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Facts about Österlenbyn


About midway between St. Olof and Smedstorp at the height of the iron source, a sign points to Månstorp, a scattered collection of smaller farms along a winding dirt road that ends at Listarum.

Several of the farms are cut off and act as horse farms or part-time residents. The surroundings are characterized by the location on the border between plain and land. There are flat, marshy fields and cultural pastures, groves and smaller fields. Many streams flow towards nearby, calcareous Gyllebos lake. It is terrain that attracts many hikers both in the hill landscape at Listarum as in the forest landscape around Gyllebosjön.

Tunbyholmssjön with its beautiful 1600 castle is a popular fishing lake, where Swedish Words recorded parts of the film The Silly Killer.

The nearest major town that offers school and other community services is Onslunda one mile west and Gärsnäs a half mile to the southeast. Lullaby is one and a half miles away Tomelilla and just as far from Simrishamn.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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