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Anette Åberg Indiskthantverk

Anette Åberg Örnahusen Indian crafts

Anette Åberg Indiskthantverk

I have a great love for the country of India!
It started with me taking home shawls from there to a Christmas market 12 years ago. It went so well so I continued to bring home more shawls for sale. I opened a store in my studio. Nowadays, the range of shawls is very large.
I buy directly from manufacturers in India. Only in natural materials such as wool, pashmina, silk in different patterns and always the latest in shawls but also the more traditional patterns. Nowadays, my range is considerably larger than just shawls.

Also sells Cashmere ponchos, clothes with chic embroideries from Manvi, cotton tunics, quilted jackets from Rajasthan, vintage bags from Rajasthan, children's clothing, bedspreads, pillow cases, books with handmade paper and much more. Everything is hand picked by me on the spot and I always find new things. Only buy things that I like myself. Have now also got a tailor to sew clothes for me on order such as kimonos, short jackets and tunics. Everything stitched from reused page saris.
I also arrange trips to India for small groups at a pleasant pace with a focus on culture and nature since 2005 read more here https://www.aaberg.se
So you understand that India is a big part of my life.

Warm welcome to me in Örnahusen! If you come when I do not open just hit a signal then I open. Phone: 0707-387883
Hope to see you!

Anette Åberg Örnahusen Indian crafts
Hävdavägen 72
276 XNOrna houses
070 738 78 83
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