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Hotel Kockska Gården

090305 020

Kockska Gården is a small 3 star hotel with a fantastic location in the middle of Simrishamn. Österlen's only city, where the houses are low and the streets of stone. We turn to you who are looking for a creative and relaxing environment, while you want to be able to take part of everything the city has to offer such as shops, restaurants and cafes.

Enjoy a book in front of the crackling fireplace or relax in the garden among the olive trees. Take a walk to the beach and cool off with an evening dip or heat in our sauna before you crawl into the hut in one of our newly renovated rooms.

Welcome, Anna and Christian.


Hotel Kockska Gården
Storgatan 25
272 31 Simrishamn
0414-41 17 55
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