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Ateljé Ekberga Österlen

Artist wolva molitor-gärdsell

Welcome home to me during Easter 2021 when I open up my large studio for near and far visitors. It will be very fun to show you all the art that has flowed forward during the past year. The paintings are in watercolor and gouache.

It is through art that I want to convey my feelings and experiences through the colors and the light. The organic forms of the plants and the lines of the landscape connect everything to images. Silhouettes of people and animals sneak in. These images reflect my world and what I want to give you as a viewer. My wish is to invite you to the painting, to make you discover and dream.

Ateljé Ekberga Österlen can be found in the small village Södra Mellby near Kivik. My studio is about 180 sqm, ie. there is plenty of room to keep the right distance and to follow FHM's guidelines.


Opening hours
April 2-5 at 10-18
April 6-9 at 13-17
April 10-11 at 10-18
For private tours, please contact Ylva.

Ateljé Ekberga Österlen
Axel Nils Strädde 2
277 35 Kivik
070-877 54 62
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