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Facts about Österlenbyn


Time and silence. One of the really familiar holiday villages that has grown up near the famous sandy beaches and dune landscape between Kyhl and Löderup's beach bath is Mälarhusen. Today, many of the small houses in the village have been renovated and become picturesque little beads.

When the bathing tourism hit through seriously, Mälarhusen flourished, and right next to the beach was the very popular Mälarhusen's restaurant, an institution for dancing and partying until it was demolished in the 90 century. In Mälarhusen there was also a long-term shop.

The beach is thus the major attraction in Mälarhusen, but nature at all offers variety and rich experiences. Here is an elk stem, but also other hoofed animals. Here are large birds of prey and the flora is very interesting. Many people like to walk along the sea. Many bird watchers visit Mälarhusen. Several of the areas along the sea are nature conservation areas.

The nearest major town with school, retirement homes, shops, shops, etc. is Borrby, about half a mile inland. Bus connections are via the coast road both towards Simrishamn like Ystad, both cities about two miles east and west of Mälarhusen.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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