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Agricultural Museum entre

Agricultural Museum

Agricultural Museum entre

A piece of agricultural history in central Hammenhög

All museum objects are linked to the agricultural history from the early 1800th century to the middle of the 2000th century. The old-fashioned furnishings in horse stables, pig houses and barns have been retained.
There are mainly agricultural and hand tools from different times, but also carriages and work wagons of different kinds.

Open 2021: 1 July-31 July. Wednesday-Saturday 13-16. Welcome!

Agricultural Museum
Ystadsvägen 13
276 50 Hammenhög
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Our current events

The Agricultural Museum in Hammenhög is open in the summer

30 Jul at 13:00 - PM16:00
1 July-31 July 2021 Wednesday-Saturday 13-16 Welcome!

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