type and color of the stone crusher as well as finishing for a more "stone-like" surface structure.

The works in the exhibition Skånska essence form a whole that tells something about the traces of time and the artist's wonder before what we cannot explain with words. Man has at all times created stories about his relationship with nature and God-being to orient himself in the world or to ask for help. Often it is animals that have the various characteristics of the world of God or represent them as scary and dangerous. The sculptures express Helene Aurell's experience of these beings, figures and animals. The exhibition is inaugurated 15/2 and runs until 18/4.


After many years of cooperation, this group was formed, which now presents a wide selection of pictures and a slide show in Rian at the Österlen Museum. The photo enthusiasts consist of: Per Björnby, Siw Jeppsson, Gunnel Jönsson, Per Kindstedt, Björn Löfgren, Kjell Persson, Kai Svensson and Rolf Unosson. Each member shows pictures that illustrate personal orientation and style in an exhibition with multiple orientations. The exhibition opens 15/2 and runs until 30/5.

The municipality's newly purchased art

Every year, the municipality of Simrishamn buys new art from locally anchored artists to the municipality's collection. The exhibition shows art purchased in 2019. The exhibition opens 15/2 and runs until 30/5.

Noticeable first - about clothes and people

The marks first show clothes from the 1700 century up to 1970 from the Society's collections at Österlens museum. The clothes really tell all the stories while it is about communication, community, exclusion, status and economy, fate, tradition and renewal. Therefore, the exhibition becomes a test chart of human behavior and a way of telling our local history. And thus also an exhibition not only for the already interested.

Harvesting rainwater

"Harvesting rainwater" is an installation in the museum's garden created together with Eva Mathiasson, Sophia Callmer and Susanna Widlundh. Here is shown how rainwater can be collected, stored and used to create sustainable gardens and a better environment for ourselves and future generations. In collaboration with the Public Administration Administration Gata & Park and with funds from Sparbanken Syd. During the year, more installations will be displayed in the museum garden.

Österlens museum
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Our current events

Shrove Bull Lecture

27 February at 14: 00 - 15:30
Skåne war 1675 - 1679 Dino Helmefalk, political scientist, historian and…

Turn the cat out of the barrel!

29 February at 11: 00 - 12:30
For the fifth year in a row, we have to participate in… Knock the cat out! Read more "

Skåne essence - display for children

29 February at 13: 00 - 14:00
Show for children of the exhibition Skånska essence Meet the artist Helene… Skånska essence ...

Shrove Bull Lecture

5 at XNUM: XNUM - 15:30
Buckwheat - an up-to-date herb in Österlen and around the world… Fixed bun lecture Read more »

Learn to crochet, basic course

7 at XNUM: XNUM - 14:00
Course leaders Rose-Marie Ericsson and Veronica Jeppsson share… Learn how to crochet, basic ...

March 8 meeting

8 at XNUM: XNUM - 16:30
The Qlara network for enterprising women celebrates in the usual order International… March 8-t ...

DNA café for genealogy

14 at XNUM: XNUM - 14:00
The genealogist Niklas Hertzman, from the company Archive Digital, talks about DNA testing as a method ...

Wicker baskets

14 at XNUM: XNUM - 14:00
We learn to braid baskets of waxed paper under… Braid baskets Read more »

Tie macrame, basic course

21 at XNUM: XNUM - 14:00
Course leaders Åse Bjerstaf and Göran Tuesson show the basics for… Tying macrame, foundation ...


24 at XNUM: XNUM - 20:00
We gather in the hall at the museum to tell you… Storytelling Read more »

Easter holiday: Witch workshop

7 April at 12 - 15:00
We make our own brooms, small Easter crises, get tips on how ... Easter holiday: Häxverkstad Read more »

Easter Holiday: Ornament your Easter crisis

8 April at 12 - 15:00
In the past, there were no colored feathers to put in ... Easter holidays: Decorate your Easter crisis Read ...

Easter holidays: Easter decorations

9 April at 12 - 15:00
How do you want to decorate your Easter crisis? Witches, chickens, eggs and… Easter holiday: Easter decorations Read more ...

Learn wet-felt

18 April at 11 - 14:00
We feel with wet wool and soap, an old ancient… Learn wet-felt Read more »

Finissage for Skåne essence

18 April at 12 - 14:00
Now is the last chance to see Helene Aurell's exhibition… Finissage for Skåne essence ...

Needle rope (felting)

25 April at 11 - 14:00
Wool is a living material that has been used since ancient times. … Needle rope (felting) Read more ...

Inauguration of the exhibition Roman Jewelery

25 April at 13 - 15:00
Gold and jewelery have always had a special significance for… Opening of the exhibition Rome ...

View of the garden bulbs

9 May at 11: X - 13:00
Every fall, a variety of tulip and narcissus bulbs are planted in the museum's… View of the garden ...


9 May at 11: X - 14:00
Learn to braid plant supports by willow to the garden or greenhouse. … Arrow braiding Read more ...

Ellen Trotzig's day

16 May at 13: X - 15:00
Last year, the Österlen Museum instituted Ellen Trotzig's day in the middle… Ellen Trotzig's day L

Family Day on the Giant Trail

31 May at 11: X - 14:00
The Österlen Museum has in the project See and care taken a… Family day at Jätteleden Read more ...

Cultural heritage walk in Ravlunda

6 June at 14: X - 16:00
This year's cultural heritage walk on National Day goes through Ravlunda village. Collection at… Cultural Heritage ...

Inauguration of the exhibition Livs-medel

18 June at 13: X - 15:00
The exhibition Livs-medel provides a cultural-historical context for the herb buckwheat and… Invign ...

Inauguration of Mottainai - An exhibition on recycling

18 June at 13: X - 15:00
Artist Takao Momiyama grew up in a Japanese peasant culture before… Inauguration of Mottainai ...

The summer solstice on the Axes' slope

20 June at 16: X - 18:00
The Österlen Museum commemorates the summer solstice with a rock carving walk from the Axes ...

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