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St. Thomas Chapel, Baskemölla

Saint Thomas Chapel Baskemölla

St. Thomas's Chapel is located at the fishing village of Baskemölla, which belongs to the Gladsax parish and the inhabitants here. Through the centuries they have had Gladsax's church as a sanctuary and its cemetery as a burial ground. However, there was a desire to have a cemetery Baskemölla, as the transport between the fishing village and the church community was not always easy to carry out. Finally, the cemetery was ready ...

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St. Clement's Chapel, Simrishamn

Saint Clemens Chapel Simrishamn

At the end of 1987, St. Clement's chapel was inaugurated as a new burial chapel in the Northern Cemetery. It is used today mainly for funerals, but also for other services. Architectural couple Kerstin Barup and Mats Edström have been based on classic design principles in the construction of the chapel. The facade is brick in red brick. The outer forms are lively, but balanced. Clock stack for…

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Church of Eastern Nöbbelöv

Eastern Nöbbelöv church Simrishamn

Östra Nöbbelöv's church is built in Romanesque style, and the oldest part is from the 1100 century. The vaults were struck in the 1400 century and the tower was then built. The tower had stairs from the beginning, but got its present appearance at the end of the 1800 century. The baptismal font is from the 1100 century and the altar essay from 1735. A remarkable grenade is the ecculture of St. Anna, Mary and…

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Simris Church

Simris church in Österlen

Simris church is built in the 1100 century. 1905 changed the church, when the longhouse between cows and towers was demolished and the walls were moved out to get a larger church space. In the first floor of the tower is the area's best-preserved emporizer. The southern portal is from the Middle Ages and now walled in its original location, in the southern longhouse road. The baptismal font comes from…

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Järrestad church

Järrestad's church in Österlen

Järrestad's church was erected in the Romanesque style in the 1100 century with long houses, cows and round absid. It was during that time when the very oldest stave churches in Skåne were replaced by stone churches, but Lundadomen as a role model. In the 1400 century, the arches were erected in the church and larger windows were opened. The church was extended with a vault to the west and the tower was built. Since the year …

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St. Olof's Church

St. Olof's Church, Simrishamn

St. Olof's church is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and interesting in Österlen. It has been a pilgrimage church and is a tourist destination of great size. The church is located in the village, which was formerly called Lundkende (Lundkinde or Lonkinna), but who until the 1500 century assumed the name of the church: S: t Olof. The oldest parts of the church, the present cows and sacristy, were probably erected…

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Church of Rörum

Rörum's church Simrishamn

Rörum's church is large, light and airy and is considered to be one of the better 1800's churches, with its beautiful arches and tall windows. Today, the church holds close to 200 people. The altarpiece with words of foundation in Swedish and Latin is from 1593 and regained its original function and appearance after a renovation in the middle of the 1960 century. The Altar Essay…

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St. Nicolai Church

Saint Nicolai church Simrishamn

St. Nicolai church is mentioned in writing the first time in year 1161. At that time it was probably just a small fishing chapel consisting of the current choir. The longhouse was completed in the 1200 century and the arches were beaten in the 1400 century. At the end of the Middle Ages armaments and towers were built. Exterior, St. Nicolai Church 1953 changed as the plaster was knocked down so that the original facade…

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Gladsx church

Gladsax church in Simrishamn's pastorate

Gladsax church is built in the Romanesque style with the absent in the 1100 century. In the 1400 century the church was extended, got towers and arches. At that time, the church paintings were performed by the so-called Vittskövlegruppen, paintings that depict the 17 scenes around creation and sin. By the middle of the 1800 century, the choir part of Gladsax's church was torn down and replaced by cross arms and a new chandelier. ...

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