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Calm and sophisticated place of residence.

In the middle of Tomelilla municipality are the rich handicraft village of Onslunda. The village has very mixed buildings with mainly low houses. South of the village there are popular hiking trails with deciduous-clad pebbles. North of the village there is Onslunda stone, the old quarry, and here runs a beautiful forest forest belt from Fågeltofta to Tunbyholm where ia Leaf frogs thrive.

Here you will find preschool, elementary school year 1-6, leisure center, association-run recreation center, library, b & b, craftsman, joinery factory and a unique brush museum. Of course, you can still take courses in away production, a craftsmanship that really put Onslunda on the map.

The association life is lively with active village law, alert pensioners' association and a lively sports association, Onslunda IF, with a number of activities on its program.

The nearest train station is Lunnarp, nine kilometers where you reach Simrishamn-Malmö in each direction. It is ten kilometers to the travel center in Tomelilla. Skåneexpressen Kristianstad-Ystad you can step on and off in Skane-Tranas located four kilometers west of Onslunda. A regional bus to Tomelilla passes Onslunda.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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