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Kivik art center

Kivik Art Center

Kivik art center

Kivik Art Center operates at the interface between sculpture, architecture and nature. At Kivik Art Center, you should both be able to experience the finished works, but also take part in thoughts and ideas about the overall issues. The meeting place must include both professional practitioners and an interested public.

Open every day at 11.00 - 17.00 until 29 August.
Admission 80 kr. Under 20 years free admission.

Children's activities every Wednesday, as well as family workshops on Thursdays. This year's new work is Family Therapy by Peter Johansson.
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Kivik Art Center
277 35 Kivik
073-184 02 00
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Every day 11am - 00pm

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There are no upcoming events right now.

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Ateljé ann-margrete clarén

Ateljé Ann-Margrete Clarén

Bygg & Fastighetstjänst Österlen

Bygg & Fastighetstjänst Österlen

Kåseberga cultivation

Kåseberga cultivation

Anette Åberg Indiskthantverk

Örnahusen Indian crafts

Elon Knut Pers

Elon Knut Pers

Hand made by charlotta unger

Handmade By Charlotta Unger

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