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Kronovalls Wine Castle - Ö

There is something special about living in a castle. A sense of the wings of history.
To be on your hand with the one you prefer to share your life with, Castle Wedding or to gather your staff group for a conference in Österlen, get a new look, or just have a great experience with friends. To hear creaking floors or walk long corridors where doors are lined up with room names neatly drawn in the frame is something out of the ordinary. No matter why you are here.

To have a total experience with food, drink and service. That's exactly what we at Kronovalls Wine Castle are working towards, to have the opportunity to create your day, your day, to exactly the experience you had envisioned - and happy to have some more. That is why we are here. We plan, arrange, follow up and deliver with you - or to give you the opportunity to be together. Whichever.

The castle and its interior stood clear, as it appears today in the late 1800th century. This look and "real castle feel" is still untouched and is a big part of our experience. This means that we have not built modern baths and toilets in every room, but they are found in the corridor outside and bathrobe is found in the room.
For those of you who want your own toilet and bath in the room, we have eight newly renovated rooms found in the Park villas about 150m from the castle.

Kronovalls Vinslott
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