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Music in the apple kingdom

Music in the apple kingdom

Music in the apple kingdom

Music in the apple kingdom becomes a festival - experience music, nature and scenery 5-13 July

Welcome to Musik i Äppelriket and to a festival where music and nature meet, to during a summer week join in one of Österlens beads. After three years as a concert series, Musik i Äppelriket summer passes 2019 to a festival, inspired by Kivik's location in the landscape with sandy beaches, national parks and not least its apple orchards and its temple tradition.

The light and the silence have long attracted artists of all kinds to Österlen and during the festival we meet locally anchored artists as well as visiting guests, all with an international career as the common denominator.

Nature itself becomes an important playground during hikes along the fine sandy beach of Vitemölla, at Sweden's southernmost national park Stenshuvud and at the hiking area Tjörnedala.

The beautiful church rooms invite you to both magnificent and close music experiences, and the concerts are framed by scrumptious, locally produced must and the possibility of a joint aftermath at a restaurant overlooking the Hanö Bay.

Music in the apple kingdom 2019 is arranged by Music in the South, the Society Pro Musica and Kivik's congregation in collaboration with Kiviks Musteri, Kiviks Hotell, Skåne County Administrative Board, the Forestry Agency, the Skånska Landskap Foundation, Wingård and Gärsnäs Bil AB with the support of Simrishamn municipality.

Music in the apple kingdom
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