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Facts about Österlenbyn


Perhaps it is the surroundings around the small village Listarum that put the village's name on the map. The nature reserve Listarumsåsen has three parts on a hilly area west of the road between St. Olof and SmedstorpBut geologically interesting areas continue east of the road past the actual Listarum village and down towards Komstad.

Here, for many, many years, it has been valuable Komstad limestone used for construction, for tombstones and embellishments. The nature reserve contains woodland-backed slopes where oak and beech dominate, but also open fields and natural pastures.

It is a village that people have lived in for a very long time, something like stone pavers, judges and graves.
The nearest major places with school and service are Smedstorp, Gärsnäs and St. Olof. To Gärsnäs it is four kilometers, to Smedstorp slightly longer, while St. Olof is just under the mile north. Close to Listarum are two beautiful lakes Tunbyholmssjön and Gyllebosjön.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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