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Osterlen Cuisine 5

Österlen Cuisine

Osterlen Cuisine 5

Österlen Cuisine is a small eatery on the plain between the two villages Ö Tommarp and Gärsnäs. Our rural kitchen is located in an old farmhouse.

For us it is important to serve food cooked from scratch. Bread, cakes and cakes are of course baked in our kitchen here in the yard. Our philosophy is simple, good and hospitable.

In summer, you are welcome to our Garden Café on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 11 am and 16 pm. There are also other small dishes to choose from, and yummy pastries, of course. Feel free to take a tour of our large and peaceful garden. In addition to the almog garden, there is a lovely herb garden and of course many comfortable seats. Kind sausages are also welcome in our garden. On a windy day, it's nice to settle down in our greenhouse where you can enjoy geraniums, eucalyptus and almond trees.

We also arrange cooking courses, and offer catering for large and small parties. We have a nice party room with room for just over 60 guests.

Österlen Cuisine
Tågarpsvågen 35
272 93 Tommarp
072-732 08 33
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