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City must be a rather small village, located one kilometer west of Stiby/Gärsnäs along the road towards Onslunda. You take the exit road from national road 11 just west of Stiby church. Komstad is a name mentioned in several different contexts.

The artificial limestone has been broken for many, many years. There is information that the industry was already in the 1100 century. Limestone from Komstad is found in many houses, as floors or as wall materials. There are artificial limestone including in Lund's cathedral, in St. Pauli church in Malmö, in Malmö opera, but many certainly associate local limestone with countless tombstones, where the gray or black-gray limestone has come into its own. Nowadays, the crimes are water-filled.

The old water mill at Komstadmölla, with the river still roaring in during a part of the large meadow farm that, in addition to agriculture with a veteran tractor exhibition also offers b & b and art exhibitions, attracts many visitors. In many homes in Österlen, one or more paintings signed by painter Nils Olsson Komstad, a very popular so-called "yard painter", was born in the 1850 century and he painted lots with "50-year presents".

The village is situated on hilly terrain. Along the way to Ö. Vemmerlöv is the view at, eg. towards Stiby church. East of the road past Listarum is located Hivlegårdarna, where the landscape is typically small-scale, small field patches, stone walls, shrubs, tree groves, a landscape type that guarantees rich flora and fauna. The distance to popular hiking areas around the Gyllebosjön Nature Reserve is short.

The nearest major city with service such as school, retirement homes, health center, shops etc. is Gärsnäs, barely two kilometers to the southeast. Bus and bus connections are available from Gärsnäs.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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