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Mulla school for everyone.

Mulla school for everyone.
Written by Annika Olsson / September 21, 2019


Hello. I hope you all wake up to a wonderfully lovely Saturday morning.

2019 09 15 43 ö

For me, it does not matter so much what the weather looks like or what season it is. I am completely happy to just get out into nature. I think the best start to the day.

2019 09 17 009 österlen.se2019 09 15 42 ö

Last week I walked a lap around the lake. Some guys were in the process of trying their fishing luck. How it went for them, I don't really know. Maybe they got to stay in the Gärsnäskioket on the way home… yes, that kiosk has probably saved many lives…

2019 09 15 51 österlen.se2019 09 15 53 ö

At the most beautiful resting place of the lake, someone had had a real sea battle. Angrily, I muttered to myself as I pulled out the plastic bag I always carry with me in my pocket. Despairingly, I collected some forgotten beer cans and other debris and carried them all with me to the nearest bin.

2019 09.13 ö

I can't understand how you can just leave a beautiful place in the forest like that?

When I was a kid, we got to go to Mulleskolan. There we learned not to "throw away paper and always pick it up". We even got to practice picking up capsules from the ground, which our Miss had thrown out in advance. Of course, that was a bit of a premium. Yes English and math are probably so good, but another mullet lesson probably had not hurt either.

2019 09 17 007 österlen.se2019 09 17 008 ö

Recently we have had fresh winds here in Österlen. Cloudy windy weather. White geese have also been found on little Gyllebosjön. The fall is undeniably here.

2019 09 17 011 ö

Quote of the day:

I really don't want anyone bad. But some people would probably understand a little better how badly they behave if they ever got the chance to meet themselves.

Feel free to come here to Gylleboskogen, but don't forget to bring your old beer cans and use condoms home.

Have fun and hug from me.


2019 09 17 004 ö

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Gylleboannika Annika Olsson

Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

Autumn at Drakamöllan.

6th November 2019
cough at drakamollan ö


Sometimes it is good to do headless things. Like erasing photographs by mistake. My mistake, in fact, gave me two wonderful morning walks in Drakamöllan's fantastic nature reserve.

2019 10 28 32 österlen.se2019 10 28 29 ö

The scenery here is so wonderfully beautiful and the plains give you almost the same feeling as on Serengetis savannah.

2019 10 28 33 österlen.se2019 10 28 37 ö

Here, of course, there were neither lions nor hyenas, nor sheep shells anymore. For they were best on their way to the sheep heaven. Though it is, and should you eat meat, it should be meat from happy animals. I think the sheep that had this view have really been happy.

2019 10 28 36 österlen.se2019 10 28 39 österlen.se2019 10 28 28 ö

Here's just so damn nice. I noticed my favorite mushroom, porcelain shavings. Probably not very good to eat, but so beautiful to the eye.

2019 10 28 30 österlen.se2019 10 28 31 ö

The powers of the weather were on my side and offered a glorious beautiful morning.

2019 10 28 41 österlen.se2019 10 28 44 ö

The last autumn leaves glowed in the sunshine.

2019 10 28 43 österlen.se2019 10 28 48 ö

Drakamöllan's farm hotel looked like it had just woken up. I suspected that what was best used for breakfast in there. This place is so beautiful.

2019 10 28 45 österlen.se2019 10 28 46 ö

Quote of the day:

We say we are wasting time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.

For me, time in nature is never a waste. There is nothing better!

Have a good time and hug


2019 10 28 53 ö

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Tram in the hometown.

5th November 2019
straws in the homeland ö


I never tire!

2019 10 25 56 ö

I never tire of wandering around here. In my beloved Gylleboskog.

2019 10 25 54 ö

Although I walk (or run) here every single day, it feels like new every time. No day is really the other corpse. After all, nature is constantly changing.

2019 10 25 53 österlen.se2019 10 25 57 ö

What may possibly feel a bit worn out now, is blogging about it. In my eyes, there are new things to discover just all the time.

2019 10 25 48 österlen.se2019 10 25 62 ö

Although my eyes see little funny things just all the time, it is not as certain that it is of interest to everyone else ... that avenue seeds resemble suspended stockings on a drying line ...

2019 10 25 58 österlen.se2019 10 25 61 ö

We'll see .. maybe my blog posts will be a little less what time is suffering ...

2019 10 25 8 ö

But out in the wild, I never stop walking. Nothing is like a tram in the hometown. All that familiarity that allows the eyes to attach to the small details instead.

2019 10 25 1 österlen.se2019 10 25 51 ö

Quote of the day:

In order to understand another person's experiences, we need to have a space within ourselves where we have the opportunity to change our own perception.

Have a good time. And if you have the opportunity, go out on a roving train in your home town. Your forest is as wonderful as my forest.

Hug Annika

2016 11 05 nr1 037 ö

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No other chance.

4th November 2019
no second chance ö


It was a week ago that my dog ​​and Johnny enjoyed a wonderful autumn morning in the Drakamöllan nature reserve.

2019 10 28 12 österlen.se2019 10 28 13 ö

It was a wonderful light and I was extra happy that I chose to bring my big camera with me this morning. It is heavy, but sometimes it is worth the effort.

2019 10 28 16 österlen.se2019 10 28 18 ö

At the beginning of the hiking trail, a whole flock of sheep stood greedily drinking water from the little pond. The pictures I captured of them became magical, I saw it immediately. It felt like it was in my finger when I put it on the shutter and slowly pushed from picture to picture. The light and the colors were so beautiful and all the sheep reflected in the still water. Sometimes you only know that you have taken canon pictures before you actually see them and get it confirmed. This was such a time ...

2019 10 28 7 ö

As you can see, there is no glimpse of the smallest little skull on my pictures.

2019 10 28 10 ö

2019 10 28 22 ö

No, I accidentally deleted all the pictures that were in my camera when I got home. You can safely say that I got a stroke of brain drop and short circuit at the same time, when all of a sudden I just realized that I would format a little memory card here at home.

2019 10 28 11 österlen.se2019 10 28 19 ö

Attans I thought to myself…. although I can probably go there the next morning and photograph those sheep at the water hole again. That would not be so impossible I reasoned. The weather would hold, so the light should be the same.

2019 10 28 8 österlen.se2019 10 28 14 ö

Impossible was exactly what it was.

The next morning I parked the snoop next to a large animal transport where all the sheep were being loaded for further transport to ... the sheep sky. No, there were no more chances, neither for me or those sheep.

2019 10 28 24 österlen.se2019 10 28 25 ö

Sometimes you simply have no other chance!

2019 10 28 15 österlen.se2019 10 28 26 ö

At least Johnny and I had another wonderful autumn walk in the scenic area, and that was not a shame.

2019 10 28 27 ö

2019 10 28 38 ö

Quote of the day:

When we die, we should all rest in peace. BUT… why don't we live in peace while we live?

Lesson learned: Do not format the memory cards on the camera until the images are saved on the computer… "My eel cap"

Hug Annika

2019 10 28 51 ö

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My fall rice.

3th November 2019
my hosttriss ö


No, I don't need to play lottery or bet on horses… I already have the highest winnings here by my side. My own fur-covered autumn gown.

2019 10 25 44 ö

I really wouldn't feel good without having animals near me.

2019 10 25 4 österlen.se2019 10 25 23 ö

Of course, I am very happy and attached to both our cats, Felix and Judith… Though nothing goes against the dogs. They are more like little friends you can talk to. Loyal and loyal. While the cats are like inherent guests who mostly require service. Everything happens only on their terms.

2019 10 25 3 österlen.se2019 10 25 29 österlen.se2019 10 25 52 ö

Faithful and loyal friends you have to look for. My three dogs are patiently waiting for me at the front door when I'm not home. The cat Felix, on the other hand, will soon become the smallest. If food is not served directly when he enters through the door, he openly shows his displeasure. He strolls to the neighbor instead and does not justify me with a glance.

2019 10 25 12 österlen.se2019 10 25 20 österlen.se2019 10 25 49 ö

Having three friends who are always on the notes is wonderful. Whatever the weather, they are just as happy to spend time in the woods.

2019 10 25 42 österlen.se2019 10 25 60 ö

I love my furry tress. Three goodies who want to walk with me in all autumn weather. Like small royalty, they are currently piling on a red carpet of book leaves here in Gyllebo.

Johnny, Lykke and Molly ♥

2019 10 25 7 österlen.se2019 10 25 36 ö

Quote of the day:

To hurt someone is as simple as throwing a rock at sea. But you never know how deep that stone will sink.

Maybe that's why it's so enjoyable to spend time with animals. Animals are never at risk of being injured.

Hug Annika

2017 11 07 nr1 001 ö

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List Room ridge.

2th November 2019
listarumsasen ö


All around Österlen there are so many nice hiking spots to visit. The list room sauce is such a nice little place.

2019 10 24 24 österlen.se2019 10 24 39 ö

Here through the small forest walks Gårdlösa trail.

2019 10 24 16 österlen.se2019 10 24 9 ö

The homeless trail is so accurate and excellent so it should have been awarded for that particular detail. Still, I got lost when I was here last…

2019 10 24 17 österlen.se2019 10 24 19 österlen.se2019 10 24 20 ö

Probably I went deep into my own thoughts, when suddenly I stood in the middle of a snowy wetland.

2019 10 24 21 österlen.se2019 10 24 22 ö

But with a Johnny dog ​​you are never lost, at least not for real.

2019 10 24 12 österlen.se2019 10 24 18 ö

I thought back to the first time I walked here. My daughters were little parvels and the third girl was in my stomach. Memories and how the brain works are fantastic. Think, I can still remember exactly what sweaters my cousin wore that day. Still, I can't possibly remember what we had for dinner here at home yesterday ...

2019 10 24 11 österlen.se2019 10 24 23 ö

When the deciduous forest turns into spruce forest, you arrive at a small dilapidated desert village.

2019 10 24 30 österlen.se2019 10 24 34 ö

It is exciting with dilapidated houses in the forest. Thoughts and imagination shine like a bit away.

2019 10 24 35 österlen.se2019 10 24 31 österlen.se2019 10 24 36 ö

It's All Saints' Day and my own thoughts are a little extra with my own mother of course. I think of everything I wish I could tell her. Things I know she's more than happy to share with me.

2019 10 28 3 österlen.se2019 10 28 5 ö

Quote of the day:

Slow Mother Nature screws down the evening evening's twilight to darkness.

… But soon we humans "bananas" and light up millions of Christmas lights instead.

Have a lovely day and hug.


2018 11 06 96 ö

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Mid October 2019

1th November 2019
mid-October 2019 ö

October 10, 190 österlen.seOctober 10, 191 österlen.seOctober 10, 192 österlen.seOctober 10, 193 österlen.seOctober 10, 194 ö


The most beautiful month of autumn has now passed. Wonderful October, which sort of gave us a final salute. As a colorful end to the winter break. Nature has, as always, shown itself from its best side, or maybe it's me who has chosen to see it from its best side… The Johnny dog ​​has been hanging out in the rain, as always, and he still seems to be fine. I'm so grateful for that, as long as he can feel good and not have too much pain in his leg.

In addition to wandering around in our beautiful Österlennatur, I have been running a little neighbor. More than 80 miles I have gained during the month. The plan is to increase distances in the future ... we will see how it goes with this ...

So he has finally arrived !! Guldgossen - my first grandchild. Just on the appointed day he arrived. 3175 gr heavy and 49 cm. tall I really like guys who fit the times. Welcome to the world little you.

October 10, 195 ö

Quote of the day:

Being a mother means generously sharing her body in 9 months to someone who 5 years later can't imagine sharing a single tough rat from her bag of candy.

Now I welcome November.

Hug Annika

October 10, 199 ö

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The sea went down.

31 October 2019
the sea drew ö


The idea was that I would just give up at the top of the mountain… although you are at Stenshuvud, it is as if the sea always attracts and pulls.

2019 10 22 62 österlen.se2019 10 22 60 ö

At home in the office, the computer was chewing with stuff like old computers sometimes get ... updates. I had grown tired of the senselessness of just sitting and staring and waiting for an hourglass that unilaterally spun on the screen. I simply left work for a little while.

2019 10 22 41 österlen.se2019 10 22 35 ö

A quick walk up to the top of the mountain was my plan. But as always, something happens to me when I come out into nature. The mind settles down, the brain clears and the problem solving in the office is no longer the least important. The view from the top of the mountain had taken my breath away. So beautiful.

2019 10 22 42 österlen.se2019 10 22 44 ö

Beautiful views and small lovely details.

2019 10 22 40 österlen.se2019 10 22 43 ö

One of my favorite mushrooms grew a little here and there on old decaying tree trunks. It's so beautiful I think. Porcelain mushrooms.

2019 10 22 38 österlen.se2019 10 22 39 ö

When I came down from the mountain again my legs decided that they could not possibly go to the car already. So I swung off through the small gate. I followed the path across the heath and steered down towards the healthy sea.

2019 10 22 46 österlen.se2019 10 22 48 österlen.se2019 10 22 49 ö

On a small yellow flower crept the last insect of the year and in one of the old apple trees the apples hung over-ripe.

2019 10 22 52 österlen.se2019 10 22 54 österlen.se2019 10 22 57 ö

Down by the sea it smelled so nice and the colors were so beautiful.

2019 10 22 55 österlen.se2019 10 22 59 österlen.se2019 10 22 61 ö

The bush behind Krivareboden was so reddish so I almost had to pee with my eyes to be able to look at it.

2019 10 22 64 österlen.se2019 10 22 67 österlen.se2019 10 22 65 ö

Then it was time to turn our backs to the sea and stride up to the car again.

2019 10 22 66 österlen.se2019 10 22 70 ö

Thanks to my old tired computer, I had the opportunity for a wonderful nature experience. Everything is so often about choosing to look at things ... as a problem or an opportunity. Nothing is, as you know, white or black… or… green or yellow…

2019 10 22 73 ö

Once at home in the office, the computer was ready and ready for some accounting again, and my own "software" also felt strangely updated and tidy.

Quote of the day:

Humans are humans ... We are not robots, machines or consumables that can be restored with a technical manual.

Hug Annika

2017 11 11 nr3 002 ö

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Autumn is so quiet.

30 October 2019
the cough is so quiet ö

Good morning.

Some days in the fall are so quiet, so quiet.

2016 10 24 nr2 029 ö

Mornings when the wind has stopped and the birds are holding their beak, well then you can almost hear a pin drop.

2016 10 24 nr2 020 ö

When all the geese have left the lake in their eternal cackling, then the sound waves stop and everything just gets quiet.

2016 11 03 nr2 017 österlen.se2019 10 12 7 ö

I love when it gets so quiet. I love it just as much as I love spring concerts of sweet bird song.

2016 10 14 nr1 010 österlen.se2019 10 12 2 ö

And just when it is so very quiet you can surprise everyone and wake up nature by rolling into a bush ...

2016 11 05 nr1 021 ö

Quote of the day:

Silence is more than just missing words.

Have a lovely day and hug from me.


2016 11 05 nr1 022 ö

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A view I never get enough of.

29 October 2019
a view I never get enough of ö


A fantastic "gold plaque" on Österlen. One of the very best.

2019 10 22 32 ö

Of course, I mean Stenshuvud.

2019 10 22 24 ö

It was a nice afternoon that I sat with my nose a little too deep in my office papers. Forest air and nature drew in my soul and in my tired brain. I decided to take a little break at Stenshuvud.

2019 10 22 18 österlen.se2019 10 22 20 ö

When I stopped the car and walked towards Naturum, the park's cute guide came out the door with cupped hands. He had saved one of the summer's last nettle butterflies from a safe "indoor death". He smiled at me and wished for a nice hike.

2019 10 22 6 österlen.se2019 10 22 8 österlen.se2019 10 22 9 ö

A human smile ... think as easily as you can feel a little easier on the mind ... Yes, that's what I was thinking when I was striding up the slope to the top of the mountain.

2019 10 22 11 österlen.se2019 10 22 13 österlen.se2019 10 22 14 ö

In front of my face, golden-red beech leaves still lingered on the ground, much like winter's first snowfall. I noticed how the foliage had gone and only the strongest leaves remained. I thought I wanted to be like those last leaves. One who stubbornly stays there as long as it goes.

2019 10 22 12 österlen.se2019 10 22 14 1 ö

When I got to the mountain's first viewpoint, I stopped for a while and enjoyed the beautiful view. The southern head, which is the first "head" you come to.

2019 10 22 15 österlen.se2019 10 22 17 ö

The blue sky and the turquoise sea stood in a nice contrast to the trees' bright yellow autumn leaves.

2019 10 22 19 ö

Soon I walked on the rocky path to take me to my absolute favorite spot. The Northern Head.

2019 10 22 22 österlen.se2019 10 22 25 ö

The view here from the northern viewpoint of a fine autumn day is striking.

2019 10 22 26 ö

The feeling of sitting here alone, 97 meters above sea level, and looking out over a beloved Österlen is magical. Soon, soon all the beautiful autumn leaves are gone and the view becomes a different one. The view feels a bit flatter and considerably colorless.

2019 10 22 27 österlen.se2019 10 22 29 ö

Quote of the day:

Who takes care of the fall when winter comes.

Have a really good day and hug from me.


2017 11 11 nr3 005 ö

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Foggy autumn days.

28 October 2019
foggy cough days ö


There is something restful about these gray foggy days in October.

2017 11 04 nr2 011 ö

Days that never really seem to be able to brighten completely.

2019 10 16 3 Copy österlen.se2019 10 16 10 Copy ö

I like this with fog ... yes if I should not drive a car I want to say ... But when it gets so thick and foggy it feels like everyone else also get as bad eyesight as I have myself. Everything becomes equal. Equally and fairly.

2019 10 16 4 österlen.se2019 10 16 6 ö

Of course, if fog is so good for the eyes, I do not know, but it is obvious that the skin gets a lot of moisture anyway. The hair curls in a burr and along the neck runs a small drop of water that tickles. Everyone knows that moisture is good, both internally and externally.

2019 10 16 7 österlen.se2019 10 16 12 ö

There is indeed something certain with foggy, dark autumn days. Because it's not the same feeling at all to come home from a walk on a hot summer morning. I notice the difference and enjoy the time that is right now.

2017 10 22 nr1 014 ö

Quote of the day:

Smile - you don't have all the problems in the world.

Hug Annika

2016 10 29 nr1 023 ö

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