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The area south-east from Tomelilla is still characterized by the goods Bollerup, S Herrestad, Tosterup, Högestad, Övraby Borg and Örup. Here, the relationship between the main farm and the farm can still be traced and the villages still breathe medieval times. The often vast fields are broken by large avenues and groves of beech or oak. The oldest buildings on the estates are in stone and show how important the area once was.

Farms and houses in little Nedraby are like a string in the hilly landscape, created by the today quiet Örups and Nybroåarna. Here is the source that gives Ystad municipality its good drinking water, Allevads mölla. Here is the Tomelilla resort's beekeeper association. In these farmlands interrupted by river basins and pastures, the flower splendor is large and the field of work is rich.

Nedraby is an old village. Findings at the imposing church ruin show that people have lived here for at least a thousand years.
The road down to Nedraby is signposted on the national road 19 after Benestad direction to Ystad. The church, which is now a well-visited ruin, was called Arvelunda-Nedraby church. The village was its own parish and was in the 1600 century too small to support a priest, so 1635 beat the parish together with the neighbor socks and since Nedraby church, already erected 1250, was in poor condition it was abandoned. But the cemetery was used after the church's closure and even today the ruin and the cemetery are used once.

In and around the village we see elements of agrarian industrial environments, such as a number of mills of which Övraby mölla is the most familiar, but also by Allevad's dairy and Vallabäcken's starch factory from early 1900 numbers.
The perhaps most visited activity in Nedraby is probably Brittas Spettkaks bakery, where the old craft to bake over open fire still lives and attracts many interested.

The nearest major city with schools and other services is Tomelilla About five kilometers north. Bus connections are available from Övraby against Bollerup and Ystad.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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