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Here marries sea with fabulous nature. The beach bridge from the charming summer village Knäbäckshusen is steep, but the beach is Österlen's best and most beautiful morning bathing beach with views down to Simrishamn and up towards Stenshuvud's familiar silhouette.

The village's history is special. Knäbäck was a poor fishing village in a lower bay Haväng. When the area was transformed into the defense firing range, all the inhabitants were moved. Some houses were installed and rebuilt where the village is located today, just south-east of the leisure area Rörum's beach.

Quite soon after the half-timbered houses were erected, a fire erupted which devastated all the houses except one. Everything was rebuilt and is today a pleasant idyll in rolling terrain with orchards, monoliths, the national park Stenshuvud in the north and the sea to the east.

On the slope right below the town street is a small chapel, which is used extensively for weddings during the summer. On both sides of the Knäbäcks beach two small rivers run out, Rörums northern and Rörum's southern river.

Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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