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Rockhead Art

a guardian

Åsa Melin, Gallery Peppinge

Rikstolvan logo

National Tolvan

Gunilla Mann Chalkboard

Gunilla Mann

the Swedish Academy of Realist Art

Swedish Academy of Realist Art

912 Kåseberga

912 Kåseberga

Österlen.se_bild start Carina hägg

Carina Hägg Design

Eva Troedsson - Ceramics Fantasia


Gyllengården with log

Gyllen Gården

Tomelilla Kulturhus

Tomelilla Kulturhus

Tomelilla Art Hall

Tomelilla Konsthall

Sjöbacka farm

Sjöbacka Gård

Ateljé Ann-Margrete Clarén

Ateljé Ann-Margrete Clarén

Maria Lancing - Österlen

Gallery Maria Lancing

FACTORY - Österlen


Thomas wallner

Gallery Thomas Wallner

People's Bio at Gylleboverket

People's Bio - Gylleboverket

The art round at Österlen - Easter 2019

My Olsson exhibits at Kivik's Garden, Mellby 112, Kivik

The world's first art scene ...

... arranged at Österlen over 50 years ago. A dozen artists then opened their homes and studios for all art lovers. Since then, Konstrundan has grown. And plant. And plant!

Today, the phenomenon has spread not only within the country's borders but on exports throughout Europe!

But, no matter how many art rounds there are today, so is and remains the Konstrundan on the Österlen original! For decades, the Easter week has been synonymous with art here at Österlen.

This year, 95 artists in the art round will be participating for ten days, 19 - 28 of April.

Here at ö, we have selected some of our absolute favorites that we give some extra tips about. Further information on the Konstrundan can be found at » ö

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