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Facts about Österlenbyn


Where national road 9 goes through Lunnarp points a road sign towards Kverrestad, a small village with a typical parish center feel, ie houses and farms gathered around the church and the vicarage with associated vicarage park.

Kverrestad's church was built 1871-73 and replaced an older Roman church building. Remaining from the older church, the baptismal font and pulpit are from the 1600 century.

Near the vicarage is Kverrestad's poor magazine. The magazine has an interesting rune stone walled in the wall. The parish home in the village is used extensively for wedding celebrations and the like.

In Kverrestad there is a larger machine station, a popular retro / design store and a neat farm hotel. Just outside the village, towards Ingelstad we find Hälldala Ranch which is Skåne's largest riding center for Western riding and Reining. The surroundings are rolling hills in the south and agricultural land with dry meadows with rich flora.

In the cemetery we find a small, uneven wooden cross just to the right of the entrance gates. Underneath it is merely the thirteen-year-old bush boy from the Namib Desert who ended up with a farm couple in Kverrestad towards the end of the 1800 century and was named Josef de Vylder. According to the story, Joseph couldn't cope with the Swedish mud. He lacked the winds in the desert and died of broken heart. If Joseph has, among other things, Henning Mankell wrote.

Bus and train connections are available from Lunnarp. The nearest major city with school and other services is Smedstorp About six kilometers east or central Tomelilla about the same distance to the west.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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