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Quiet fishing village yet so vibrant. Of all the communities and villages in Österlen, Kivik is perhaps the best known and for many reasons. Kivik's Market, Apple Market, Kivik Art Center, Kivik's templeYes, the list can be long.

The harbor plan in the village is located Buhres fish which is an audience magnet of great dimensions. musteriet, with the production of a variety of products with fruit as a raw material, employs many employees and spreads the name Kivik across the country. The range of shops, cafés, bed & breakfast establishments, hotels and restaurants, as well as dentists, hairdressers, bus companies, hauliers, local history museums, petrol stations, cinemas, bakeries, nursing homes and schools is impressive.

The buildings are of a very mixed character, from old half-timbered houses down in the older parts of the village along the winding narrow strait to state-of-the-art villas near Moriabacken. Fritiof Nilsson Piraten stands statue down the harbor, his book "Bombi Bitt och jag" is a classic and many of the Pirate's tales take place in Kivik.

The market field is classified as a Natura 2000 area, mainly due to the high natural values ​​of the sandlands. Here there is the unusual habitat sandstop and occasionally field pipeline hedges on the sparsely overgrown lands. Below the steep shoreline, a road from Kivik leads past the beach to the next small fishing village, Vitemölla. Simrishamn lies about 19 kilometers south and Kristianstad 55 kilometers north.

From Kivik, the bus connections are both north and south. The local team at Kivik: info (at) At Kivik there is Österlen's oldest home town museum, started already in the 1890 century. Here is told Kivik's history, from Stone Age to the present.

Here you get to know more about fishing and shipping from when Kivik was one of Sweden's largest shipping companies, how the poor peasant life could create a breeding ground for entrepreneurship and Sweden's Apple Kingdom and how Scandinavia's largest market has its roots in a trade network from the Bronze Age mysterious Kiviksgrav and the mythical Iron Age Maletofta…
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Text: Bo Olsson, Simrishamn

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