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MåBraHus - Craftsman - Österlen

MåBraHus produces environmentally adapted buildings that have a long service life in beautiful aesthetic conditions that provide economic sustainability.

MåBraHus spans a broad spectrum in the construction sector. We carry out comprehensive contracts for individual renovation projects. With us there are carpenters, masons, tilers and plumbing fitters.

MåBraHu's business side is to deliver houses with well-considered material choices and by linking new innovation with old proven building technology. We take advantage of the historical knowledge of how a place interacts with buildings and people. In MåBraHu's design of a new construction, account is taken of the construction being well matched with the human being and the conditions of the landscape.

With this as a basis, we want to help shape the cultural environment of the future, a cultural landscape where human needs and health are in harmony with the earth's resources.

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