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What do you do when you suddenly have to realize that for the first time in more than 50 years there will be no art round at Österlen this year?

Yes, the first thought is perhaps that in neighborhoods like these - Kivik and its surroundings - you can simply bite into the sour apple and wait for better times. Or you are inspired by all the creative souls down here and use a new palette to spread the praise of art and the beauty of the East.

In our digital art gallery we have collected some of our favorites this spring exhibit here at our digital art gallery konst.ö Because even if you this spring do not have the opportunity to visit either Österlen or our artists, there are more reasons to just this year to seize the opportunity to buy a work by your favorite artist. Perhaps the best investment that can be made in these strange times and also to the benefit and joy of the artist life in Österlen.

Art at Österlen

Eva Troedsson - Ceramics Fantasia



912 Kåseberga

Rockhead art

Rockhead Art

On kabusa

Kabusa Art Gallery

Löneboställets sausage café in Gladsax on Österlen

The payroll office in Gladsax

Gyllengården with log

Gyllen Gården

Lars Gronwall September Exhibition 1

Lars Grönwall - September exhibition

Österlen.se_bild start Carina hägg

Carina Hägg Design

Enrique battista - September exhibition

Enrique Battista - September Exhibition

Österlens Ramverkstad

Österlens Ramverkstad

Olserods Konsthall 1

Olseröds Konsthall

Kivik Art Center operates in the interface between sculpture, architecture and nature, here you experience the finished works, thoughts and ideas about the overall issues

Kivik Art Center

Gunilla Mann Chalkboard

Gunilla Mann





Sjöbacka farm

Sjöbacka Gård

a guardian

Åsa Melin, Gallery Peppinge

Art at Österlen with the Swedish Academy of Realist Art

Swedish Academy of Realist Art

Ateljé Ann-Margrete Clarén

Ateljé Ann-Margrete Clarén

Maria Lancing - Österlen

Gallery Maria Lancing

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