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Facts about Österlenbyn


Midway between Eljaröd and Christinehof's castle you pass the small village of Ludaröd.
Here is the very horse that applies. Western Valley and Hallamölla Farm are two active facilities that offer experiences around and to horse. The Western Valley offers western riding, horse riding and various activities for the whole family.

Hallamölla farm also has a lot of horse on the program, but also investing in adventure experiences in the exciting terrain where Verkeån plays a crucial role. At Hallamölla lies Skåne's highest waterfall. Here you can see dolphins, kingfishers and cattle.

Calm, quiet Ludaröd has old buildings, rather small houses, but also smaller farms. Today, there are several artisans and artists living here who attract many visitors, not least around Easter, when it is time for the traditional art tour in eastern Skåne.

Nature is distinctive. Here, open fields, forest slopes with both deciduous and coniferous forests, hills and valleys are particularly suitable for hikes. Use is close as well Christinehof's castle and in the other direction along Verkeån Eljaröd with a popular outdoor swimming pool.

I Eljaröd there is also childcare in the parent co-operative Eljen. For those who want to bathe in the sea, it can be noted that one reaches Haväng by car under fifteen minutes. Bus connections are in Eljaröd a few kilometers to the east. The nearest major city with service, schools, etc. is Brösarp seven kilometers to the northeast.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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