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South of Skillinge, close to the rocky shore, located north-west, these three villages, Norrekås, Örnahusen and Spragg houses, almost cohesive. The buildings are located on both sides of the coastal road number 1500.

Örnahusen was once a fishing village with about forty fishermen's cottages and outbuildings, placed so close to the sea that the 1872, at the terrible November storm, all washed out into the sea. Örnahusen never had a real port. The small grounds and boulders that lie a bit out from the beach have been built together with a stone bridge and have served as a shelter and an additional place.

Much of the old society's charm is preserved. Two kilometers south of the burial place Kyhls beach, first room in the long sandy beach area that attracts so many bathers, but also bird watchers and hikers. On the beach in Örnahusen there is an airplane propeller with an information plate set up. It testifies to the upsetting event that occurred on the 24X 1944 when the American bomber B17G, 42-107178, was injured by Luftwaffe in connection with a bombing mission across northern Germany, and searched for land north.

The plane reached Skåne and circled, during the firing of Swedish air defense, between Simrishamn and Sandhammaren. The pilot chose to try to land in the ocean outside Örnahusen. A pair of the plane's crewmembers jumped. The plane crashed and ended up at seven meters. The pilot managed to avoid framing a house on the beach and has been posthumously rewarded with bravery. Many people still appear around the wreck site every year.

The business association has many active members. The association life is lively. Skillinge IF has significant football activities for both boys and girls. The nearest larger town is Skillinge one kilometer north along the coast road. Here is a grocery store, restaurants, chapel, kiosk, shipping museum, theater, childcare and retirement homes.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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