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The village of Lunnarp consists of two parts, one on either side of the national road 11, and the old farm village with a number of well-preserved farmhouses and a school house, and partly what we can call the station society, which grew up when the railway Simrishamn- Tomelilla opened.

Lunnarp is today one of the stations that has been on the train between Simrishamn and Ystad stays at and offers in principle daytime hours traffic in both directions. Lunnarp also has bus connections. The cabinet press between Simrishamn and Lund passes Lunnarp.

The landscape around Lunnarp is slightly hilly, fertile, although the soil in several places has elements of sand. There are some ancient remains outside the village. In Ullstorpsån you have found a horse cranium with an interrupted arrowhead in. It may seem insignificant, but you have always considered that stone age and horses did not belong together?

Since Lunnarp is located in a fairly woodless area, half-timbered houses were common. 1699 was 16 farms in the village, but today only four farms remain. Right many of the relocated farms were built a bit from the road and it was planted along the driveway, a sign of well-being. There are examples of both double and one-sided avenues.
The railway got the other part of the village to grow. Strangely enough, that part was also called Lunnarp, although the houses that were built were within the neighboring village Northern Kverrestads limits.

The station society still has the station building with its avenue. Nearby are the once lavish two-story houses. Incidentally, Lunnarp consists of detached single-family house and semi-detached house on a grid on both sides of the main road towards Kverrestad. More than one-third of Lunnarp's 150 residential buildings are lined with brick l and erected under the 60 and 70 numbers. Many of the houses from the turn of the century until the 50 century are plastered. It is striking that many of the outbuildings remain, even if the use has changed.

Completely dominant to the eye and in many other ways, such as advertising columns, workplace, etc., Skånemejerier's facility is on the eastern entrance. Because Lunnarp lacks a church and has its parish church in Kverrestad There is not the type of gathering place that so often created at the church. In Lunnarp we can probably say that the gathering place is at the sports ground south of the railway. Here both boys and girls play football in Lunnarps BK's blue-red costumes.

In the old part of the village, Svenska Foder's large plant dominates with a store. There is a petrol station, electricity and construction companies in the village. The nearest major city with school and service is Smedstorp to the east and Tomelilla in West. Both are located about half mile east and west respectively.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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