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The onion looks up

The onion looks up
Written by Annika Olsson / 22, 2019


Even though we had cold and colds down here in Österlen, it sprinkles with spring signs and plant power everywhere.

2019 03 12 7 österlen.se

My little red dipper in the garden is about to knock out. But also the garlic that I poked into a spoon this fall, is now on its way up. The garlic from Mandelmanns that I wrote about HERE.

2018 11 14 nr1 18 5bec1313ddf2b37f7bd5c1d4 österlen.se2019 03 12 14 österlen.se

The Christmas roses are in their most beautiful splendor right now.

2019 03 12 2 österlen.se2019 03 12 10 österlen.se

Inside my sweet, German neighbor, it always blooms in full. I find it jealous that this woman has green fingers. At the same time, I am pleased because I can enjoy the whole glory without lifting a finger. A shrub I don't know the name blooms with its cutest pink little flowers right now. I had intended to ask the neighbor about what that is for something, but it usually ends with me becoming even more confused than I was from the beginning. Yes, it is with my language skills, especially in the German language. But enjoying flowers, I understand, no matter what language they speak.

2019 03 12 3 österlen.se2019 03 12 5 österlen.se

2019 03 12 4 österlen.se

Inside my own orangery, the great hydrangea that has previously played death has now set a lot of speed. Full of little hard flower buds hides in the budding greenery. Wonderfully.

2019 03 12 12 österlen.se

But best always is nature's own spring sign. Birds' sounds, the powers of the weather, the scents of nature and the wind against the skin. I love it.

2016 03 26 nr2 009 56f77002ddf2b328d733b94b österlen.se

Quote of the day:

The older I get, the more I want to avoid drama, stress and conflict. I just want a cozy home, good food and be surrounded by people I love.

I think we often rush around and chase happiness, so it is within us exactly where we are. Try to shut down the phone one day and go out in nature and just be. Feel, see, listen and just breathe.

Hug Annika

2016 03 11 nr1 003 56e3aefbe087c30e4440a4ad österlen.se

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Hi. Welcome to my blog.
My name is Annika Olsson. I love animals and nature. I live with my husband, our dogs and cats in a wonderful place - Gyllebo in Österlen. I try to enjoy life in all places and gather at those little moments. I love to photograph and tell about big and small in my life, my thoughts from day to day. A lot of nature pictures and photos from my everyday life. One and another wise quotation is often included in my posts. Welcome to me!

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Christmas market in Tomelilla.

22th November 2018
Christmas market in tomelilla österlen.se


I love visiting small Christmas markets at Österlen at this time of year.
To suck in a little Christmas mood like this in the beginning before everything rolls on too full here at home.

Best I like those little Christmas markets where it's just their own crafts and pastries, things you can't find in the usual shops. It feels a little more genuine and cozy I think.
Just like such a small, cozy Christmas market, we were in Ullstorp, which is a little bit outside Tomelilla.

2018 11 17 nr1 004 5bf1692e2a6b223273e067f7 österlen.se

We didn't have to pay any entry, instead we got a number tag with a chance for a small profit.
Judge about my surprise when yes won a Christmas gift on my number tag.
Think now it seems the banner that I have started to get lucky in both games and love.

2018 11 17 nr1 009 5bf16a932a6b223260492e61 österlen.se

2018 11 17 nr1 007 5bf1b85e9606ee1b14ec12e8 österlen.se

It was so warm and cozy in the big tent.
The Christmas feeling was really great.

A cool morning fog with the snow pins in place.

21th November 2018
a chilly morning fog with the snow sticks in place österlen.se

Although many days in November have been gray and overcast, I have managed to get out and enjoy some lovely sunbeams anyway. Along the small gravel roads in the summer village, the traditional red snow tin has now been set up.

Particularly in curves and in electrical cabinets that can be hidden when the snow comes, the narrow stickers are now standing and just waiting. Waiting for wolf winters and Österleno weather. The early morning when I hurried out to enjoy the sun's rays, it was quite raw and chilly.

Above the garden, the magic fog lay, and the old oak tree still looked dark and mysterious.

Tjörnedala hiking area.

17th November 2018
tjornedala strovomrade österlen.se

Here at Österlen, there are so many small pieces of gold to enjoy. Tjörnedala is such a fantastic jewel
For many, Tjörnedala is probably most associated with Midsummer celebration, or perhaps the thoughts go to art during the Easter week.

But it's so much more than that !!
Here in Tjörnedala hiking area, it is beautiful all year round. Although it was a gray and slightly rainy day that I walked here, so nature was so beautiful.

2018 11 10 nr2 79 5beaa72e9606ee13440e29ff österlen.se

2018 11 10 nr2 81 5beaa7302a6b2262017b271d ​​österlen.se

The cows still went out on the bait, so I had to pay a little attention to where I put my feet. The soft, fresh cucumbers testified that it was still a lot of nutrients in the lush grass. Probably much better than it was earlier this summer.

2018 11 10 nr2 80 5beaa7a4e087c35ad4e83b27 österlen.se

2018 11 10 nr2 98 5beaa7a72a6b2261d0b25b3d österlen.se

In the cute little bay were two white swans and looked to look for food continuously at the bottom of the sea. Like two white balls, I saw them bobbing on the gray water surface.

The flower corner has moved in.

16th November 2018
the flower horn has moved into österlen.se

It's a lovely time now. Everything is in the starting blocks and this applies not least to the flower shop.
Ohhhh I enjoy all the wonderful advent flowers and Christmas flowers we are about to revel in.
And do you know, just right before amaryllis and hyacinths would make their annual entrance, then Sussie Blommehörna had access to the small room she had been waiting for so long.

It was a gray mound day that I stayed with her in Gärsnäs to buy my first hyacinth bulbs. I usually buy some hyacinths from time to time during this time. They create such a nice atmosphere for a little money and then you get such a lovely scent of them.

2018 11 10 nr2 102 5be91196e087c35aea31d5fa österlen.se

2018 11 10 nr2 103 5be911989606ee1326697191 österlen.se

Oh what a lot of flowers there was in the little cute room.
Sussie herself ran with long strides back and forth because many people already found her here for her little "flower business".
Sussie is very weak for orchids.
These were there in all colors and shapes. Lovely beautiful of course ..

2018 11 10 nr2 110 5be913092a6b2262017b0aa8 österlen.se

Sadly beautiful.

15th November 2018
melancholy beautiful österlen.se

Some time ago I got a question from a friend ...
She wondered when I thought it was the best time to visit Österlen.
Without really thinking, I just spontaneously replied "autumn" ...
Afterwards I have wondered if it might be a stupid and hasty answer. To attract someone to Österlen when everything is foggy, gray and sad ...

But then I remember that Saturday morning when I myself walked from Vik south towards Baskemölla.
An absolute magical morning.

2018 11 10 nr2 69 5be7f2212a6b2261de0641d0 österlen.se

2018 11 10 nr2 67 5be7f2382a6b2261de0641d3 österlen.se

My answer will probably always be the same ... the best time in Österlen is the fall !!
So sadly beautiful that it feels in the body.

2018 11 10 nr2 34 5be7f2a49606ee1338c6d6ce österlen.se

2018 11 10 nr2 40 5be7f2a79606ee133e33b8fe österlen.se

The early November morning was a bit rainy but very hot for the season.
Everywhere, the rose bushes shone red with their overpowering rosehips.

Beautiful November night

13th November 2018
shoe novemberdimma österlen.se

After an autumn with the most sunny and nice weather, it felt almost a bit nice when we got fog and drizzle. A bit like everything went back to normal and it became balance in nature again.
Some of the trees had fallen almost all of their leaves, while others stubbornly held their leaves. In particular, the book usually retains its red leaves so long that they sometimes remain almost all the way until the new ones are on their way to the spring.

2018 11 08 nr1 001 5be5268ce087c33f846a943b österlen.se

2018 11 08 nr1 009 5be5268fe087c33f9a63539a österlen.se

A lonely horse went tired in his raincoat next to the castle's stable and curiously peered at me when I brought all my three dogs in tow.
Everything was so quiet and the only thing that was heard was the big heavy droplets that ran away from the trees.

2018 11 08 nr1 002 5be527032a6b2280135e19c6 österlen.se

2018 11 08 nr1 003 5be527062a6b2280290c0476 österlen.se

At the bathing area, the geese had gathered together with the white swans who were on a temporary visit. At least I think they just greeted, because I haven't seen them here very often before.
It was so beautiful with the gray fog that lay like a veil over the place and all the birds that still roared around in the water.

2018 11 08 nr1 005 5be52789ddf2b35fb322f501 österlen.se

2018 11 08 nr1 008 5be5278b2a6b228038ef5d8a österlen.se

At Munkagången, some "eel issues" sat far out on the rocks and spread out their wings like Jesus Christ on the cross. That looked almost a bit eerie. But then the cormorants usually sit to dry, since their plumage is slightly differently constructed than other waterfowl birds.

2018 11 08 nr1 013 5be528969606ee1dcfd78f36 österlen.se

Without my real lens, it was impossible to catch the birds so far ... you may try to think of the black birds far out there, with the "arms" in the air.

2018 11 08 nr1 010 5be529122a6b228030c35a64 österlen.se

Nature is absolutely unbeatable in its own beauty, and really does not need human hands to enhance its perfection.
For me, art is not meant to be built in a nature that is initially perfect.
Of course, I like statues in city parks, paintings in galleries and even graffiti in the subway… but no, in nature, man's strange things only destroy everything.

2018 11 08 nr1 012 5be529cbe087c33f7dc935f3 österlen.se

If that is the case, we all think different and may be so…
I enjoy in my beloved nature. Here is the recovery and power that I so gratefully receive.

2018 11 08 nr1 016 5be52a3be087c33f911c3832 österlen.se

Quote of the day:
If you lose someone,
but find yourself,
then you are a winner.
Now that it is "darker than dark" out, then I think about a campaign on beautiful candlesticks.
I myself am very weak for candles in all its forms.

Must well everyone and go out in the November night. It is restful and comfortable.
Hug Annika

2018 11 08 nr1 007 5be52aa6ddf2b35f9e4bacf5 österlen.se

The world's largest treasure hunt ...

11th November 2018
the world's largest treasure hunt österlen.se

Have you tried it sometime?
Looking for hidden treasures in nature.
Me, Emmy and the dogs did it last weekend. How fun!

It is much like the world's largest "hide-and-seek game", and it exists worldwide.
Only in little Gyllebo, around the lake, there were a handful of hidden treasures.

2018 11 06 61 5be2786d9606ee031aa3606e österlen.se

The first time I came in contact with this was when I was on military exercise and sat hidden in a dense larch plant. Suddenly, I saw a civilian man pushing through the narrow vegetation just beside me.
- I whispered, where I sat camouflaged in my green combat equipment.
-AAAAAAaaaa, the man screamed scared, and took a giant leap into the air.

It was a treasure hunter who was about to find the geocach that I almost sat on out there in the woods, without knowing about it.
It was never my opinion to almost scare him to death, but at least I thought I had to visit him when we were so close together….
It was the first time I heard about this.

2018 11 06 62 5be279d3e087c326b0e55eed österlen.se

Emmy had downloaded a special app in his phone and we aimed to find the two treasures that according to it would be hidden somewhere along with my usual old round around the lake.

2018 11 06 70 5be27a95e087c326dcbe2d71 österlen.se

Easy as pie.
The first treasure I had before I could have thought out about where it could be. And with Johnny's good nose to help, we made it easy. We wrote the dates and our names and put the treasure back on the whimsical hideout.

Sunrise over Haväng

8th November 2018
sunrise over havang österlen.se

I am a person who is a morning girl and I wake up very early even when it is supposed that we will have sleeping morning here in the house.
Last weekend I was there in the usual order, ready-to-watch and bright long before the sun had gone up.
As well to shoot up I thought ...
With the sight set on a magical morning, for a wonderful place. Maybe the most beautiful of all.
My favorite - Haväng.

There is so adorable beautiful. It doesn't matter at all in which season you go here. The place is strikingly beautiful at all weather and at all seasons.
It says welcome here, calm your thoughts, quiet your breath, relax and just enjoy. Here and now!
Nothing else.

When I crossed the bridge to pass Verkeån, I met two early walkers.
- gomorron, we whispered to each other in the dark, as well as afraid to awaken the day too cruelly.
There were two Danish guys with backpacks on their back, probably equipped for a full day of hiking in the beautiful nature.

2018 11 03 48 5bde80c7e087c34dc731e42e österlen.se

2018 11 03 51 5bde80ca2a6b224e216b6517 österlen.se

2018 11 03 53 5bde80cc9606ee259baaf9e8 österlen.se

To see the day awaken to life at such a lovely place, it feels almost a bit exotic.
It is almost the same feeling as when I and Stefan were traveling in Tanzania and we were in tents out on the savannah.
With the difference that here you risk not being a lion food ...

2018 11 03 70 5bde81f7ddf2b372e71ad9bd österlen.se

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