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It is quite far between the houses in small picturesque Moonlight just west of Fågeltofta and Kronovall, at national road 19 between Tomelilla and Kristianstad.

The village is mentioned since the 1700 century when its proximity to the castle Kronovall meant that activities for the castle's use were in the village, as shop, farrier and smithy.

Nowadays, most houses are inhabited by part-time residents. The agriculture can be said to be small-scale due to the fact that moon lime once lay in a hedge forest area. Like in so many other places near Alunbruket in Andrarum most of the forest in Månslunda was also cut down. The soil in Månslunda is also very rocky and therefore less suitable for large-scale agriculture.

Today, there are several users in the resort who have shown an interest in expanding wind turbines since the village is actually open to the winds through its high position. The distance to Malmö is just under sixty kilometers. The nearest towns with school and other community services are, in Sjöbo municipality, Lövestad, in the municipality of Simrishamn, St. Olof one mile east and in Tomelilla municipality, Onslunda just over a mile to the southeast.

To the city center Tomelilla It is just under one and a half miles. Bus connections are available from Fågeltofta.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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