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About half a mile northwest of Brösarp, just north of the famous Norra Brösarps Backar lies the small village of Norra Björstorp, which mainly consists of detached farms and smaller residential buildings. Many are looking for Brösarps Lokalförening in N Björstorp which provides everything for construction etc.

Up here in the borderland between agriculture and forestry, well-known glass artist Elna Jolom and her family have created a living glass surface. Artists, craftsmen and practitioners of free professions are common here. The small, quietly situated farms have also attracted interest from buyers from densely populated areas such as Zealand and the Netherlands.

Northern Björstorp is beautifully situated. Culture Klenoden The Glimmebodagården is close as well Christinehof, Alunbruket and Drakamöllan. Just over half a mile straight east are long, exquisite beaches Vitemölla and Yngsjö.
The nearest major city with school and other services is Brösarp. Bus connections north and south are at Maglehem and Brösarp. To the municipal center Tomelilla it is just over two miles. Kristianstad Airport is less than four kilometers away.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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